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Brian Gracely02/04/13
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The Cloudcast: "Devops - Managing Hardware as Code"

Brian talks with Doug Hairfield (@knucklesandwich, Manager of Systems Engineering and Continuous Integration @Bronto) about how he’s transformed the way they do continuous deployment and “manage hardware as code”.

Lukas Eder02/04/13
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Defensive API Evolution With Java Interfaces

API evolution is something absolutely non-trivial. Something that only few have to deal with. Most of us work on internal, proprietary APIs every day.

Eric Genesky02/04/13
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Tom Marrs on DZone's New JSON Refcard

This week's Refcard is a must-have reference to JavaScript Object Notation, a popular alternative to XML.

Mariano Gonzalez02/04/13
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Handling File Attachments: Handling Multipart Requests in Mule

I needed to handle an http post that would carry not one but N > 1 uploaded files. And then came Mule into my life, and this task became as simple as navigating the properties of a MuleMessage interface. Let’s explain a little bit….

Johannes Brodwall02/04/13
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Let's Reinvent More Wheels

When I learned math in elementary school, I would reach for my calculator. But my father stopped me: “You only get to use the calculator when you can do math without it.”

Bilgin Ibryam02/04/13
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REST with Apache Camel

There are many ways to expose an HTTP endpoint in Camel: jetty, tomcat, servlet, cxfrs and restlet. Two of these components - cxfrs and restlet also support REST semantics just with few lines of code. This simple example demonstrates how to do CRUD operations with camel-restlet and camel-jdbc.

Scott Leberknight02/04/13
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Iterative Software Development, Part 5

As promised, episode 5 is all about testing. I know, it's not always the most fun part of software development, but I would argue that it still brings some very tangible benefits.

Mark Needham02/04/13
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On Levels of Automation

Over the last 18 months or so I’ve worked on a variety of different projects in different organisations and seen some patterns around the way that automation was done which I thought would be interesting to document.

Brian Gracely02/04/13
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The Cloudcast, Ep. 73: DevOps - Managing Hardware as Code

Brian talks with Doug Hairfield (@knucklesandwich, Manager of Systems Engineering and Continuous Integration @Bronto) about how he’s transformed the way they do continuous deployment and “manage hardware as code.”

Eric Gregory02/04/13
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How Data Scientists Live

Cloudera's Josh Wills discusses the life of a data scientist: "Data scientists-- the people who straddle the line between statistician and software engineer-- are in demand like never before."

Ben Kepes02/04/13
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Traditional IT Shops Starting to Evangelize on the Cloud

I was interested to read some coverage of the recent event that was run by Amazon Web Services in Sydney, Australia to celebrate the launch of two Sydney availability zones for the company.

Mark Needham02/04/13
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Kaggit Digit Recognizer: A Feature Extraction Fail in R

There were some examples of feature extraction on the Kaggle forums so I thought I’d try and create some other features using R.

Chase Seibert02/04/13
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HBase/Pig/Python Quickstart on OSX

Having spent a good chunk of the last two weeks getting a prototype analytics system running, I thought I would write up my findings. I was pleased to find that installing all the pieces was smooth via Homebrew, but getting them all to play together was less smooth.

Gil Zilberfeld02/04/13
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Predictability Addiction

I’m addicted to predictability. I admit it. I want my life to flow along, according to plan. Sure there will be some minimal changes, but I can adapt.

Mitch Pronschinske02/04/13
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DZone Links You Don't Want To Miss (2/4/13)

Apple blocks Java on Mac, AWS global transfers get cheaper, and we look into some CS trends for PhDs. Plus, Bill Gates admits that Steve Jobs was cooler.