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Greg Ness04/29/13
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The Cloud Migration Gap and a 60′s Castaway Comedy

I’ve written a series of blogs about the economics of cloud and the lack of serious enterprise adoption of public cloud (versus data center and private cloud adoption) and I’ve reached the . . .

Eric Gregory04/29/13
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Using the Google Maps Android API

This half-hour tutorial from Google's Mano Marks and Fred Chung covers the Google Maps Android API V2.

Filip Ekberg04/29/13
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The Art of Teaching

The topic on open source now is very programming tutoring oriented and might not really be of interest if you work in a construction site. But think of it like this, what if there were some free ways to actually make your construction work easier?

Gerard Davison04/29/13
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Building a Simple Java Client for forecast.io

I like to be outdoors when life allows so weather is always an interest for me. So i was very pleases to see forecast.io becoming available with global coverage after being jealous of the US only "DarkSkys" app.

Zac Gery04/29/13
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Multitasking is Bad?!?

Denouncing multitasking might sound crazy, but let's put some context around the statement. Multitasking made the modern computer a viable solution. The desire for people to multitask in business is a natural progression.

Lukas Eder04/29/13
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Rare Uses of a "ControlFlowException"

Control flows are a “relict” from imperative programming, which has leaked into various other programming paradigms, including Java’s object oriented paradigm.

Eric Genesky04/29/13
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No Sharding with NuoDB

Here's a 1-hour webinar from NuoDB that covers how common enterprise strategies for scaling fall short, as well as how a CDMS like NuoDB enables innovation and cost reduction.

Adam Warski04/29/13
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MacWire 0.2: Scopes are Simple!

MacWire generates new instance creation code of given classes, using values in the enclosing type for constructor parameters, with the help of Scala Macros. DI container replacement.

Kane Mar04/29/13
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A Collection of Funny Scrum Videos

Richard Hundhausen has put together a great list of funny Scrum/Agile related videos. Some of these are classics such as High Moon Studios: Portrait of Scrum and Adam Weisbart’s Shit Bad Scrum Masters say.

Edmund Kirwan04/29/13
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Code Autopsy

When last examined, the structure of Apache Ant looked odd. Something didn't quite fit. The problem concerns function dependency tuples: Ant boasts a shocking 504776 of the little blighters.

John Berryman04/29/13
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Understanding Solr Soft Commits And Data Durability

I ran into an interesting problem today. I was working with the first project where we legitimately needed Solr soft commits and in testing my configuration I wanted to prove to myself that the soft commits were performing as expected.

Paul Miller04/29/13
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Visualisation – the key that unlocks data’s value?

As the Big Data hype machine continues its relentless attempt to gobble everything in its path, new business units and entire new domains buying into the promise find themselves faced with unanticipated data volume and complexity.

Ross Mason04/29/13
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MuleSoft Acquires ProgrammableWeb

I am excited to share the news that MuleSoft has acquired ProgrammableWeb. This combination brings together the world’s most widely used integration platform with the world’s most authoritative voice and community for APIs.

Eric Gregory04/28/13
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LinkedIn TechTalk: Machine Learning Basics

Via LinkedIn TechTalks, Rob Bekkerman delves into the basics of machine learning.

Vishal Jain04/28/13
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Mind it: Synchronization is Risky

Here I’m going to suggest NOT to use synchronization (or at least not using locks) if possible. Why? because it can open a can of dangerous worms if you use it without utmost care.