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Dan Haywood03/30/13
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Eclipse Tips: Quick Fix to Generate Code

Here’s another in my nascent series of quick tips for Eclipse. This one shows how you can use Eclipse’s quick fix feature (ctrl+1) to quickly generate code.

Ryan Wang03/30/13
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How Does Java Handle Aliasing?

Aliasing means there are multiple aliases to a location that can be updated. Multiple aliases are multiple types.

Arthur Charpentier03/30/13
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Benford Law and Lognormal Distributions

Benford’s law is nowadays extremely popular. It is usually claimed that, for a given set data set, changing units does not affect the distribution of the first digit. Thus, it should be related to scale invariant distributions.

Eric Minick03/29/13
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The DevOps Toolchain

Urbancode’s DevOps toolchain begins with a developer committing code to a source repository. Commit comments can be added so that uBuild will associate the code change to a bug report (Bugzilla, JIRA, Rally, TFS, TeamForge) or a feature story (Rally, PivotalTracker, VersionOne, Rational Team Concert).

Mark Needham03/29/13
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Stripping Out a Non-Breaking Space Character in Ruby

A couple of days ago I was playing with some code to scrape data from a web page and I wanted to skip a row in a table if the row didn’t contain any text.

Robert Diana03/29/13
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Geek Reading for the Weekend

In Rob Diana's geek reading roundup, Nate Silver explains why Big Data isn't going to upend the scientific method and we learn how to build an Atari with CreateJS.

Jurgen Appelo03/29/13
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A Sense of Ownership

John Kotter introduced the concept of “a sense of urgency”. People will not change their behaviors if they don’t feel it is urgent. But maybe we need something else first. Maybe “a sense of ownership” has to precede the sense of urgency.

Dave Rooney03/29/13
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Worth Repeating - XP Bills of Rights

The text below is unedited from 2001 - you can substitute Product Owner for Customer and Team Member for Developer.

Mitch Pronschinske03/29/13
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Cloudbursing with Amazon EC2 and SQS

Learn how this can actually work with Amazon EC2 and SQS. The implementation is based on Ruby on Rails and Resque/Redis, but the concepts are broadly applicable.

Nicolas Frankel03/29/13
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Devoxx France 2013 – Day 2

Read live blogs about "Exotic data structures, beyond ArrayList, HashMap & HashSet" by Sam Bessalah, "Comparing JVM web frameworks" by Matt Raible, and "Object and Functions, conflict without a cause" by Martin Odersky.

Michael Sahota03/29/13
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Identify Your Heroes

I am sharing this exercise because it can help you discover who you really are and what is important for you. For me this short activity was profoundly insightful. YMMV.

Gordon Dickens03/29/13
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Sawing through the Java Loggers

I know what you're thinking, “It’s just logging!” This small, yet common part of our applications, provides developers, QA and troubleshooters with information to help in determining code execution sequences, inspecting data values and trouble spots within our applications.

Roger Hughes03/29/13
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Exception Handling with the Spring 3.2 @ControllerAdvice Annotation

A short time ago, I wrote a blog outlining how I upgraded my Spring sample code to version 3.2 and demonstrating a few of the little 'gotchas' that arose. Since that I've been perusing Spring 3.2's new feature list

Dave Rooney03/29/13
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They are All Wrong

[The Test Automation expert] said that what I proposed was not a "best practice" and that everyone, the whole industry, was using the tools in the way that he described how they should be used. My response was to simply say "they are all wrong."

Jay Fields03/29/13
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Clojure: Expectations Ignore A Variable Number Of Args In An Interaction Test

The anything& matching function gives me an extra bit of flexibility that can come in handy at times.