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Mike Bushong10/03/14
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Datacenter Resource Fragmentation

As datacenters grow, application resources will become fragmented. The question is not whether you will have to deal with this but rather how quickly your infrastructure can adapt. But what does resource fragmentation look like in the datacenter? And more importantly, what is the remediation?

G. Ryan Spain10/03/14
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PostgreSQL vs. MongoDB - FIGHT!

EnterpriseDB recently published findings on a series of performance tests they ran in order to compare the PostgreSQL and MongoDB databases. In their results, they found that PostgreSQL performed better than MongoDB in many key areas.

Prabath Siriwardena10/03/14
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Consumerization of Identity

In my view, any identity management system to qualify to support BYOID - should simply go beyond standard support for Identity Federation protocols.That era is over. Time to think - time to rethink - how would you mediate, transform identity tokens between different standards or protocols.

Lieven Doclo10/03/14
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Using Animal Sniffer With Gradle

When compiling code in Gradle that targets older JVM’s, you need to be very careful your code doesn’t use any of the classes in the newer JDK.

Michael Scharhag10/03/14
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Checking for Null Values in Java with Objects.requiresNonNull()

Checking method/constructor parameters for null values is a common problem in Java.

Shane Johnson10/03/14
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Dissecting the NoSQL Benchmark

Let's dissect the Fall 2014 NoSQL Benchmark. Apache Cassandra / DataStax Enterprise. MongoDB. Couchbase Server. Go.

Peter Zaitsev10/03/14
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More Than 1000 Columns - Get Transactional with TokuDB

Recently I encountered a specific situation in which a customer was forced to stay with the MyISAM engine due to a legacy application using tables with over 1000 columns. Unfortunately InnoDB has a limit at this point.

Mark Hinkle10/03/14
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CloudStack Simulator on Docker

Docker is a lot of fun, one of its strength is in the portability of applications. This gave me the idea to package the CloudStack management server as a docker image. CloudStack has a simulator that can fake a data center infrastructure.

Patroklos Papapetrou10/03/14
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20 (or so) Things Managers Should Stop Saying to Engineers

This post is a direct reply to an article I recently read. I was so frustrated and irritated when I finished reading this article that I couldn't believe my eyes. I still wonder what kind of manager is suggesting these ideas and how their engineer would react after reading this post.

Yegor Bugayenko10/03/14
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jcabi-http Fluent Java HTTP Client

Even though there is plenty of HTTP clients in Java world, I created a new one, which is fluent, immutable, extendable and simple

Steve Millidge10/03/14
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GlassFish is here to stay. We heard it from the Oracle.

The reason I go to JavaOne is to hear the definitive view on GlassFish and JavaEE futures from the people that make the decisions. There's no other conference you can say that about.

Michael Singer10/03/14
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Making Freemium Work

The Internet and social media have changed – disrupted, really – many industries, including the software business. Many software vendors, both startups and established players, are responding by adopting a “freemium” model.

Michael Singer10/03/14
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Experts Debate 'Building the Next Big App' [Part 3]

Actuate recently invited four industry experts to discuss the future of creating the next generation of data-driven applications and how they are influenced by open source and freemium software (Part III).

Doug Winfield10/03/14
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Microsoft Announces Windows 10 (Correct, No Windows 9)

I guess the announcement of Windows 10 came as a surprise because there’s an exponential growth of theories on why it is called Windows 10 and not Windows 9. I personally don’t care about the numbering as long as Microsoft doesn’t introduce Windows 9 later on.

Andre Schembri10/03/14
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String Encoding with Mule

Sometimes one would want to handle strings which contain characters not included in UTF-8 or the default encoding (set in mule-deploy.properties). In these scenarios a different encoding which is capable of handling these characters (such as UTF-16 or UTF-32) can be used.