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Tim Kitchens09/27/13
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Quick Intro to Hibernate Search and Lucene

In this post, we’re going to take a quick look at a sample application (really, it’s a JUnit test case) that uses Hibernate Core, with Java Persistence API (JPA) annotations, to persist a simple entity to a relational database and Hibernate Search to run some searches against the Lucene indexes created/updated as the Hibernate-managed entities are updated in the database.

Doug Turnbull09/27/13
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Tips for Name Search in Solr

Searching names is a pretty common requirement for many applications - searching by author in a book store, for example - but names are a surprisingly difficult thing to get perfect. Regardless, we can get something pretty good working in Solr.

Pieter Humphrey09/27/13
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Contributing to Spring Boot with a pull request

In this blog entry, I will peel back the covers of Spring Boot and show you how it works by putting together a pull request.

Jagadeesh Motamarri09/27/13
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TestNG @AfterMethod Annotation Example

TestNG methods that are annotated with @AfterMethod annotation will be run after executing each test method.

Mark Needham09/26/13
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Clojure: See Every Step of a Reduce

Last year I wrote about a Haskell function called scanl which returned the intermediate steps of a fold over a collection and last week I realised that I needed a similar function in Clojure to analyse a reduce I’d written.

Idan Fridman09/26/13
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Spring Integrating with Remote Topic

I am going to demonstrate how to receive messages from a remote topic in Spring Integration. Our apps server will be JBoss AS.

Ross Mason09/26/13
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Mule and Redis Get a Web Bug

In this tutorial, we will build a very simple back end that captures the page visit count for identified users via a web bug.

Mitch Pronschinske09/26/13
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SDN is a model. OpenFlow is an API.

SDN and OpenFlow are not interchangeable terms. Although OpenFlow is a popular standard for implementing SDN architectures, there are alternative standards or commercial APIs that companies have created for their own solutions that will still yield a software-defined network.

Andreas Kollegger09/26/13
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Room For Everyone at the GraphConnect Unconference

Free tickets for lightning talks, graph masters, and all of the Neo4j language driver authors in one place! What more could you ask for?

Mitch Pronschinske09/26/13
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Pinterest Uses Redis to Do Amazing Things

Adam Bloom recently wrote a really interesting case study on the Pivotal blog that explains how Pinterest was able to handle its extreme (1000%+ / year) increases in traffic and keep scaling up its following functionality with the help of Redis.

Mitch Pronschinske09/26/13
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3 Simple, No-Fluff Descriptions of SDN

Sometimes you don't want to read a whole article to get the gist of a new technology or tool. You just want a person who's familiar with the subject to tell you what it is and why it's good in 1-2 sentences. Here are three of those kinds of descriptions for software-defined networking.

Arthur Charpentier09/26/13
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What to Do with Residuals from a Logistic Regression

Graphs are important in econometrics and statistics, but of course, it is usually not that simple. The author was asked what could be done with a graph of residuals obtained from a logistic regression, and the results are interesting.

Alec Noller09/26/13
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VirtualBox Android Emulation Works Faster

A recent post from The Rock n Coder covers the advantages of using Oracle's virtual machine app, VirtualBox, as an Android Emulator. Check it out if you're interested in an Android emulator that moves a little (or a lot) faster.

Ayende Rahien09/26/13
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What is your control group?

One of the areas where we think Voron can be improved is the free space utilization policy. In particular, smarter free space utilization can lead to better performance, since we won’t have to seek as much.

Eric Minick09/26/13
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Enterprise DevOps: Mobile to Mainframe

Check out these slides about applying DevOps to the enterprise level, by Sanjeev Sharma at IBM: "Mobile to Mainframe: The Challenges and Best Practices of Enterprise DevOps"