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John Cook11/07/14
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How well does sample range estimate range?

I’ve been doing some work with Focused Objective lately, and today the following question came up in our discussion. If you’re sampling from a uniform distribution, how many samples do you need before your sample range has an even chance of covering 90% of the population range?

Pieter Humphrey11/07/14
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This Week in Spring (November 4, 2014)

Welcome to another installment of This Week in Spring! This week I'm on the road talking to enthusiastic Spring developers in Casablanca, Morocco at the JMaghreb conference and then it's off to London (again!) for the amazing Spring eXchange. If you're at either, be sure to say hi!

Cloudify Community11/07/14
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OpenStack Juno - The Stats Behind the Open Source Cloud

Every now and again we like to do an OpenStack statistics roundup, usually we do this following the release of their annual report, but recently they sent a quick OpenStack Juno summary, and I thought I would share the highlights, and how this compares to previous reports.

Mehdi Daoudi11/07/14
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Seven Steps to Maximize Desktop Speed

In preparation for Black Friday and Cyber Monday (tis the season!), here are some tips to maximize the speed of your site to prepare for all the shoppers hopped up on turkey and leftovers.

Michael Georgiou11/06/14
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Why JavaScript Is and Will Continue to Be the First Choice of Programmers

The software industry is constantly evolving. Many languages that were cutting edge just a few years ago either look outdated or have been made completely redundant today. But not JavaScript.

Pieter Humphrey11/06/14
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A Quality @Qualifier

Just last week I spent some time helping clarify the behavior of Spring's @Qualifier annotation, which is both older than JSR 330 and offers a richer superset of JSR 330's @Qualifier annotation.

Bozhidar Bozhanov11/06/14
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On Java Generics and Erasure

Get a quick tutorial on type erasure.

Burke Holland11/06/14
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mBaaS Isn’t Just for JavaScript – Visual Studio and Telerik Data Storage

I’ve previously covered how to integrate with Telerik Platform to manage security. In this article, I will walk through connecting to and working with data within a compiled .NET application.

Lauren Clapper11/06/14
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Give Your Code a Shot of Caffeine

Percolate promises that the Caffeine library will speed up development for Android - as Java, in their own words, can be very “verbose.”

Pieter Humphrey11/06/14
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Spring Cloud 1.0.0.M2 Available Now

Since Spring Cloud is an umbrella project we have a "release train" of related updates to all the sub-projects (like with Spring Data). The 1.0.0.M2 release has updates to spring Cloud Config, Spring Cloud Netflix, Spring Cloud Bus, Spring Cloud Security and Spring Cloud CLI.

Burke Holland11/06/14
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Red Pill or Blue Pill? Choosing Between SQL & NoSQL

Thousands of internet debates are dedicated to the SQL vs NoSQL fight. But does it have to be a fight? If you are choosing one over the other, do you know for sure why and what the potential benefits of each are?

Rob Galanakis11/06/14
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Technical Debt Takes Many Forms

Most people are familiar with “technical debt” in terms of code or architectural problems that slow down development. There are other forms of technical debt, though, that can be overlooked.

John Walter11/06/14
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In IoT, There's a Line, and Whirlpool is Crossing It

The Internet of Things will certainly bring about a better, more efficient lifestyle for all of us. But there's a point where it stops adding value and becomes self-indulgent and unnecessary. Enter Whirlpool.

Erich Styger11/06/14
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Processor Expert Value Proposals

The cool thing with Processor Expert is that it gives me guidance through the settings. And there is a nice (rather hidden feature) which proposes me values I can enter...

Lucas Saldanha11/06/14
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Untangling Concepts: Unit Tests vs Acceptance Tests

Today I'd like to introduce a new series of posts named Untangling Concepts.