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Sean Hull11/01/13
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Why Startups Need TechOps

In a lot of small startups, the initial phase is obviously on building a product. That’s the build phase, and not surprisingly you hire a lot of developers. As you should. But as you grow you may find the operational tasks that are defaulting to one or more developers are taking more and more of their time.

Anders Abel11/01/13
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Changing SVN Servers

I recently helped a team to switch SVN servers and found a few gotchas along the way. This is a short guide on what worked for me and some stuff I tried that didn’t.

Angela Ashenden10/31/13
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My Five Key Takeaways from the Big Data & Analytics Innovation Summit Dublin

The Big Data & Analytics Innovation Summit held in Dublin certainly proved to be one of the better events the author has attended. It is designed to help professionals across all industries share best practices and drive success through big data and analytics. The author left the event with these five key takeaways.

Pedro Duque Vieira10/31/13
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Metro style Push Button for Java (JMetro) – Revisited

I've fixed several issues with the CheckBox styling. Below you can see the CheckBox with jmetro Dark Theme

Mariano Gonzalez10/31/13
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Mule OAuth2 Support: Even Easier Still

In the last post we said that now Mule is way smarter at automatically handling your tokens. We added the possibility to force a token id while doing authorization.

Mitch Pronschinske10/31/13
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The Path to NFV and SDN is Still Very Uncertain

Despite early marketing efforts to tout NFV and SDN solutions, Graham Finnie is sobering things down in his recent article.

James Carr10/31/13
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Securing Docker’s Remote API

The Remote API that can be used to programatically interact with docker. I recently had a situation where I wanted to run many containers on a host with a single container managing the other containers through the API.

Omri Erel10/31/13
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The Software as a Service Delivery Model Explained

There seem to be conflicting affinities when it comes to the best way to implement a software as a service delivery model. The common definition most people ascribe to this concept is a web-based software system delivered through a browser, just like web pages and web games do

Allen Coin10/31/13
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DZone is Hiring Java Devs

We're very proud to have one of the largest and most active communities of Java developers in the world, so of course when we decided to grow our team of Java developers we knew to look to Javalobby first.

Victor Savkin10/31/13
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Contrasting Backbone and Angular, Pt. 1

This is a great, succinct overview of Backbone vs. Angular with some helpful visuals and diagrams to clearly illustrate each. Thankfully, it looks at the two frameworks in the context of main problems we deal with every day when building web applications.

Mitch Pronschinske10/31/13
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Heroku Adds Java Category to Discourse Forums

Less than two weeks after spinning up a Discourse-based forum for Heroku Buildpack Developers, Heroku has now unveiled its latest forum section, and it's for Java devs exclusively.

Juri Strumpflohner10/31/13
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JBoss Weld CDI for Java Platform

This article presents some of my comments and observations when reading “JBoss Weld CDI for Java Platform” which covers everything you need to successfully implement the new standard in your Java EE application.

Antoine Girbal10/31/13
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MongoDB Indexing Tip #1: Find Your Friends' Recent Activity

A very common feature of any social site (and other types of application) is to find the latest activity of one’s friends. Many new NoSQL stores do not really support secondary indexes, which are necessary for this feature. In the case of MongoDB, it is possible to do it efficiently, but it presents many pitfalls.

Jim Bird10/31/13
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Adding Appsec to Agile: Security Stories, Evil User Stories and Abuse(r) Stories

Because Agile development teams work from a backlog of stories, one way to inject application security into software development is by writing up application security risks and activities as stories, making them explicit and adding them to the backlog so that application security work can be managed, estimated, prioritized and done like everything else that the team has to do.

Allen Coin10/31/13
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Witnessing a Scrum Trainwreck

Ever been a part of or observed just a really terrible Daily Scrum? Tobias Fors has, and he tells the story of it in his blog post "The Worst Daily Scrum Ever."