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George Dinwiddie01/22/14
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Long-Range Planning with User Stories

I frequently hear or read people suggesting using User Stories for relatively long-range planning. Sometimes they mean something as short as a release in a few months. Sometimes they’re talking about multiple releases over a year or two. What are the implications for doing this?

Mike Bushong01/22/14
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Sources and Sinks: Which are you?

We all know people who are energizing to talk to. Whatever the topic, they are full of energy. They make ideas better. Moods improve when they are around. And there are people who fall into the opposite camp.

Rajaraman Raghuraman01/22/14
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Best Hindrances to Being Agile

I often wonder how projects fail to be agile enough even though the team consists of talented team members. So today I am planning to summarize a few points that are the biggest hindrances to being agile in a team-based environment.

A. Jesse Jiryu Davis01/22/14
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Five Things About Scaling MongoDB

There are a lot of articles about neat hacks for scaling MongoDB, but neat hacks are rarely necessary. MongoDB is designed to scale. Most applications just need to get these five things right.

Marco Siccardi01/22/14
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Xamarin: Resources of an Android App Project

As I mentioned already in my first blog post about Xamarin, Android has a different project structure – even if you use Xamarin. A very important part of this structure are resources. In this article, you'll learn about the different kinds of resources in an Android app.

Henrik Warne01/22/14
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Session-based Logging

To trouble-shoot software, logging of some kind is essential. But for most systems, it is simply not possible to log everything that happens.

Alexey Zvolinskiy01/22/14
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TestNG: Run Tests Sequentially With @DataProvider Inside One Test Class

Many java developers and automation test engineers use TestNG as a testing framework in their job. I’m not an exception.

Ayende Rahien01/22/14
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Big Data Search, Part 3: Binary Search of Textual Data

The index the author created for his previous exercise is just a text file, sorted by the indexed key. When doing a search by a human, that makes it easy to work with. Much easier than trying to work with a binary file, and it also helps debugging. However, it does make it running a binary search on the data a bit harder.

Kin Lane01/22/14
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How to Adopt A Federal Government Dataset

When the author pulled over 5,000 datasets from 22 federal agencies, he was reminded how much work there is still to do around opening up government data. In this article, the author explores a sort of adoption tool, so that anyone can step up and adopt a federal agency's dataset and improve it.

Eyal Golan01/22/14
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Spring and Maven Configuration

This is the first post of a series of posts demonstrating how we can use Spring in an application.

Tharindu Mathew01/22/14
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World Space vs Node Space on Cocos2d

If you are building a game that will use maps, or large views that goes beyond the size of the screen, you will run into issues like the author has. These issues will most likely be due to your lack of knowledge of world space vs node space.

Istvan Szegedi01/21/14
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NuoDB 2.0: A Distributed Database

NuoDB 2.0 was recently released and it delivers some major new geo-distributed management features, along with database automation and SQL and Java stored procedures. The geo-distribution capabilities enable users to distribute a single logical database across multiple cloud regions or data centers.

Lukasz Szyrmer01/21/14
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Managing Risk the Agile Way: Like a Hedge Fund

It’s not too much of a stretch to say that hedge funds are a new type of Software Company. After all, they have more developers per capita than the latter, and they generate more cash flow per capita, if they are any good.

Paul Hammant01/21/14
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Google's vs Facebook's Trunk-Based Development

I’ve been pushing this branching model for something like 14 years now. It’s nice to see Facebook say a little more about their Trunk Based Development. Of course they’re not doing it because they read anything I wrote, as the practice isn’t mine, it’s been hanging around in the industry for many years, but always as bridesmaid so to speak.

Baptiste Wicht01/21/14
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My Home Server Adventure: Step 3

Here is some news about my home server installation project. I have already installed a server in a custom Norco case. I wanted to replace my QNAP NAS with a better server, the QNAP being too slow and not extensible enough for my needs.