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Trisha Gee11/28/13
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First Presentation at the Virtual JUG!

Yesterday I had the privilege of presenting the very first session for vJUG, a new virtual Java User Group that allows us to span geographies when sharing talks and stories

Taha Siddiqi11/28/13
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Using ValueEncoders with Resteasy

The power of Tapestry’s ValueEncoder can be used with RestEasy by implementing javax.ws.rs.ext.ParamConverterProvider

Hubert Klein Ikkink11/28/13
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Groovy Goodness: Cache Methods Invocations with Memoize Annotation

In Groovy we can cache closure results with memoization. In Groovy 2.2 a new @Memoize AST transformation is added, which can be used to cache plain method results.

Jagadeesh Motamarri11/28/13
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Real World Java Interview Questions: Financial Industry

A set of real world interview questions for a Java position in a financial company.

Chris Smith11/28/13
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A Very GIFtastic Thanksgiving

Just wanted to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving as we prepare to enjoy a brief holiday here in the U.S. (don't worry, you'll still be able to get lots of great developer content here at DZone!). To celebrate, we've got 12 tips and tricks for surviving this holiday in GIFtastic form! Enjoy :)

Andriy Redko11/28/13
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Book Review: "Instant Effective Caching with Ehcache" by Daniel Wind

Recently, I had a chance to review the book "Instant Effective Caching with Ehcache" by Daniel Wind. If you have ever worked with EhCache, many recipes would look very familiar to you. But for a newbie or even intermediate developer, it might be very interesting to see

Tom Howlett11/28/13
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A New Etiquette For Remote Working

A new etiquette has emerged for remote working. Without it uncertainty can leave words unspoken and replaced by assumptions that lead to conflict.

Mitch Pronschinske11/27/13
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Nanomsg: The Last Few Months in Review

Nanomsg, a fork of the ZeroMQ broker, is moving along smoothly this year. It recently reached version 0.3.3, which I didn't find much information on, but I thought I'd get you caught up if you're not aware of this interesting project.

Johan Vos11/27/13
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DataFX 2.0: Developer Preview Release

Today, the DataFX team is very pleased to announce a Developer Preview build of the Open-Source framework DataFX. Using DataFX, JavaFX developers can easily integrate real-world data into JavaFX applications.

Edmund Kirwan11/27/13
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Coupling-Driven Design.

Seriously, who didn't see this coming?

Michael Mainguy11/27/13
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Web Application Framework Popularity Over Time

I thought I'd do a quick comparison of web frameworks to see how popularity is trending nowadays per google trends. I realized this is has some serious drawbacks, but as a person who has been in the j2ee space for years, I find the trend very interesting.

Hubert Klein Ikkink11/27/13
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Groovy Goodness: Create CopyWith Method with Immutable Annotation

For a long time we can annotate a class with the @Immutable AST transformation so only an immutable instance of a class can be created.

Arthur Charpentier11/27/13
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Data News: Why Python is Eating Other Languages, and More

In this installment of Arthur Charpentier's data science-related links, you'll find a visualization of Waldo's locations on the page, the reason "why Python is steadily eating other languages," the first in a series of posts on "recommendations engine," and more.

Alec Noller11/27/13
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Hadoop, MapReduce and Hive: How to Use Non-Java Languages, Such as R

This recent tutorial demonstrates how to use non-Java languages - R, in particular - to work with Hadoop data through MapReduce and Hive. Though the tutorial focuses on R, it is also meant to open doors for users working with other languages, such as Python, Ruby, and Linux commands or Shell scripts.

Alec Noller11/27/13
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A Flat UI Kit for Android

Flat UI is pretty popular these days. Now, not long after Bootstrap for Android became an option, there is another tool kit to help you keep your apps looking as up-to-date as they can: The Flat UI Kit from CengaLabs.