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Mitch Pronschinske04/27/13
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Quick Video: Java EE and Modularity

Paul Bakker goes over modularity and Java EE 7 in this short video from JavaOne Russia.

Allen Coin04/27/13
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Video: Git on Android: Spreading Rebellion

"A distributed version control system lets projects spread like fire in dry grass- and if the aim is to make the flame spread, it should be able to reach even the device resting in your pocket. Developing a Git client for Android threw up a bunch of interesting challenges"

Mike Driscoll04/27/13
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Fun with Python and Silly Ciphers

When I was a kid, I was really into secret codes and ciphers. I thought they were all kinds of fun. My mom thought it would be fun to use some of the ciphers I was so enamored with in treasure hunts for special occasions, like birthdays.

Rob Allen04/27/13
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Adding Diff Syntax Highlighting to Sublime Text

My chosen color scheme for Sublime Text doesn't include support for diff/patch files, so I added my own.

Eric Genesky04/27/13
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MySQL on AWS 101

This slideshow from Anders Karlsson helps you get MySQL running on AWS by revealing how to take full advantage of EC2.

Don Pinto04/27/13
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Couchbase Java SDK Internals

First and foremost, it is important to understand that the SDK wraps and extends the functionality of the spymemcached (called "spy") memcached library.

Peter Pilgrim04/27/13
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Devoxx 2012 JUG Leader BOF Videos

Here are two well overdue video recordings of the Devoxx 2012 JUG Leader and Java Champions BOF from last November.

Mikko Ohtamaa04/27/13
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Debug SMTP Server One-Liner

If you are doing web development there is often a need to emulate and intercept outgoing email. Email delivery is handled by SMTP protocol. Production and staging server have fixed SMTP servers available in their network. However, this is not often the case for your development laptop, especially if you tend to do development in different networks.

Armel Gouriou04/26/13
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Analysis of Techdebt.org, the Open Database on Technical Debt

2013 began with good news from the front of war against technical debt. The fight had taken a good turn, with an overall increase of project's quality on TechDebt.org. Few months later, it is now time to take a look at database's evolution and see if we are still following the good path.

Kai Wähner04/26/13
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Big Data Beyond Apache Hadoop – Integrating All Your Data with Apache Camel and Talend

Slides from my talk "Big Data beyond Apache Hadoop – How to integrate ALL your data" at NoSQLmatters 2013 in Cologne are online.

Bilgin Ibryam04/26/13
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Image Loader Powered by Apache Camel

I've created an application that displays twitter images related to the Olympics in real time. It listens for tweets containing images, filters out duplicates, and sends the images to the browser using websockets every 5 seconds.

Alen Komljen04/26/13
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Lightweight Virtualization with LXC

It’s been a long time since my last post. Now I’m working with more interesting technologies, cloud related, so you will probably see more about that.

Eric Gregory04/26/13
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Jez Humble on Enterprise DevOps

Jez Humble speaks about the unique challenges of enterprise DevOps at Agile India in his presentation, "Enterprise DevOps: Breaking Down the Barriers Between Development and IT Operations."

Eric Gregory04/26/13
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An Introduction to Machine Learning

This eight-minute tutorial acts as both an introduction to machine learning and a comparison/contrast with data mining.

Mitch Pronschinske04/26/13
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Hard Coding: A Design Approach

Learn about the Great Simplification Architecture, instead of creating abstract towers of babel, we will see how we can create agile, maintainable and easy to work with architectures and systems that allow you to just go in and start working.