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Wolfram Rittmeyer02/07/14
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Upstream Messages with Google Cloud Messaging

Google announced a new messaging model with Google Cloud Messaging on last years Google IO. This model allows for upstream messaging and for user specific notifications. This post is the first in a three-part series in which I am going to look into both these changes and to show you how to use them.

Barton George02/07/14
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Talking SwiftStack with Founder and CEO Joe Arnold

Several different discussions came out of Venture Beat's CloudBeat conference, including panels with PayPal, Puppet Labs, Disney, CloudStack, and SwiftStack. This article includes a video discussion with SwiftStack's CEO and Found Joe Arnold.

Arthur Charpentier02/07/14
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Data News: Bayesian Statistics Made Simple at PyCon 2014, and More

This installment of Arthur Charpentier's regular collection of data science-related links includes a discussion of Bayesian statistics, "Getting rid of the Euler equation," a visualization of music style popularity since 1960, and much more.

Troy Miles02/07/14
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Calling Twitter API v1.1 From PhoneGap (Preview)

The author is currently working on his next post, which is calling the Twitter API v1.1 from PhoneGap/Cordova. He just got the code executing, but still needs to do some clean up. This post is only a preview, but covers a lot of the techniques and tools.

Ayende Rahien02/07/14
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Voron & Time Series: Working with Real Data

Dan Liebster has been kind enough to send the author a real world time series database. Note that we are using a separate transaction per line, which means that we are really doing a lot of extra work. But this simulate very well incoming events coming one at a time. We were able to process 25,000 events in 8.3 seconds. At a rate of just over 3 events per millisecond.

Chris Haddad02/07/14
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Realizing Connected Business Architecture

Obtaining connected business attributes of accessibility, integrated, collaborative, and adaptive require  next-generation platform infrastructure to realize connected business architecture components.

Razvan Cosmeanu02/07/14
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Python Data Visualization Cookbook

Having just started my career as a web developer two years ago, my weapon of choice was PHP. Naturally, not being a mature enough developer to fully understand the power of PHP, I quickly found...

Andrew Kuzmin02/07/14
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Exploring Data With RapidMiner by Andrew Chisholm

If you’ve picked this book expecting that it explains what RapidMiner is and how to work with RapidMiner Studio GUI - put this book aside! It has none of it. If you hoped to learn how to build a...

Lukas Eder02/07/14
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JDBC 4.0's Lesser-known Clob.free() and Blob.free() Methods

When I talk about jOOQ at conferences, I always show this slide containing a bunch of very common JDBC mistakes that people often commit

Jakub Holý02/07/14
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JBoss Modules Suck, It’s Impossible To Use Custom Resteasy/JAX-RS Under JBoss 7

Since JBoss EAP 6.1 / AS 7.2.0 is modular and you can exclude what modules are visible to your webapp, you would expect it to be easy to ignore the built-in implementation of JAX-RS (Rest Easy 2.3.6) and use a custom one (3.0.6).

Don Pinto02/07/14
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Couchbase .NET SDK 2.0 Development Series: Part 1-1: Server Configuration

In the introduction to this series, the author discussed some of the motivation for rewriting .NET SDK, and the high-level architecture of a Couchbase Server Client SDK. In this post we will go over the design and development of one of the core configuration components of a Couchbase SDK: Server Configuration.

Faheem Sohail02/07/14
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How to Configure Tomcat/JBoss and Apache HTTPD for Load Balancing and Failover

This article will cover how to setup a load balanced JBoss or Apache Tomcat environment with the fail-over capability for an enterprise environment. This article assumes that both JBoss/Tomcat and Apache HTTPD are setup and running properly in your environment.

Matthias Marschall02/07/14
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Test Driven Chef Cookbooks With Meez

Getting your arms around all those tools and frameworks needed to write solid, tested cookbooks gets you spinning. You need to install Food Critic, Chef Spec, Berkshelf – and the list goes on. This set up can easily take up to half a day or more.

Robert Diana02/07/14
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Geek Reading February 6, 2014

The Geek Reading feature is an ongoing series that brings together interesting content from across the web. The most recent topics include SaaS product pricing, the beauty of AngularJS, advice for startups, performance testing with Maven JMeter and Jenkins, Atomic CSS, and the open source future of IT.

Brian Gracely02/07/14
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The Mobilecast #19: Beer, Twinkies and Box - The Mobile CIO

Brian Katz talks with Ben Haines (@bhaines0), former CIO of Pabst and current CIO of Box.net about all SaaS IT, real-life BYOD success, managing MDM and Mobile Devices and how Ben saved the Twinkie from extinction.