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Mitch Pronschinske08/20/13
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Rebuilding a Better Healthcare Social Graph w/ Neo4j

Given the new enhancements in Neo4j 2.0, Dave Fauth has begun rebuilding his DocGraph social graph for organizing doctor data. He's also using the Mortar platform for easily handling Pig and Hadoop with Python.

Mitch Pronschinske08/20/13
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Get Out of the Office and be More Productive - WorkPlace.io

I found a blog post introducing an interesting beta app called WorkPlace.io. I haven't gotten my invite to join it yet, but it seems pretty interesting. It's a mobile office management and metrics app.

Mitch Pronschinske08/20/13
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Hamid Shojaee on Getting Beyond Scrum

In this video, DZone speaks with Hamid Shojaee from Axosoft. DZone.com attended the Agile Conference 2013 in Nashville to speak with industry leaders about how far agile has come in the last year.

Pascal Alma08/20/13
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Writing a Hadoop MapReduce Task in Java

In this post I show how to create a MapReduce job in Java based on a Maven project like any other Java project.

Hüseyin Akdoğan08/20/13
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JSF 2.2: HTML 5 Support

HTML 5 is the fifth version of the HTML markup Standard. HTML5 arose as a result of ideas and needs such as developing new generation web applications, providing standardization between browsers and using a single codebase. Back end and UI developers can...

Altuğ Altıntaş08/20/13
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Solow Model : Adopt a JSR

The Solow growth model is used in economics generally, but what I discovered is that Oracle is also using this model in Java User Groups . I want to recall the Solow Growth Model...

Eric Minick08/20/13
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DevOps as a Product Company

Yes, there is an “Ops” role for your product. Understand who that is. Consider, for example, what problems an app store solves. Developers must cater to anyone between them and the end user. Any part of an upgrade that could be automated should be.

Cody Powell08/20/13
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Doughnut Driven Development

After a particularly horrendous streak of failures, I sent a team email saying, "Guys, the build is all screwed up and we need to fix it immediately. If you fix the build, I'll buy you doughnuts." You know what happened next? Someone fixed the build within the hour.

John Cook08/20/13
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How to Avoid Shell Scripting

Maybe you want to learn shell scripting, but you need to get work done now that you don’t yet know how to do. One of these strategies could buy you some time.

Mark Needham08/20/13
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Coding: Hack Then Revert

For a long while my default approach when I came across a new code base that I wanted to change was to read all the code and try and understand how it all fitted together by sketching out flow of control diagrams.

Zemian Deng08/20/13
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How to Convert Asciidoc Text to HTML using Groovy

Here is how you can convert Asciidoc text using a Groovy script.

Hubert Klein Ikkink08/20/13
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Grails Goodness: Set Request Locale in Unit Tests

There is really no excuse to not write unit tests in Grails.

Christian Posta08/20/13
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From Inside the Code: Camel Routing Engine, Part I

So I’ve recently re-kindled my interest in how Apache Camel works. Camel is such a powerful integration tool and is very widely used, but anytime I put it to work, I can’t help but think “well, how the hell does it do all that!!”

Mitch Pronschinske08/20/13
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Drastically Improving Your Code With Messaging as a Programming Model

There's a really good series of posts that were just written by Steve Bate on the core concepts of messaging that have helped him write "some of the cleanest, most extendable, testable, modular code I’ve ever written."

Christopher Taylor08/19/13
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Gartner Updates its View on Big Data’s Hype

Gartner believes that we’re still at the peak when it comes to Big Data, but recognizes like many of us that the term is being overused by plenty of people who’d like to take advantage of the hype.