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Iqbal Khan07/07/14
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Optimize ASP.NET Performance with View State Caching

ASP.NET View State come with a few issues that you need to understand and resolve. Once you resolve these issues, you are able to benefit from ASP.NET View State without any problems. This article outlines ASP.NET View State problems and a respective mechanism for how to deal with them.

Mark Needham07/07/14
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R: Aggregate by different functions and join results into one data frame

In continuing my analysis of the London Neo4j meetup group using R I wanted to see which days of the week we organise meetups and how many people RSVP affirmatively by the day.

Peter Lawrey07/07/14
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If BigDecimal is the Answer, it Must Have Been a Strange Question

Many developers have determined that BigDecimal is the only way to deal with money. Often they site that by replacing double with BigDecimal, they fixed a bug or ten.

Alec Noller07/07/14
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The Achilles' Heel of NoSQL

NoSQL is big business, but according to John A De Goes, it has a fatal flaw in its lack of analytics tooling. Given that SQL is working to incorporate some of the advantages of NoSQL, what will happen as the divide between the two becomes narrower?

Steve Smith07/07/14
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Continuous Delivery Pipeline Pattern: Analysis Stage

The entry point of a Continuous Delivery pipeline is its Commit Stage, and as such manages the compilation, unit testing, analysis, and packaging of source code whenever a change is committed to version control.

Benjamin Ball07/07/14
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Gradle 2.0 Release - Brings Backwards Compatibility, Memory Efficiency, and Higher Performance

Gradle 2.0 came out last week, and it's a pretty big move from Gradle--the first major version update they've done. With the major release comes a baseline of backwards compatibility, and a significantly simplified codebase.

Erich Styger07/07/14
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Snake Game on the FRDM-KL25Z with Nokia 5110 Display

So I have another nice usage for my boards and the joystick shields :-). I need to admit that I’m not very good at the game. My daughter reached level 4 in the first attempt, while my max level is 2, maybe it is just the age ;-)

Nicolas Frankel07/07/14
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Easier Spring Version Management

Earlier on, Spring migrated from a monolithic approach – the whole framework, to a modular one – bean, context, test, etc. so that one could decide to use only the required modules.

Peter Pilgrim07/07/14
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Where Are All The Black People in IT?

Recently, I flicked through the faces of all of the presentations titles from Google I/O 2014 videos, I saw only one person who was black.

Biju Kunjummen07/07/14
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Scala Tail Recursion Confusion

I was looking at a video of Martin Odersky's keynote during Scala Days 2014 and there was a sample tail recursion code that confused me.

Jorge Ramon07/07/14
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Remote Grouping in a Sencha Touch Store

In this article you are going to learn how to perform remote grouping in a Sencha Touch Store using a .Net backend. The tutorial covers using a Sencha Touch Store's grouper config, using the Store Class's remoteGroup config, using the Store Class's setGrouper method, and more.

Bozhidar Bozhanov07/07/14
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You Probably Don’t Need a Message Queue

I’m a minimalist, and I don’t like to complicate software too early and unnecessarily. And adding components to a software system is one of the things that adds a significant amount of complexity. So let’s talk about message queues.

Alec Noller07/07/14
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Game of Phones: The Worldwide Battle for Mobile Developer Mindshare

For DZone's 2014 Guide to Mobile Development, we created an infographic to illustrate the market share for different mobile platforms and visualize global trends: Game of Phones.

Mark Needham07/07/14
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R: Order by Data Frame Column and Take Top 10 Rows

I’ve been doing some ad-hoc analysis of the Neo4j London meetup group using R and Neo4j and having worked out how to group by certain keys the next step was to order the rows of the data frame.

Jim Hirschauer07/07/14
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How to Triage a Busy Thread Count Alert in 14 Minutes

This is a real example of troubleshooting a production application issue provided by an AppDynamics customer. What you are about to see is a combination of run time analytics, adaptive data collection, intelligent alerting, and a proven problem solving workflow.