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Cloudify Community09/12/14
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Going Hybrid Cloud with OpenStack

This deeper integration with OpenStack technology makes Cloudify even more equipped to handle the task of multi-cloud deployment and management between OpenStack and not-only-OpenStack environments.

Trevor Parsons09/12/14
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Scaling with RESTful Microservice Architecture

As a developer, I’m enjoying working on new microservice instances which are effectively greenfield projects with well defined constraints on their interface, but with a flexible internal implementation and therefore a flexible set of tools and frameworks with which we can achieve our goal.

Peter Lawrey09/12/14
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An Inconvenient Latency

Vendors typically publish numbers they are happy with, and avoid telling you about a product's weaknesses. However, behind the numbers is a dirty secret if you know where to look.

Nikita Salnikov...09/12/14
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Java Conferencing World

With JavaOne 2014 just two weeks ahead, I thought it is time to see what I have learned from it as a speaker.

Gil Zilberfeld09/12/14
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The Hidden Cost Of Estimation

“Why would you want a rough estimate, when I can do a more precise one?” And really, if we can do something better, why do it half way? There’s a simple answer, but I’ll give it after the long detailed one.

Mitch Pronschinske09/12/14
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17 Wearables the Apple Watch Just Killed

Now that Apple finally threw its hat into the smart watch and fitness band arena, here are the inevitable casualties in the same category that will probably be crushed under the weight of Apple brand superiority, if not technical superiority.

Rob J Hyndman09/12/14
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Generating quantile forecasts in R

A “quan­tile fore­cast” is a quan­tile of the fore­cast dis­tri­b­u­tion. Still assum­ing nor­mal­ity, we could gen­er­ate the fore­cast quan­tiles from 1% to 99% in R using...

Mike Driscoll09/12/14
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Python 101: An Intro to Pony ORM

The Pony ORM project is another object relational mapper package for Python. They allow you to query a database using generators... In this article, we will spend some time learning the basics of this package.

Ajitesh Kumar09/12/14
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Quick Reference to Jasmine – Javascript Unit Testing Framework

The article represents the fundamentals concepts and code samples around Jasmine, a popular Javascript unit testing framework. This blog is written primarily to act as a quick reference to key concepts of Jasmine framework.

Andrew Pielage09/12/14
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Alternative Logging Frameworks for Application Servers: WebLogic

Welcome to the second in the blog series of using alternative logging frameworks with application servers. This entry will focus on WebLogic, specifically 12c, and configuring it to use Log4j and SLF4J with Logback.

Reza Rahman09/12/14
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Supporting CORS in JAX-RS 2/Java EE 7

Many developers, especially more inexperienced ones, don't seem to realize that browsers automatically enforce the well-known same-origin policy.

Dror Helper09/12/14
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Syntax Error When Using Explicitly Defaulted/Deleted Functions in Windows Phone 8 Project

A few days ago a colleague of mine asked me to help with strange errors his C++ project kept throwing at him. Upon further investigation, we discovered a unique issue caused by new C++11 functionality.

Moritz Plassnig09/12/14
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Continuous Deployment of DNS Records with DNSimple

At Codeship we always look into new ways how we can leverage Codeship to automate our workflows. A while ago we started Continuous Deployment of our DNS records.

Max De Marzi09/12/14
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Tracking User Paths in an IVR with Neo4j

I started my career writing applications for a Call Center at a small bank in Florida. I remember the bank had purchased whatever the “Cadillac” of IVR systems was then for some crazy amount of money. A few years ago I built one for a property management firm, I’ll use that as an example.

Michael Singer09/12/14
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Introducing BIRT iHub F-Type: Installing on Windows

Actuate recently released a new, free BIRT server called the BIRT iHub F-Type. It incorporates all the functionality of BIRT iHub and is limited only by the capacity of output it can deliver on a daily basis. In this article, you'll find some of the key features of BIRT iHub F-Type.