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Mahdi Yusuf12/22/13
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A Developer's Year in Review

Every year around this time, I take a couple days to reflect on the year that has just come to pass.

Ian Skerrett12/21/13
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EclipseCon 2014: Diversity and Opportunity for Learning

The EclipseCon 2014 program and schedule was announced earlier this month.

Gerard Davison12/21/13
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Lambda'ery WebSocket code (from UKTECH13 presentation)

At UKTECH13 I was asked to post the source code to the WebSocket used in my presentation, primarily because it was using JDK 8 constructs that were unfamiliar to many.

Reza Rahman12/20/13
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Want to Work on WebSocket/Tyrus? Oracle is Hiring!

The WebSocket team at Oracle is looking for another key contributor!

Zac Gery12/20/13
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Programming Perfection: Noble Quest or Fool's Gold?

The topic of perfection is a common discussion at the programming dinner table. Is it good? It is bad? It is healthy? Is it possible? Is it realistic?

Vlad Mihalcea12/20/13
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MongoDB Facts: Lightning Fast Aggregation

In the author's previous post, he demonstrated how fast you can insert 50 million time-event entries with MongoDB. In this article, you will learn how to make use of all that data to fuel aggregation tests.

Alec Noller12/20/13
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Data Privacy: Google Removes App Ops in Android 4.4.2

Were you enjoying Android Jelly Bean's App Ops feature and the extra privacy options it offered? Because as of KitKat's version 4.4.2, it's already gone. Beyond being a step back for Android, this could cause some problems for developers.

Lieven Doclo12/20/13
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REST Prototyping With Spark and Groovy

The concept is simple: create a text file mapping URLs to JSON files and use Spark to serve those files through the specified URLs. I’m using Groovy here, but it’s just as simple to do this with Java.

Scott Leberknight12/20/13
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Handling Big Data with HBase Part 5: Data Modeling (or, Life Without SQL)

This is the fifth of a series of blogs introducing Apache HBase. In the fourth part, we saw the basics of using the Java API to interact with HBase to create tables, retrieve data by row key, and do table scans. This part will discuss how to design schemas in HBase.

Dave Fecak12/20/13
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Boot Camps, MOOC’s, and Jobs: A How To For Fresh Devs

Every year, thousands of professionals in various lines of work look to the programming world as a promising new employment option.

Alec Noller12/20/13
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How FullContact Migrated from MongoDB to Cassandra

This recent post details a database migration from MongoDB to Cassandra. It's a detailed account, starting with the background of what led to the decision, various attempts at solving their problems, and finally how they went about migrating to Cassandra, including code and data to document their improvements.

Steve Smith12/20/13
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Application Pattern: Consumer Driven Contracts

When applying Continuous Delivery to an application estate, our ability to rapidly release individual applications is constrained by inter-application dependencies. How can we enable the independent evolution of interdependent applications with minimal risk?

Hubert Klein Ikkink12/20/13
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Groovy Goodness: Using Package Scoped Methods, Fields and Classes

Groovy uses the Java package protected scope visibility rules to turn methods and classes into public scoped variants and fields into properties.

Craig Matsumoto12/20/13
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ONF Sets Off to Find SDN’s Northbound Interfaces

The ONF had been focusing on shepherding the OpenFlow standard and promoting the protocol’s use as a “substrate” for software-defined networking (SDN). But the idea of expanding its scope into northbound interfaces has been kicked around for a while.

Mark Morrell12/20/13
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My 2014 Predictions

I reviewed my predictions for 2013 and believe they are happening more as we move towards 2014. So what has 2014 got in store for us? Here are my five predictions: