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David Green10/24/13
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Who is a senior developer anyway?

What makes you a “senior developer”? Everyone and their dog calls themselves a senior developer these days. From fresh graduates to the CTO, everyone is a senior developer. But what the hell does it even mean?

Arun Manivannan10/24/13
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Building Camel-CXF REST Service in OSGi for Karaf - Multicasting and Aggregation

This is a basic tutorial on how to create a CXF REST service, multicast (and parallelize) the incoming request using Camel, source data from two different services, aggregate the response and finally return the consolidated result as JSON to the the end user.

Neil Mackenzie10/24/13
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Examples of the Windows Azure Storage Services REST API

In the Windows Azure MSDN Azure Forum there are occasional questions about the Windows Azure Storage Services REST API. This post provides a wealth of in-depth of examples of using the REST API for tables, blobs and queues. This is one you'll want to bookmark.

Dustin Marx10/24/13
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Too Many Parameters in Java Methods, Part 6: Method Returns

A methods return value can impact the parameters the methods accept when developers choose to provide "return" values by setting or changing provided parameters rather than or in addition to more traditional method return mechanisms.

Allan Kelly10/24/13
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Beyond Projects, Beyond #NoProjects

My recent “#NoProjects - why projects don’t make sense” post stirred up a fair bit of discussion, both on the blog and especially on Twitter. But, while that post railed against “projects” it didn’t say much about what we should do instead. So let me try and put in place the outline of how I see a #NoProjects world working.

Peter Zaitsev10/24/13
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When is GROUP_CONCAT useful? Usually while working with Support customers I recommend it when you have aggregation of many-to-many info. It makes the view simpler and more beautiful and it doesn’t need much effort to make it work.

Alex Soto10/24/13
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Resistance is Futile, Mocks will be Assimilated

Everybody is unit testing, everybody is mocking. Everybody mocks database access, software dependencies, external systems, container services, ... to test what?

Paresh Mayani10/24/13
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Contextual Action Bar (CAB) in Android

In earlier versions of Android, we were used to seeing almost every app with context menus ready to show options whenever users performed a long press on any element. Since Android 3.0, though, the purpose of long press gestures has changed. This article integrates long press gestures with a contextual action bar.

Alec Noller10/24/13
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Machine Learning and Smarter Software with PredictionIO

Anybody interested in machine learning - particularly more accessible ways to implement it - should take a look at PredictionIO, an open-source machine learning server built on scalable frameworks (Hadoop and Cascading, for example) and intended to help developers create predictive features in their software.

Mark Needham10/24/13
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Neo4j: Exploring New Data Sets With Help from the Neo4j Browser

One of the things that is difficult when looking at a new Neo4j database is working out the structure of the data it contains. The Neo4j browser alleviates this difficulty.

John Cook10/24/13
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Flipping a Coin: Levels of Uncertainty

Some would say that if a coin flip comes up heads 20 times, the next flip still has a 50-50 chances of coming up tails. If the author saw a coin come up heads 20 times, though, he'd suspect it would come up heads the next time. That's because there are multiple levels of uncertainty.

Mitch Pronschinske10/23/13
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OpenFlow-Based Forwarding

In this video, Greg Ferro explains how OpenFlow could replace the traditional network device architectures and separate the forwarding and control plane functionality.

James Strachan10/23/13
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A Sneak Peek at What's Coming in JBoss Fuse 6.1

There's a ton of awesome new features that James Strachan has really wanted for some time, and now they're finally coming to Fuse 6.1. This is a quick sneak peek, focusing mostly on the new version of the Fuse Management Console, which is based on hawtio.

Mohamed Sanaulla10/23/13
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JSON Processing support in JavaEE 7 and JSR-353

JSON processing is not supported out of the box in Java. One would have to make use of 3rd part libraries to enable JSON processing.

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Drools JBoss Rules 5.X Developer’s Guide Book Review

We all start with our new projects by promising to follow best practices and good design principles etc. But over the time business rules change and developers keep adding new features or updates existing logic.