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Jim Bird08/23/13
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Getting Application Security Vulnerabilities Fixed

It’s a lot harder to fix application security vulnerabilities than it should be. If you can make the case that there are serious security problems that need to be taken care of, where do you start?

Konrad Garus08/23/13
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Systems that Run Forever Self-heal and Scale

I recently saw a great presentation by Joe Armstrong called “Systems that Run Forever Self-heal and Scale”. The talk is well worth watching, but here’s a few quick notes for a busy reader or my future self.

Ofir Nachmani08/23/13
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The Purely Public Cloud Deployment: Part 1 - The Perceived Risk

In this post series, I will raise some basic questions and will delve deeply into this topic to debate the common resistance to what I call “pure cloud deployment”.

Mitch Pronschinske08/23/13
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Nanomsg Seems to Have Significant Community Support

It's been just two days since the alpha (0.1) release of Nanomsg and already I'm seeing bindings and wrappers for Ruby and Python.

Francesco Guidieri08/23/13
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The Internet of Things @ Eclipse

The goal of the Eclipse M2M Working Group is to make it easy for software developers to create M2M applications that are based on open standards and open source technology.

Pieter Humphrey08/23/13
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Spring Security 3.2.0 RC1 Highlights: CSRF Protection

Spring Security has added protection against Cross Site Request Forgery (CSRF) attacks. Great, but what is a CSRF attack and how can Spring Security protect me against it?

Hubert Klein Ikkink08/23/13
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Spocklight: Using the Old Method

Spock has some great features to write specifications or tests that are short and compact.

Zemian Deng08/23/13
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Getting Started with Apache Camel using Java

Apache Camel is a very useful library that helps you process events or messages from many different sources.

Mitch Pronschinske08/23/13
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Cassandra 2.0 Upcoming Features

Get an introduction to the current status of Apache Cassandra and a recap of what's coming in the next major 2.0 release.

Mitch Pronschinske08/22/13
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MyDrive Calls Switch from MongoDB to Cassandra a "Big Win"

This week, Karl Matthais, an engineer at MyDrive, posted an article about their switch from MongoDB to Cassandra along with some stats showing significant performance improvements.

Mitch Pronschinske08/22/13
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ActivePush: Push Service Built for ActiveMQ or Any STOMP Broker

ActivePush subscribes to a STOMP broker and relays messages with a specific push_id header to subscribed Socket.io clients. The message bodies are opaque to ActivePush, so the service is useful in a variety of applications.

Mitch Pronschinske08/22/13
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Stop Being Thought-Leaders and Start Being Do-Leaders

Young people rule the web and are more interested in the news of the last 10 minutes than the news of the last 10 years. Does all this information take a toll on their (and your) psyche or sharpen the saw?

Esther Derby 08/22/13
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Gaming Incentives

A while ago, I listened to a very funny story about economic incentives on NPR. The story was about an economics professor who decided to use incentives to shape the behavior of his children. He devised an incentive program for potty training–which his toddler gamed.

Olga Kouzina08/22/13
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Back to The Future of Agile Software Development

This essay is inspired by Ken Schwaber’s unSAFe at any speed blog. While I’m very much with Ken Schwaber on the subject of heuristics, thinking for yourself and sticking to the principles of agile, there are some deeper things to that than management vs. software developers, or RUP vs. agile oppositions.

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Java - OOM Example

I did an experiment today and wrote a code snippet that would ultimately fail with an OutOfMemory (OOM) error. There are 2 variations in what I did.