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Allan Kelly02/17/13
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SOA is the Software Equivalent of a Fast Breeder Nuclear Reactor

SOA works in the laboratory. The technology can be shown to work by big service companies - IBM, Accenture and co. It seems like a great idea. But… SOA doesn’t make commercial sense.

Ralf Quebbemann02/17/13
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Logging in Java: Switching to logback and slf4j

Now, in addition to log4j a new implementation that is more powerful, faster and more flexible than log4j has entered the market: logback.

Brian O' Neill02/17/13
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Activiti TimerEvent Only Firing Once

If you are developing a business process in Activiti, and your TimerEvent is only firing once, add the following parameter to your Activiti config

Isaac Taylor02/17/13
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Hardware Acceleration in Android - Are You Using It?

Did you know Android has Hardware Acceleration? Did you also know you actually need to enable it for your app first?

Jim Bird02/17/13
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Sooner or Later: Deliver Early or Minimize Waste

When it comes to planning out details, putting off decisions to just-in-time makes sense. But when it comes to designing and implementing important parts of the system, especially technical plumbing and cross-cutting work, doing something sooner is almost always better than later.

Johanna Rothman02/17/13
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Ever Have a Bad Manager Day?

I once told one of my employees to leave his emotions at the door. Yes, I really said that. Luckily, he was smarter than I was. He said, “That’s like leaving an arm or a leg. Which one of those would you like me to leave at home today?”

Gary Sieling02/17/13
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Solr DataImportHandler example with FileDataSource

This imports each line of a text file as a single document, probably about the simplest thing you can do. The schema has a single attribute, “name,” which is defined as a unique attribute.

Eric Gregory02/17/13
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How to Git Going with Distributed Source Control

In this ØREDEV session, Tim Berglund explains how to get started with distributed version control systems, and why it's changing the game.

Eric Gregory02/17/13
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The LogStash Book Released

LogStash fans (and fans-to-be) rejoice: James Turnbull's LogStash Book has been released into the wild.

Mitch Pronschinske02/17/13
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Clean Architecture

Does the architecture of your application tell you the intent of the application, or does it just tell you what frameworks you’ve used. A good architecture screams about the intent of the application and hides the frameworks.

David Pollak02/16/13
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On False Analogies

A fair number of things have intersected over the last few weeks and it's time for me to do a quick exploration of them

Carlo Scarioni02/16/13
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Understanding Currying with Scala

Learning Scala is not an easy task. There are many things to learn. Some of them are very different and some of them seem complex.

Boris Lam02/16/13
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Sample Apps: Spring data MongoDB and JSF Integration tutorial (Part 4)

Spring Data repository abstraction reduces the boilerplate code to write the data access layer of the application. . .

Arthur Charpentier02/16/13
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Lego, Causal Modeling, R and the Web, and More Data Links

Arthur Charpentier's link roundup takes a look at what happened to Lego, the equation that killed Wall Street, using R with the web, and more.

Ben Kepes02/16/13
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Celebrity Engineers: Software's Equivalent of Arts Patronage

Back in the days gone by, if you were part of the landed gentry, lording over your landholdings and the common folk who lived on said land, you’d look to becoming a patron of the arts as a way to ensure your name would live on after your death.