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Arthur Charpentier11/08/13
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Data News: A Real-Time Map of Births and Deaths, and More

This installment of Arthur Charpentier's regular round-up of data science-related links includes a real-time world map of births and deaths, predictions of the future fabric of data analysis, an article on procedurally memorizing passwords, and much more.

Tom Howlett11/08/13
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Some Principles for Collaborative Remote Software Development

When I talk to people about working remotely the focus is often on the tools. I’ve noticed the real challenge is the working relationships and maintaining these even though we are hundreds of miles apart. Working effectively as a team means considering everyone's needs

Peter Zaitsev11/08/13
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How to Recover an Orphaned .ibd File with MySQL 5.6

Today I want to show you how to do that in an easier and quicker way. In my example I’ll restore a “payment.ibd” file (payment table) from Sakila DB on a server with MySQL 5.5 (but with help from MySQL 5.6 and sandbox).

Ayende Rahien11/08/13
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Voron’s Journal: Design Decisions

I’ve spoken before about the idea behind Voron’s Journal. It allows us to do some pretty sweet things. We haven’t really run perf testing yet (we have some early benchmarks, but they aren’t ready to be talked about yet), but things are looking up.

Mike Driscoll11/08/13
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wxPython: How to Get Selected Cells in a Grid

Today we will be looking at how to get the selected cells from a wxPython grid object. Most of the time, getting the section is easy, but when the user selects more then one cell, getting the selection becomes more complicated.

Brian Gracely11/08/13
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The Cloudcast: OpenStack API Deep Dive

Aaron and Kenneth Hui (@hui_kenneth) talk to George Reese (@GeorgeReese) about what it's like to own a Tesla in Minnesota, digging deep into the state of OpenStack API's, and his view on Enterprise Clouds

Chas Emerick11/07/13
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2013 State of Clojure & ClojureScript Survey

My intention is to get a sense for the size and overall level of activity in the Clojure community, and to capture a certain zeitgeist of the community’s mood, practices, concerns, and so on

Brian Gracely11/07/13
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The Cloudcast #116: Managed OpenStack and Cloud Foundry

Aaron and Kenneth Hui (@hui_kenneth) speak with Blue Box Founder/CEO Jesse Proudman (@blueboxjesse) about OpenStack deployment issues, managed OpenStack offerings, and Cloud Foundry on top of OpenStack

James Sugrue11/07/13
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Thursday Code Puzzler: A Calculator Challenge

Given a limited instruction set, would you be able to create a calculator?

Raymond Camden11/07/13
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Android, Photo Gallery Widget, and "Unable to Save Cropped Photo"

Chalk this up to a bug that probably will never hit anyone but me, but I thought I'd blog it on the off chance others encounter it too.

Mitch Pronschinske11/07/13
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MuleSoft Makes a Connect-Four Parody with Kid-Larry Ellison and Benioff

Wow. So much nostalgia right now coming from this video, since I vividly remember those catchy Connect-Four commercials.

Rick Hightower11/07/13
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What if Java Collections and Java Hierarchies were Easily Searchable? They are with Boon!

What if it were easy to query a complex set of Java objects at runtime? What if there were an API that kept your object indexes (really just TreeMaps, and HashMaps) in sync.?

Lukas Eder11/07/13
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The Code That Made Me Cry

A friend of mine recently told me about the kind of problems he’s currently struggling with in the legacy application he’s maintaining. Here’s a sample piece of code to illustrate what I’m talking about:

Arun Manivannan11/07/13
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SLF4J Binding for ADFLogger - the Missing Piece

For reasons best left untold, in my day job, I was expected to provide an SLF4J Adapter for ADF Logger Oracle ADF.

Alec Noller11/07/13
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Should You Avoid Distributed Database Systems?

A recent blog post suggests that distributed database systems may not be as universally useful as many believe them to be. Is there too much hype surrounding distributed databases, or is there more to the story?