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Giorgio Sironi08/25/13
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Notes to a Software Team Leader Review

Notes to a Software Team Leader is a must read for a programmer turned (partially or fully) to manager of at least one other person. It does not assume an ideal world and guides you through the phases of finding time to learn and challenge the other people in your team so that they can become independent.

Mitch Pronschinske08/25/13
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This may not be news to some developers, but it's good for people to know that ESBs are not just for service-oriented architecture. This article explains what proper ESB solutions and SOA architectures are supposed to imply.

Mitch Pronschinske08/25/13
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Check Out the Clojure Client for RabbitMQ

There was a recent incremental release of the Clojure client for RabbitMQ, Langohr 1.4.1. Langohr uses the AMQP 0.9.1 model and is part of a group of libraries called "ClojureWerkz":

Lukas Eder08/25/13
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What Will be Oracle’s Next Big Acquisition?

What will be the next acquisition made by Oracle that could be compared (as a strategic decision, not necessarily by value) to Oracle’s Sun Microsystems acquisition?

Sandro Mancuso08/25/13
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Test Deafness

You cannot expect to produce quality code just by listening to your test. If you don't know what good code looks like, you are pretty much test deaf.

Sean Hull08/24/13
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Understand the High Cost of Technical Debt by Ward Cunningham

A week or two ago, I got into a conversation on Twitter about technical debt, and someone shared this superb video by Ward Cunningham (youtube). Here is Ward’s Interview website.

Pedro Duque Vieira08/24/13
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What's new in Java 8 (Part I – JavaFX)

Java 8 has become feature complete about two months ago and the developer preview is just around the corner (in a couple week’s time).

Reza Rahman08/24/13
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You are Invited to the GlassFish & Friends Party!

If you are a friend of GlassFish or interested in becoming one this is the party to attend and for good reasons

Allen Coin08/23/13
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Just what is a "DevOps Engineer" anyway?

A great discussion on the DevOps Google Group yesterday posed the question "What is a 'DevOps Engineer' anyway?" The OP pondered this question after poring over job listings for "DevOps Engineers" or developer jobs with some form of DevOps in the requirements for the position.

Ariya Hidayat08/23/13
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2013 Nexus 7 Performance Quick Check

The second generation Nexus 7, revealed a few weeks ago, is a good refresh of this popular Android tablet. If this tablet is used mainly for browsing the web, how does it perform compared to its older sibling?

Chase Seibert08/23/13
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Switching from Ubuntu Unity to LXDE

Unity is just too slow. Windowing in LXDE, on the other hand, has “just worked”. The very first time I booted into it, it picked up my three monitors correctly, with no configuration. F**k you, Canonical.

David Pollak08/23/13
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The System76 Galago is Fast

So, I've been doing more exploration and work on the System76 Galago UltraPro. If nothing else, the machine is blazingly fast. I compared compilation speed for Lift and the Galago is faster than my Intel 3770-based desktop. I've never had a laptop that's outperformed a previous generation desktop for Scala compilations.

S M Sohan08/23/13
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The Micro-optimization Trap

When making a decision, a tunnel-vision into the micro-optimization may as well be a trap.

Greg Ness08/23/13
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The Cloud vs. Colocation: Who will win?

A very powerful chart came out today thanks to Gartner, comparing the sheer spending (cumulative cloud investment) on cloud infrastructure by cloud leaders. Those who are integrated with the cloud leaders have a better chance of winning.

Jim Bird08/23/13
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Getting Application Security Vulnerabilities Fixed

It’s a lot harder to fix application security vulnerabilities than it should be. If you can make the case that there are serious security problems that need to be taken care of, where do you start?