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Pieter van der Meer09/08/14
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Using JAXB and JAX-WS for service with custom headers

Handling headers in SOAP messages without the hassle of SOAPHandlers

Valeri Karpov09/08/14
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Defending Against Query Selector Injection Attacks

In case you haven’t come across Petko Petkov’s post on injection attacks against MongoDB and NodeJS yet, its definitely worth a careful read. In this article, he explains a pretty simple exploit that I suspect affects a fair number of applications, including some that I’ve implemented.

Ayende Rahien09/08/14
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Troubleshooting, When F5 Debugging Can’t Help You

You might have noticed that we have been doing a lot of work on the operational side of things. To make sure that we give you as good a story as possible with regards to the care & feeding of RavenDB. This post is about your applications and systems, and how you are going to react when !@)(*#!@(* happens.

Ajitesh Kumar09/08/14
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AngularJS Coding Best Practices

This article lists some of the best practices that would be useful for developers while they are coding with AngularJS. These are out of my own experiences while working on AngularJS, and I am sure there can be more, so please suggest/comment such that they could be added to the list below.

Aleksey Novik09/08/14
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Jar Hell made Easy - Demystifying the Classpath

Some of the hardest problems a Java Developer has to face are classpath errors: ClassNotFoundException, Jar Hell, Xerces Hell, etc. Let's go through the root causes and see how a minimal tool (JHades) can help.

Henrik Warne09/08/14
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A Response to "Why Most Unit Testing is Waste"

In my experience, unit tests are most valuable when you use them for algorithmic logic. They are not particularly useful for code that is more coordinating in its nature.

Cloudify Community09/08/14
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Feeder Feeder Data Eater!

Feeder is not only about testing logging pipelines...in the docs you'll be able to find an excellent use case on how to use Feeder to feed metrics. Feeder can actually be used to send any type of data via any type of transport by writing very little code.

Kapil Viren Ahuja09/08/14
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High Availability Design

If you fail to articulate to the clients what these numbers will mean to them in terms of cost, you wont ever get them accept the reality of internet and the universe. More often than not you will realize how business will realize that there are services they can live without.

Peter Zaitsev09/08/14
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mysqld_multi: How to Run Multiple Instances of MySQL

The need to have multiple instances of MySQL (the well-known mysqld process) running in the same server concurrently in a transparent way, instead of having them executed in separate containers, is uncommon. Yet occasionally we receive a request from a customer to assist in the configuration of such an environment.

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AngularJS: Introducing Modules, Controllers, Services

In this part-2 tutorial, we will take a look at what are Angular modules, controllers and services and how to configure and use them. Also we will look into how to use ngRoute to build multi-screen application.

Markus Eisele09/08/14
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Inside JBoss Data Virtualization - iPaaS Demystified (Part 1)

This is another blog the ongoing series about the Red Hat xPaaS solutions, where I am trying to demystify the acronyms a bit and give you more information about the projects and products composed around it. After the initial overview this post focuses on the first aspect of the iPaaS solution: JBoss Data Virtualization.

Omri Erel09/08/14
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SaaS App Management Saves Real Time & Money

This infographic by New Relic explains the many benefits of SaaS app management. A survey found that more than half of the businesses that use app management save forty to sixty hours per development cycle, more than a week of time saved.

Alec Noller09/07/14
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The Best of the Week (Sep. 5): Mobile Zone

Make sure you didn't miss anything with this list of the Best of the Week in the Mobile Zone. This week's best include a look at the similarities between Swift and Scala, a Hello World Cordova app built in AngularJS and Bootstrap, iOS first (and Android never), and more.

Reza Rahman09/07/14
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Greg Wilkins' Jetty/Servlet Sessions at JavaOne 2014

For the Java EE track at JavaOne 2014 we are highlighting some key sessions and speakers to better inform you of what you can expect, right up until the start of the conference.

Craig Flichel09/07/14
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Developing a Reusable File: Archival Schedulable Job

DevOps and full-stack have been popular topics in our industry for a number of years now. Unfortunately, they don’t always mean the same thing to every organization or even individuals within an organization.