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Erich Styger06/02/13
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Build an Arduino Motor/Stepper/Servo Shield – Part 1: Servos

This post starts a series of tutorials using the Arduino Motor/Stepper/Servo Shield with the FRDM-KL25Z board. That motor shield is probably one of the most versatile on the market, making it a great shield for any robotic project...

Ricci Gian Maria06/02/13
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Continuous Deployment on Windows Azure with Database Projects

I’ve already blogged about Deploying on Azure Web Site with Database Project in the past, but in that article I showed how to accomplish it with customization of the Build Template.

Arthur Charpentier06/02/13
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Data Roundup: Converting IP Addresses to Geolocation Data and More

In this edition of Arthur Charpentier's regular data roundup, learn how to convert IP addresses to geolocation data with R, explore a short history of data science, and much more.

Chris Haddad06/01/13
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API Infrastructure Provider Panel Discussion at API Strategy Conference

Many of today’s APIs rely on 3rd party systems, software and services, and on-premise API infrastructure that comes in various flavors. This panel discussion covers these different API infrastructure flavors, and how to choose between them.

Allahbaksh Asadullah06/01/13
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Is API Documentation a Waste of Time?

I've evaluated many open source projects and realized that APIs are often not documented well. It is important for the community to know what the reasons behind this.

Christian Posta06/01/13
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New ActiveMQ Book Just Released!

I recently had the pleasure of reviewing Instant Apache ActiveMQ Messaging: Application Development How-To and wanted to share some thoughts. If you’re new to messaging, new to ActiveMQ, or just want a quick, no-nonsense introduction to get up and running with ActiveMQ, then you gotta check out this book.

Christopher Taylor06/01/13
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Mary Meeker and Why the US Tech Economy Will Continue to Roll

Where we stand today, 80% of top ten global Internet properties are based in the U.S., even though 81% of their users are elsewhere. That’s a significant statistic and one likely to increase going forward.

Johanna Rothman06/01/13
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Strategic vs. Tactical Management Work

Strategic work is difficult. It requires thought and discussion. Tactical work is difficult in a different way. Tactical work often demands answers quickly. Strategic work, assuming you don’t postpone it and create management debt should take longer because reflection is a good thing for strategic work.

Olga Kouzina06/01/13
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Project Managers: Nurturing vs. Hiring

The question was: Why are engineers good project managers? Yeah, I know how many thoughts, memories, and personal experiences whirled in your mind at this very moment :)

Alex Curylo06/01/13
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iOS - AGImageChecker

Now this looks like a downright lifesaver for all those of you who oversee a framework that powers a dozen team apps and counting with several hundred individual skinned and themed images going into each …

Peter Lawrey06/01/13
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Plans for Chronicle 2.0

I recently bought a PCI SSD and this made it clear to me that there is room for performance improvements in Chronicle. Java 7 may provide improved performance in a thread safety.

Seth Proctor06/01/13
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Ruby on Rails on NuoDB

As you can see, after a bit of initial configuration using NuoDB with Ruby on Rails is no different than any other backing database . . .

James Roper06/01/13
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SBT per Version Global Plugins

I'm an IntelliJ user, so I have the SBT idea plugin permanently in my global SBT plugins. This is fine, until I start working across versions of SBT,

Hubert Klein Ikkink06/01/13
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Groovy Goodness: @DelegatesTo For Type Checking DSL

Groovy 2.1 introduced the @DelegatesTo annotation. With this annotation we can document a method and tell which class is responsible for executing the code we pass into the method.

Andriy Redko06/01/13
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Real-time Charts With Play Framework and Scala: Extreme Productivity on JVM for Web

Being a hardcore back-end developer, whenever I am thinking about building web application with some UI on JVM platform, I feel scared.