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Marko Rodriguez02/08/13
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Polyglot Persistence and Query with Gremlin

Complex data storage architectures are not typically grounded to a single database. In these environments, data is highly disparate, which means that it exists in many forms . . .

Eric D. Schabell02/08/13
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OpenShift: Create an Instance Based on an Existing Project

The latest release of the OpenShift Origin project command line tooling gives us a powerful feature to shorten the steps it takes to setup, for example, the various projects demoed in my OpenShift Primer book.

Debasish Ghosh02/08/13
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Modular Abstractions in Scala with Cakes and Path Dependent Types

I have been trying out various options of implementing the Cake pattern in Scala, considered to be one of the many ways of doing dependency injection without using any additional framework.

Roger Hughes02/08/13
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How Do You Organise Maven Sub-Modules?

Being an itinerant programmer one of the things I've noticed over the years is that every project you come across seems to have a slightly different way of organising its Maven modules.

Dalip Mahal02/08/13
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Death March Calculus

How excessive schedule pressure leads to poor productivity and quality and ultimately a “Death March”

Doug Turnbull02/08/13
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Real-Time Doctest Checking in Vim

Vim is a terrific editor. The one thing that kills me, though, is “the cycle.”

Mark Needham02/08/13
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R: Modelling a Conversion Rate with a Binomial Distribution

As part of some work Sid and I were doing last week we wanted to simulate the conversion rate for an A/B testing we were planning. We started with the following function which returns the simulated conversion rate for a given conversion rate of 12%...

Eric Minick02/08/13
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UrbanCode's uTalk on the Term "DevOps"

The first entry in UrbanCode's uTalk video series explores the term "DevOps" itself.

Doug Turnbull02/08/13
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Escaping Solr Query Characters In Python

I’ve been working in some Python Solr client code. One area where bugs have cropped up is in query terms that need to be escaped before passing to Solr.

Ben Kepes02/08/13
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Appsecute Launches a DevOps Focused Social Stream

Exciting times at Appsecute at the moment as the team begins to unveil its new vision for the company.

Eric Gregory02/08/13
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An Introduction to Hadoop on Azure

At the ØREDEV conference in Sweden, Yaniv Rodenski spoke about Hadoop on Azure, discussing how it works, various storage options, cloud service integration, and more. Here's what he had to say.

Ralf Quebbemann02/08/13
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How To Dynamically Change a Web Service Endpoint URL with Metro

A really cool feature of GlassFish Metro (and maybe other webservice stacks) is the ability to change the webservice endpoint URL at runtime. Check out this example of how to do it.

Mitch Pronschinske02/08/13
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Building LinkedIn's Real-Time Data Pipeline

At the core of many of LinkedIn's analytics applications is a real-time data pipeline built on top of Apache Kafka. This system handles over 10 billion messages writes per day for thousands of production processes.

Mitch Pronschinske02/08/13
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DZone Links You Don't Want To Miss (2/8/13)

An article by a Cornell professor sparks a debate about MongoDB's fault-tolerance, and we get to see how the CEO of Evernote gets things done. Plus Drupal 8 gets a new default editor and the greatest CSS3 demo of all time arrives!

Jason Sherman02/08/13
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ServiceMix: Remote JMX Connection

At first it might seem baffling as to why you are unable to make a remote JMX connection to a Linux server but the resolution is really quite simple.