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Marc Fasel09/01/13
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JavaOne 2013 Day Two – Polyglot Gauntlet

Day Two of JavaOne was another huge day and the longest of the entire week, finishing 9.15pm.

Mitch Pronschinske08/31/13
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SDN at Verizon

Who is already using homegrown software-defined networking? Verizon is one example. Here's what they've created.

Mitch Pronschinske08/31/13
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Neo4j Control Panel (Neo4jCP) Tutorial

In this screencast you'll get a good intro to the ins and outs of Neo4j's control interface, called the Neo4j Control Panel (Neo4jCP)

Reza Rahman08/31/13
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A Code-Driven Overview of JBatch

However as Java's predominance in the data center continues to grow, it seems batch processing is yet another field of computing gradually shifting to Java as well

Hubert Klein Ikkink08/31/13
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Grails Goodness: Use Services in GSP with g:set Tag

In Grails we can use the set tag to define a variable with a value on a GSP. But we can also use the same tag to access a Grails service on a GSP.

Mitch Pronschinske08/30/13
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Setting up OpenShift w/ Thor

Mark Lamourine quickly talks about setting up OpenShift using a tool called Thor, a toolkit for building powerful command-line interfaces.

Manuel Hartl08/30/13
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Getting Started with IT Security, Part I: Security Lifecycle and Goals

This is the first in a series of articles about IT security. Part I highlights the importance of considering security during the whole software development lifecycle and enumerates and explains common security goals.

Leif Walsh08/30/13
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Write Optimization: Myths, Comparison, Clarifications

I think the reason people are convinced that B-trees are on the optimal tradeoff curve is pretty simple. Since all of the popular write optimizations are modifications to a B-tree, most people end up stuck on the B-tree tradeoff curve. But contrary to conventional wisdom, it is possible to do a lot better.

Johanna Rothman08/30/13
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Trust, Agile Program Management and Being Effective

When your management asks you for an estimate that is more than an order of magnitude estimate, it’s because they don’t trust you. Now, you can be upset about this, you can leave this alone, or you can fix this. I like fixing.

Peter Zaitsev08/30/13
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Considering TokuDB as an Engine for Timeseries Data

I am working on a customer’s system where the requirement is to store a lot of timeseries data from different sensors. For performance reasons, we are going to use SSDs, and therefore there is a list of requirements for the architecture. I actually think that TokuDB might be a good fit for this task.

Allen Coin08/30/13
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Brace Yourselves: the "Smartwatch" is Coming

Ever wanted a smartphone that could fit on your wrist? If you're in the market for just such a device, you're in luck.

Mitch Pronschinske08/30/13
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Who Uses Redis?

Excluding Facebook and Google+, I'd say that Redis has permeated all of the biggest social media sites to date. It's a pretty solid endorsement.

Mitch Pronschinske08/30/13
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Quick Hacking Node.js Modules From CoffeeScript - Making a Binding for Nanomsg

This article by Nick Desaulniers provides a great template for creating modules in git. His example shows how he made an early Node.js binding for the recently-unveiled Nanomsg message broker.

Zemian Deng08/30/13
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How to Create a Web-app with Quartz Scheduler and Logging

I sometimes help out users in Quartz Scheduler forums. Once in a while some one would ask how can he/she setup the Quartz inside a web application.

Mark Needham08/30/13
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Clojure/Enlive: Screen Scraping a HTML File from Disk

In Ruby land I usually use nokogiri or Web Driver to do this but I’d heard that Clojure’s enlive is good for this type of work so I thought I’d give it a try.