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Tom Howlett09/10/13
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A Mindful Team

It only takes one person to break the pattern of destructive behavior and mindfulness can slowly start to spread. What blocks its progress? Abusive hierarchical relationships, fear, punishment, pressure.

Tom Howlett09/10/13
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It's Not About the Process

I’ve always felt a bit uncomfortable with “process”, even more with inflicting it on others. Process is a predefined way of doing something, I like to change my mind as I learn more. Agile is about people, not process.

Lukas Eder09/10/13
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Crazy Translations of Simple SQL Expressions to Various SQL Dialects

SQL is standardized by the ISO / IEC. We have wonderful standards, right? In theory. In practice, many things do not have an equivalence between the actual SQL implementations. For this article, I’m using jOOQ, a library that models SQL as an internal domain-specific language in Java.

David Pollak09/10/13
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My Process for Creating APIs

Much of the library/API code I write is for me. Or more specifically, for projects I'm getting paid to work on. Lift to a great degree grew out of work I did on Innovation Games.

Mitch Pronschinske09/10/13
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DZone Weekly Link Roundup (September 10)

Want to see GitHub's Oval Office replica? Complete with Octocat Seal? Check that out along with the Stack Exchange homegrown DevOps tools, the CSS Animation Cheat Sheet, and another DZone "dev" shirt sighting!

Hubert Klein Ikkink09/10/13
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Grails Goodness: Render Binary Output with the File Attribute

Since Grails 2 we can render binary output with the render() method and the file attribute.

Konrad Garus09/10/13
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"Spring Data. Modern Data Access for Enterprise Java" (Book Review)

Spring Data is a relatively young set of tools that seems to be quickly gaining popularity.

Pedro Duque Vieira09/10/13
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DateAxis for JavaFX

A somewhat common request for people working with the charts API in JavaFX is a DateAxis. Essentially that would be an Axis that would be able to show dates.

Ross Mason09/10/13
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Mule at the Edge of the Network

Mule is already running on-premise and in the cloud and is soon bound to run virtually everywhere thanks to a new project called Anypoint Edge. This initiative not only focuses on allowing Mule to run on lightweight platforms, like the Raspberry Pi, but also to support embedded protocols like MQTT and Zigbee.

Lukas Eder09/10/13
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PostgreSQL 9.3 - Done!

A great database has just gotten better. PostgreSQL 9.3 has been released this week. While improved reliability and availability are certainly some of the more thrilling additions, from the jOOQ perspective, the most interesting features are new SQL syntax elements.

Vijay Narayanan09/09/13
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Reduce Barriers to API Adoption

What is the one key aspect of making your APIs reusable? Simply put – reducing the barriers to adoption.

Adam Grocholski09/09/13
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Azure CLI Day 1 – Account Download

Before you can start taking control of Windows Azure you need to provide your account information to the command line. In this post I’ll show you how to download this information.

Edmund Kirwan09/09/13
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Structure and Theorems

Are programs theorems? The structure of modern programs reveals them to be gigantic gargoyle-encrusted cathedrals of logic, with thousands upon thousands of theorems making bold statements derived from thousands upon thousands of lemmas and axioms.

Debadatta Mishra09/09/13
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Bean Manipulation using Dozer Framework

This small article will provide you the utility of “Dozer” framework to copy a source bean to a destination bean and some other custom functionality.

Phil Whelan09/09/13
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Interview on PaaS

What you're doing (I would hope) is outsourcing the generic and largely solved problems, leaving your staff free to concentrate on the things that are unique and valuable to your business.