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Johanna Rothman12/27/13
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Give Credit Generously

I had a boss who was great at saying, “Terri did this. Jen did that. JR did this other thing.” We all knew who had learned about different areas of the system, who had succeeded at which parts of testing or development or project management. It was great. Contrast that with some other places I’ve worked...

Oliver Hookins12/27/13
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Unexpected benefits of IPv6 tunnelling

Recently I wrote about getting my IPv6 tunnel setup working properly again after a while of it not working very well (or not at all). After getting my IPv6 running properly again, I noticed that YouTube videos were actually starting quite fast and playing back without interruption.

Anders Abel12/27/13
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'this' in JavaScript vs C#

Coming from C#/C++/Java, the usage of the this keyword in JavaScript is confusing. This is my attempt to explain it, in C# terms (with C# being very close to C++ and Java).

Brian Gracely12/27/13
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Bringing Depth to PaaS for Real-World Deployments

Brian talks with Sinclair Schuller (@sschuller), CEO/Founder at Apprenda, about the challenges and realities of migrating applications to a PaaS for Windows and Java environments.

Mitch Pronschinske12/27/13
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10 Ways To Use Message Queues

This article is high level without any specific examples (but there are links) of these usages, but it's a good reference for beginners or even intermediate message queue users who may not have thought about all of these possibilities.

Matt Raible12/27/13
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AppFuse 3.0 Released!

The AppFuse Team is pleased to announce the release of AppFuse 3.0. This release is AppFuse's first release as a 10-year old and includes a whole slew of improvements, including PrimeFaces, Wicket, Spring 4, Mockito, wro4j and Bootstrap 3.

Idan Fridman12/26/13
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AmazonSQS and Spring for Messaging Queue

The next post will demonstrate how to use Spring JMS templates and DLMC’S together with AmazonSQS API in order to place message queue.

Roy Chua12/26/13
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Controller Wars 2.0 – ON.LAB & Juniper Re-Ignite the Open-Source Battleground. Part 2 of 2

Compare the differences between the three new major open-source controllers and provide my opinion of how this will play out in 2014. Also see what service providers and enterprises ought to consider as they move ahead with their SDN and NFV strategies.

Andrzej Krzywda12/26/13
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Decentralise ID Generation

It seems to be a common practice nowadays to rely on the database-generated, incremental id.

Adam Warski12/26/13
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Using Amazon’s Elastic MapReduce to Compute Recommendations with Apache Mahout 0.8

In the author's last blog post, he described how to implement an online recommender system processing data on a single node. But what if the data is too large to fit into memory (>100M preference data points)? Then we have no choice but to take a look at Mahout’s distributed recommenders implementation!

Alec Noller12/26/13
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How to Integrate Google Analytics with Android Apps

Now that Google has expanded Analytics support to Android apps, you may be interested in incorporating Analytics into your own work. A pair of articles from Antonio Leiva's blog - part one and part two - will walk you through the process and help you gather a great deal more data on the usage of your apps.

Marko Rodriguez12/26/13
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A Letter Regarding Native Graph Databases

One graph database vendor decided to divide the graph database space into non-native (i.e. square) and native (i.e. diamond) graph databases. Obviously, non-native is boring, or slow, or simply bad, and native is exciting, or fast, or simply good. Problem is: There is no such thing as a native graph database.

Zac Gery12/26/13
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How To Successfully Build Team Confidence

In software development, building a great team is a delicate yet achievable goal. Although there isn't an exact formula, most managers would come to a common consensus on the basics. The formula might look something like this: Varying Skill Sets + Seasoned Members + Balanced Personalities + Proper Mindset = Success!

Yair Ogen12/26/13
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Spring Data and Scala - can they Mix?

So - you decided to create your Scala application based on Spring Data. Read more to find out if you made the right decision

Felipe Gutierrez12/26/13
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Spring 4 with Groovy

Finally the wait is over, Spring 4 is here and one of the best features is that now has a fully support for Groovy. The Spring team did a fantastic job bringing the same concept from Grails into the Spring Framework.