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Dustin Marx01/18/13
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Determining JDK Installation

In this post, I look at how one can determine that the JDK is installed and on the path.

Esther Derby 01/18/13
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Resources Don’t Write Software. People Do.

Sometimes, when I hear people talking about “resources,” I ask if they mean people. Usually, they agree that they are talking about people, but the responses fall into two categories.

Kin Lane01/18/13
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The Guardian Is Brilliant in Supporting Relevant Events with Open Data

I’m a big fan of what The Guardian is doing with their data and API strategy. I think they are a model for what old media should be doing around the globe.

Michael Sahota01/18/13
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Landscape of Sustainable Engineering Practices

I want to share an infographic and related narrative that has really helped people emotionally connect with the importance and challenges of sustainable software development practices.

Jason Sherman01/18/13
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ActiveMQ: KahaDB Journal Files - More Than Just Message Content Bits

I recently came across an issue where the ActiveMQ KahaDB journal files were continually rolling despite the fact that only a small number of small persistent messages were occasionally being stored by the broker. I found the actual cause of this behavior and I will describe it here...

Mitch Pronschinske01/18/13
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Intro To Apache Qpid Proton

This is a quick introduction to Proton, which provides libraries for speaking AMQP. It's part of the Apache Qpid project.

John Cook01/18/13
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Narcissus Prime in Python

I’ve been looking back on some of my blog posts that included Mathematica code to see whether I could rewrite them using Python.

Mansur Ashraf01/18/13
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A Fistful of Monoids

Muhammad Ashraf provides a simple introduction to monoids in Scala.

Jez Humble01/18/13
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Book Review: The Phoenix Project

You’ve probably heard of Gene Kim, Kevin Behr and George Spafford before. They are the three amigos responsible for The Visible Ops Handbook, which can be found in the book pile of every good IT operator.

Mark Needham01/18/13
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Fabric: Tailing Log Files on Multiple Machines

We wanted to tail one of the log files simultaneously on 12 servers this afternoon to try and see if a particular event was being logged and rather than opening 12 SSH sessions decided to get Fabric to help us out.

Mikio Braun01/18/13
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Yet Another Big Data Whitepaper

I recently read the white paper “Challenges and Opportunities with Big Data” published by the Computing Community Consortium of the CRA.

Chris Smith01/18/13
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New Relic Records presents: "NERD LIFE" featuring MC Frontalot

New Relic has long encouraged us to embrace the Nerd in all of us. Recently, they took that a step further in discovering the meaning of life...or at least, the Nerd Life. Here's the first release from New Relic Records: "NERD LIFE" featuring MC Frontalot. Enjoy!

Francois Lascelles01/18/13
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Which Grant, Which Identities – Back from RSA

A security architect was unsure whether OAuth would be a good fit for some existing APIs that they have because those APIs happen to be consumed from two very different sources

Mitch Pronschinske01/18/13
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Introducing Advanced Message Queuing Protocol (AMQP) 1.0

AMQP is the ideal protocol for passing business critical, real-time data across and between organizations and virtual cloud computing transactions environments in a secure manner.

Mitch Pronschinske01/17/13
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Spring 4.0 Looking to JEE 7 and Java 8. Will They Keep Their Edge?

Today we learned that Spring is making a major step in the next iteration of their core framework. SpringSource expects to reach the first milestone for 4.0 in April, with the GA scheduled for the end of the year.