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Tim Eisenhauer01/29/14
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Problems with Free and Open Source Collaboration Platforms

Recently, one of my government clients decided to switch their public facing ASP.NET to Drupal (an open source solution), and they had an embarrassing hacking scenario. There are a number of disadvantages to open source systems that you should be aware of before making the switch.

Geertjan Wielenga01/28/14
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PiDome: Raspberry Pi Home Automation with NetBeans IDE

PiDome is a new platform for home automation based on the Raspberry Pi, consisting of a server and a client, created in NetBeans IDE.

Hardik Pandya01/28/14
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How to Set Up a Multi-Node Hadoop Cluster on Amazon EC2, Part 2

In Part 1 of this series, the author successfully created, launched and connected to Amazon Ubuntu Instances. In this article, he will show how to install and set up a Hadoop cluster.

Vlad Mihalcea01/28/14
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MongoDB and the Fine Art of Data Modelling

When you first use MongoDB, you’ll immediately notice its schema-less data model. But schema-less doesn’t mean skipping proper data modelling. As opposed to a SQL database, a NoSQL document model is more focused on querying than data normalization. That’s why your design won’t be finished unless it addresses your data querying patterns.

Nikita Ivanov01/28/14
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In Defense of Scala. Response to "I Don’t Like Scala"

There were several posts lately critical of Scala language. One in particular was well written, critical of Scala post by someone who clearly prefers other languages (i.e. Java) at this point.

Jay Fields01/28/14
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REPL Driven Development

When I describe my current workflow I use the TLA RDD, which is short for REPL Driven Development

Alan Hohn01/28/14
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Generics and Capture Of

I taught an introductory Java session on generics, and of course demonstrated the shorthand introduced in Java SE 7 for instantiating an instance of a generic type

Kosta Stojanovski01/28/14
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Eclipse's BIRT: Setting Bar-Chart Colors Programmatically via Scripting

This article was dedicated to setting chart colors via scripting in Eclipse's BIRT. Aside from that, some basic terms will be mentioned, such as report parameters, dataset/datasources, and persistent global variables.

Ross Mason01/28/14
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Zen and the Art of Mule ESB Implementation

Developers and architects new to Mule ESB often puzzle themselves with this question, “Ok, what do I do now?” With all the tools and options provided by our products, taking that proverbial first step toward go-live Nirvana can indeed come across as a daunting task for Mule implementation virgins.

Tommy Patterson01/28/14
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TechNet Radio: Delivering Results – How PoliticalTracker uses Windows Azure and More!

The most recent episode of TechNet Radio includes an exclusive interview with the CEO and COO of PoliticalTracker.com. In the video, they discuss a new website design for the website, as well as how they use online solutions such as Windows Azure and Visual Studio Online.

Jorge Ramon01/28/14
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How to Create an Executive Dashboard Using Sencha Touch, Part 2

This is the second part of a Sencha Touch tutorial in which you will build an Executive Dashboard app that renders a number of charts with performance indicators for a hypothetical business.

Mark Hinkle01/28/14
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PaaS with CloudStack

At the CloudStack Collaboration COnference in Amsterdam there were several ongoing discussions about PaaS solutions. Notably, Amazon Web Services offers an explanation between different PaaS solutions on a spectrum that goes from operational control to pure application deployment.

Michael Muller01/28/14
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Alternatives to Passwords: Status Quo is No Longer an Option

User authentication is in the news each time a large password database gets compromised. Most articles focus on the sensational but some also question the solutions or alternatives: how do we get out of it or past it? So, we conducted a survey of 104 IT security professionals. Here are the results and lessons.

Reza Rahman01/28/14
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"Come and Play! with Java EE 7" by Antonio Goncalves

Command-line based code generators are one of the most significant selling points of frameworks like Play! and Ruby on Rails.

Andreas Kollegger01/27/14
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Neo4j 2.0: Importing Data the Spreadsheet Way!

It's a new year, and in December, Neo4j launched its shiny new version: the 2.0.0 release. So, in this article you'll find an update to Rik Van Bruggen's previous tutorial on how to import data into Neo4j using spreadsheets, this one written for Neo4j 2.0.0.