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Mitch Pronschinske01/04/13
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Free Training Screencasts ESBs and Systems Integration via Mule

If you've been looking for a new ESB, you might wanna note the fact that MuleSoft is providing free training for the open source ESB, Mule. I don't see Oracle or Spring Integration doing that...

Ganesh Ghag01/04/13
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The Changing Face of Software Development

Change is inevitable and nowhere is it most apparent then in the software technology space. Surely we all adapt to these changes that are quite the norm in software development. Here is a little retrospective view at ways in which software development, as we know it, is changing.

Krishna Prasad01/04/13
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Enabling SSL in Tomcat

But there is no simple example where we can demonstrate Enabling SSL in Tomcat, I spent days pouring documents and Googling before I got the perfect solution. In this blog I have demonstrated using a simple Java Keystore to achieve a 2 way handshake.

Paresh Mayani01/04/13
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The Ultimate Android Library

Alexandre Gherschon has created a portal for finding out useful Android libraries, github resources. I am sure it would help Android developers a lot.

Boris Lam01/04/13
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Lightweight Web Application Framework: PrimeFaces (JSF) + Guice + MyBatis (PART 2)

In this part, I will continue to demonstrate the integration of JSF, Guice and MyBatis. DBCP connection pool and MYSQL database is used in persistence layer

Michael Schnell01/04/13
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Maven Tycho uses old JAR files

During the development of SrcMixins4J I faced a strange problem with Tycho

Eric Genesky01/03/13
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Introduction to Spring Data Neo4j

Here's a 1-hour practical guide to getting started with Spring Data on Neo4j. This will cover Spring Data Neo4j's features/benefits, use cases, and a step by step demo.

Mylene Reiners01/03/13
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Sunshine on Java

Sunshine on Java offers a nice introduction in defensive web application programming. No rocket-science, but clear, concise explanation on some well known attacks and how to avoid them. When you...

James Sugrue01/03/13
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Thursday Code Puzzler: Verification of a Binary Search Tree

The first puzzler of the new year asks you to write a method to verify whether a given tree is a binary search tree.

Attila-mihaly Balazs01/03/13
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Java – Far Sight Look at JDK 8

The world is changing slowly but surely. After the changes that gave java a fresher look with JDK 7, the java community is looking forward to the rest of the improvements that will come with JDK 8 and probably JDK 9.

Eric Gregory01/03/13
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Ubuntu is Coming to Smartphones: What Could You Use It For?

Canonical announced today that Ubuntu is headed for smartphones, touting the full capability of a Linux PC in a gesture-based mobile version of the OS. If you think you'll use it, what kind of projects do you have in mind?

John D'Emic01/03/13
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Mule ESB Blueprints: Scalability and Availability

One of our New Year resolutions is to create more content around specific subject areas. The aim of MuleSoft Blueprints is to provide a complete guide on a specific topic in a way that can be easily read and kept for reference.

Eren Avşaroğulları01/03/13
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Chunk Oriented Processing in Spring Batch

Big Data Sets’ Processing is one of the most important problem in the software world. Spring Batch is a lightweight and robust batch framework to process the data sets.

Andrew Salvadore01/03/13
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Play2 Deploy and Config on Cloudbees

I did some work recently to update a few web apps from play 1.2.3 to play 2. Some of them are running on heroku and others are on cloudbees.

Ralf Quebbemann01/03/13
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Upgrading to Maven 3.1.1 caused Jenkins Maven Job to Fail

After upgrading Maven on my Jenkins CI build server to version 3.1.1 I encountered problems with my Maven build jobs in Jenkins (version 1.544). The error message looks something like this: