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Mark Hinkle10/02/13
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Cloud Security: The 800lb Red Herring in the Room

If you take a truly secure system and place it in an external or hybrid cloud, it will remain secure. Simply exposing a secure system to a larger number of potentially hostile assailants is not enough to make it vulnerable.

Bill Bejeck10/02/13
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Fine-Grained Concurrency with the Guava Striped Class

This post is going to cover how to use the Striped class from Guava to achieve finer-grained concurrency.

Gonzalo Ayuso10/02/13
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Multiple Phonegap Push Notifications in Android’s Status Bar

When you use the push plugin “out of the box,” you will see one message in Android’s status bar every time you send a single push notification, but if you send more than one, only the last will be shown. In this article, you will learn a small hack that allows you to change the default behavior of push notifications.

Edmund Kirwan10/02/13
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Structure and Information

We can estimate information of an unknown quantity by asking a series of questions that admit only yes or no answers. Information theory has long offered such insights, but can we shine its perspicacious beam onto Java source code? Can we calculate the amount of information in a Java program's structure?

Eric Pugh10/02/13
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Using SolrCloud to Clone Your Search Index

The search engine GPSN has a fairly static dataset of Chinese patents that is delivered via roughly 5 TB worth of very large Zip files. In this article, the author creates a script to check the data for various error conditions, and uses SolrCloud and Curl to clone his search index.

René Pickhardt10/01/13
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Graphity Server for Social Activity Streams Released (GPLv3)

Recently I released the first version of the Graphity News Stream Server, which is now a collection of algorithms to support efficient storage and retrieval for more than 10k social activity streams per second.

Mitch Pronschinske10/01/13
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An Embedded, SQLite-style Subset of Redis

A new open-source, embbeded datastore library with over 70 commands called "Vedis" is a very interesting new project that is very similar, in concept, to Redis. It's virtually a subset of Redis but without the networking layer.

Kay Cichini10/01/13
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Spatial Overlays with R: Getting Altitude for a Set of Points

In this post, the author provides a short follow-up to a previous post about spatial overlays with R, and demonstrates how to determine the altitude of a set of points.

Mitch Pronschinske10/01/13
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AeroGear Push Notifcations on OpenShift

Ever heard of the JBoss AeroGear project? It's a pretty intriguing project that provides libraries to unify native, web, and hybrid mobile development. One of its most helpful libraries is the AeroGear Push Server, which is now available as an OpenShift Online Cartridge.

Mark Needham10/01/13
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Clojure: Converting a string to a date

I wanted to do some date manipulation in Clojure recently and figured that since clj-time is a wrapper around Joda Time it’d probably do the trick.

Mike Bushong10/01/13
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Vendor Lock-in: Everyone is Complicit, no One is a Victim

In my last post on vendor lock-in, I suggested that the dominant contributor is software. But that's not to say that it is the only contributor. In this lock-in game, vendors and customers are both complicit.

Mitch Pronschinske10/01/13
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The Blogging Programmer's Style Guide: Front end or Front-end or Frontend?

New software terms and product names are being added to our vocabulary every day, and there's no dictionary or standard document to tell us how to write them. That confusion is the reason I decided to start writing a guide.

Dustin Marx10/01/13
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JavaOne 2013 Vicariously

In this post, I link to many of these resources and provide a brief summary of what each post discusses in relation to JavaOne 2013

Kevin Rutherford10/01/13
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On Conference Formats

Matt Wynne just blogged about conferences that have a high proportion of curated content. I didn’t attend the conference that sparked Matt's thoughts, but I do tend to agree with his sentiments. Here are a few random responses of my own:

Ross Mason10/01/13
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Introducing the NPM Maven Plugin

Suppose that you have a Maven project and you want to download Node.js modules previously uploaded to NPM. One way of doing that without running node is by using the npm-maven-plugin