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Chris Chang07/24/14
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Tutorial: Scaling Meteor with MongoDB Oplog Tailing

Ever since Meteor 0.7.0 first introduced oplog tailing, we’ve had a lot of users asking us about using the MongoDB oplog with their Meteor applications. As a result, we thought a step-by-step tutorial would help folks get started.

Johanna Rothman07/24/14
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How Pairing & Swarming Work & Why They Will Improve Your Products

If you’ve been paying attention to agile at all, you’ve heard these terms: pairing and swarming. But what do they mean? What’s the difference?

Omri Erel07/24/14
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Security Standards to Be Aware of with SaaS

bBeing visibility and control to their clients, users will still have to take total control of potential compliance risk. It has been observed that whenever business applications are moved outside the enterprise perimeter, security is greatly compromised.

Matt Raible07/24/14
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Why I Prefer IntelliJ IDEA Over Eclipse

Over the last couple months, I've received a few emails asking why I prefer IntelliJ IDEA over Eclipse. They usually go something like this

Antonio Goncalves07/24/14
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Your Tests Assume That JBoss is Up and Running

As a Java EE developer I tend to mix unit tests with integrations tests, usually using Arquillian.

Matt Brasier07/24/14
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Purging Data From the BPEL Store

In this recipe, taken from the book Oracle SOA Suite 11g Performance Tuning Cookbook we will remove old BPEL dehydration data and state from the SOA infrastructure database.

Lukas Eder07/24/14
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Frightening Facts about MySQL

So, you might've seen Destroy all Software's talk about JavaScript. Well, here's a similar talk (less funny, more scary) about MySQL.

Alec Noller07/24/14
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The Best of DZone: July 17 - 23

If you missed anything on DZone this week, now's your chance to catch up! This week's best include a Spring MVC 3 view controller example, a look at the new mobile database, Realm, the Java origins of AngularJS, 5 quick points about threads in Java EE, and more.

Carlos Sanchez07/24/14
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Anatomy of a DevOps Orchestration Engine: (II) Architecture

Maestro architecture is basically defined by a master server and multiple agents, written in Java and Ruby (JRuby) for the backend and JavaScript for the frontend using AngularJS, and integrating several open source services. It is quite heterogeneous, with multiple languages, build tools, and packages.

Paul Reed07/24/14
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The Ship Show: DevOps on the Silicon Prairie

When most of us think of where the gravitational pull is in DevOps, places like San Francisco, New York, and Belgium spring to mind. But the Midwest? You bet, pardner! For episode 45, we take a field trip to Minneapolis for its first ever DevOps Days.

Adi Gaskell07/24/14
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The impact of interruptions at work

Interruptions seem a central part of modern working life. Whether it’s open plan offices or the influx of digital tools into the workplace, a distraction never seems far away

Rob J Hyndman07/24/14
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Plotting the characteristic roots for ARIMA models

When modelling data with ARIMA models, it is sometimes useful to plot the inverse characteristic roots. The following functions will compute and plot the inverse roots for any fitted ARIMA model (including seasonal models).

Mike Bushong07/24/14
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Scaling Big Data fabrics

Certainly, Big Data applications are distributed largely because the size of the data on which computations are executed warrants more than a typical application can handle. But scaling the network that provides connectivity between Big Data nodes is not just about creating massive interconnects.

Andy Overton07/24/14
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Swiss Java Knife - A useful tool to add to your diagnostic tool-kit?

As a support consultant I am always looking for handy tools that may be able to help me or my team in diagnosing our customers middleware issues. So, when I came across a project called Swiss Java Knife promising tools for 'JVM monitoring, profiling and tuning' I figured I should take a look.

Tousif Khan07/24/14
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How to Reuse Tiles Definitions Using Wildcard

If you are developing a project in Java/J2EE and using Tiles then you are aware of Tiles definition XML file