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Gil Zilberfeld06/26/14
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More #NoEstimates

There’s a problem with the assumption that we can “know” stuff. We can’t know stuff about the future. Guessing, or estimating, as we call it is the current alternative. To improve, we can at most try to forecast.

Abhishek Gupta06/26/14
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A Closer Look at the Java Identity API

Currently, the Java Platform does not provide standard interfaces for managing identities. With the increasing use of internet services in day to day applications, adoption of SSO and federation, there is a need to protect network identity.

Alec Noller06/26/14
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What's New in Android 5.0: Material Design, ART, and More

The Google I/O conference was held yesterday, and as one might expect, there was some Android news, particularly regarding Android 5.0 (or "L," as Google refers to it). There are a lot of new features to see, most notably the new "material design."

Ricky Yim06/26/14
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Baby steps with Protractor and AngularJS

Protractor is an emerging E2E (end to end) testing framework in the AngularJS world. This article shows you how to run your very first test in Protractor.

Ariya Hidayat06/26/14
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The Curious Case of JavaScript NaN

NaN, not a number, is a special value used to denote an unrepresentable value. With JavaScript, NaN can cause some confusion, starting from its typeof and all to the way the comparison is handled.

Sharone Zitzman06/26/14
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DevOps Trail Blazers - People I Love to Follow

Here is my definitive list of DevOps folks I love to follow on Twitter – and I think you should too. Obviously I couldn’t get everyone in – and I may have just missed some as an oversight - so I’m opening this up for your editing and adding of DevOps rockstars you think should be in this list.

Reza Rahman06/26/14
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Please Join FishCAT, GlassFish 4.0.1 Community Acceptance Testing

As many of you may already be aware, the GlassFish team has been diligently working on the upcoming 4.0.1 release. The overall goals of GlassFish 4.0.1 is very specific and focused

Doug Winfield06/26/14
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7 Steps to a Successful Mobile Deployment

To be successful in this competitive space, mobile apps must offer users an exceptional experience, which are not the product of magical ideas, or hiring UX experts, or buying tools and services. Rather, they are the result of a continuous cycle of listening and adapting throughout the entire lifecycle of the project.

Brian Gracely06/26/14
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The Cloudcast #149 - Perspective from Cloud Foundry Summit

Aaron and Brian talk with Kenny Coleman about his experience and perspective at Cloud Foundry Summit. They discuss how different the customer stories were from traditional IT and how software impacts today’s IT professional. They also discuss why smart infrastructure professionals are moving towards development.

Whitney Baker06/26/14
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The Parable of Google Flu

In a white paper made publicly available by Harvard University, researchers broach the topic of Google Flu Trends – commonly hailed as an innovative and thorough application of Big Data – and some of its shortcomings.

Zardosht Kasheff06/26/14
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Use TokuMX Partitioned Collections in Place of TTL Indexes

Take the following scenario. You have a time-series data application for which you would like to store a rolling period of data. With basic MongoDB, you would likely create a collection with a “TTL”, or “time to live” index. While simple to use, this solution can run into performance problems.

Sony Arouje06/26/14
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Accessing Raspberry Pi via the Internet

In this post I will explain how to access Raspberry pi via Internet. I am trying out a home automation system using Pi and I wanted to access a node.js service running in my Raspberry pi. Also I may wanted to SSH to the pi to restart or configure it while I am away from home.

Alec Noller06/26/14
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Aerospike is Now Open Source

As of Tuesday, Aerospike's in-memory NoSQL database solution is open source. Boasting impressive performance over some NoSQL competitors, Aerospike's move to open source is promising for any developer looking for new options and opportunities to get involved in the NoSQL space.

Bozhidar Bozhanov06/26/14
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How to Handle Incompetence

We’ve all had incompetent colleagues. People that tend to write bad code, make bad decisions or just can’t understand some of the concepts in the project(s). And it’s never trivial to handle this scenario.

Jim Hirschauer06/26/14
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How Do You Monitor Your Logging?

Applications typically log additional data such as exceptions to different data sources. Windows event logs, local files, and SQL databases are most commonly used in production. New applications can take advantage of leveraging big data instead of individual files or SQL.