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Rob Allen11/04/14
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Provisioning with Ansible Within the Vagrant Guest

I've been setting up a Vagrant VM for use with some client projects. These are the steps when starting from the ubuntu/trusty64 base box.

Pavithra Gunasekara11/04/14
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Getting Started with Hadoop MapReduce

Hadoop MapReduce framework provides a way to process large data, in parallel, on large clusters of commodity hardware. An edit to an earlier version.

Vlad Mihalcea11/04/14
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Hibernate Collections Optimistic Locking

Hibernate provides an optimistic locking mechanism to prevent lost updates even for long-conversations.

Ayende Rahien11/04/14
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Career planning: What is your path?

As discussed in the previous post, a lot of developers move to management positions at some point in their careers. Now let's turn this around, instead of asking what is going on in the industry, let’s check what is going on with you. In particular, do you have a career plan at all?

Lukas Krecan11/04/14
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Lessons learned from JsonUnit

I have learned a lot when working on JsonUnit. Here are some of the lessons.

Simon Gladman11/04/14
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Swift and Core Data: Saving Data with Thumbnail Previews

Core Data is a framework that allows me to persist different reaction diffusion configurations so that the user can save and reload different patterns. Here I apply Core Data to my iPad reaction diffusion simulation app.

Val Huber11/04/14
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Using REST with the CQRS Pattern to Blend NoSQL & SQL Data

This document offers a guide on how some of the relatively newer technologies like REST can help bridge the gap between SQL and NoSQL with an example of a well known pattern called CQRS.

John Walter11/04/14
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How IoT Could Prevent a Police State

It's been a troubling year for our nation's law enforcement. But maybe it's isn't necessary to overhaul our laws to protect our citizens - maybe technology can change our police culture.

Ricci Gian Maria11/04/14
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Deploy Mongo Easily With MMS

One of the reason why Mongo is gaining a lot of momentum in the industry is the ease of use. Just download the package, start mongod and you are done

Gen Furukawa11/04/14
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Do Coders Deserve To Be Treated Like Royalty?

TL;DR: Development cycles continue to shrink. Companies have to adapt their processes or risk being left in their competitors' dust.

Mike Bushong11/04/14
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SDN and Legacy Companies: Laggards or Pragmatists?

The most basic truth here is that there is no real consensus on operating models around any of the new technology. While there are rough agreements on a few architectural principles, there is really not a lot of best practices to which companies can pin their operations.

Jenny Yang11/04/14
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Making Sure the SOX on your SOA Match - From the SOA Security Vault Part 3

This is the third of our From the SOA Security Vault series of blogs. These cherry picked blogs written over the last decade represent some of the most influential musings from our CTO, Toufic Boubez, on the topic of security and governance in software oriented architecture.

Mike Bushong11/04/14
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Making the World a Better Place with Big Data

While there is certainly much feel-good hyperbole about the “making the world a better place” nature of big data, that is more than offset with actual real-world details of how data is being used to solve more day-to-day business problems.

Robert Nyman11/04/14
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The editors I've been using--which one is your favorite?

The other day when I wrote about Vim and how to get started with it, I got a bit nostalgic with the editors I’ve been using over the years. Therefore, I thought I’d list the editors I’ve been using over the years. It would be very interesting and great if you’d like to share in the comments which editor you are using, and why you prefer it! Or with which editor you started your developer career!

Peter Zaitsev11/04/14
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Facebook MySQL database engineers ready for Percona Live London 2014

I spoke with Facebook database engineers Yoshinori “Yoshi” Matsunobu and Shlomo Priymak about their upcoming sessions along with what’s new at Facebook since our last conversation back in April.