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Alec Noller08/08/14
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How to Use Django & PostgreSQL for Full Text Search

Who says you need Solr or Elasticsearch to get full text search going? According to this talk from a recent Django NYC meetup, all you really need is Python and a PostgreSQL database, though there are other options as well.

Ajitesh Kumar08/08/14
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MongoDB Commands & Concepts: Rookie's Quick Reference

This article presents some of the basic concepts and commands which could prove useful for rookies starting with MongoDB.

Brian Gracely08/08/14
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The Cloudcast #156 - Making Complex Apps Look Simple

Aaron and Kenny Coleman talk to Tom Rossi (Founder of Molehill - @molehill, @buzzsprout) about running web-scale applications, interacting with 3rd-party services via APIs, and how to make complex back-end applications appear simple to end-users.

Cloudify Community08/08/14
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Workflow Management - How to Build a Customizable, Scalable and Multi-Tenant Workflow Engine

When architecting our workflow engine for Cloudify 3.0, our primary goal was to be able to provide our users with a framework that will make it possible to write custom workflows that integrate seamlessly with our orchestration framework.

Phil Whelan08/08/14
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Report from OSCON: Open Source and the Enterprise

Overall, the message of OSCON is clear: open source is, today, a highly-valued building block of enterprise IT. There is no longer a slightly shamefaced need for an enterprise developer to admit that he or she is leveraging open source software in an application.

David Catuhe08/08/14
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JavaScript: using closure space to create real private members

Closure space properties can be a great way to create really private data. You may have to deal with a small increase in memory consumption but from my point of view this is fairly reasonable.

Anh Tuan Nguyen08/08/14
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Information is Money

In this article, I would like to discuss the opportunity to collect user behaviour and measure user happiness when building information system. I also want to share my idea on how to improve user experience based on data collected.

Markus Eisele08/08/14
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Review: "WildFly Performance Tuning" by Arnold Johansson and Anders Welén

Arnold Johansson and Anders Welén took a deeper look into what it takes to develop and run high performance applications on WildFly and collected a bunch of tips and tricks everybody should know.

Don Pinto08/08/14
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Couchbase Node.JS SDK 2.0.0-beta Released!

We’ve just released a new version of our Node.js SDK, now in Beta. This reflects a big change from our previous SDK releases, including a new API which should be far easier to get started with and use, better documentation, and numerous performance enhancements through our related project, libcouchbase.

Chris Travers08/08/14
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Math and SQL, Part 2: Functions and First Normal Form

There is probably no piece of relational database theory as poorly understood in professional literature as first normal form. This piece seeks to ground an understanding of 1NF in set mathematics not only so that it can be better leveraged but also so that one can be aware of when (and when not) to violate it.

Rahul Rajat Singh08/08/14
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BackBone Tutorial - Part 3: More About Backbone Models

In this article, we will look at some more concepts related to backbone models. We will try to see how we can override the default model behavior. We will look at the signification of model IDs, how we can validate a model and finally how a model can be persisted either locally or on a server.

Carlos Sanchez08/08/14
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Using Puppet’s metadata.json in Librarian-Puppet and Blacksmith

I have published new versions of librarian-puppet and puppet-blacksmith gems that handle the new Puppet metadata.json format for module data and dependencies.

Max Katz08/08/14
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The Pressure On Enterprises

We see a similar pressure on enterprise IT with regards to mobile app development. Enterprise IT is under pressure to deliver and update mobile apps fast. Using traditional tooling is becoming a bottleneck as businesses cannot afford to wait 6-12 months to deliver a new app.

Ajitesh Kumar08/08/14
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How to Add Tomcat 8 to Eclipse Kepler

The article represents steps required to configure Tomcat 8 with Eclipse Kepler.

Mike Bushong08/08/14
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Types of Network Automation

Traditionally, just getting a network feature to work and inter-operate was the goal, but now we must consider how this feature fits into common workflows performed by network engineers.