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Adiel Isaacs04/17/14
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J2EE Images Storage within a Web Context

Are your Web Images OUT of Context? In the big coding world, say you have Web Application images that need to be uploaded or even copied from one directory to another within your application container. The Engine behind this processing is the Servlet Context or getServlet() method in some Frameworks.

Dmitriy Setrakyan04/17/14
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Five Easy Tips for Benchmarking In-Memory Data Grids

A majority of folks evaluating in-memory computing, whether it be data grid, map reduce, or streaming, do not know how to appropriately perform benchmarking. The right approach to distributed in-memory benchmarking is very different than benchmarking disk-based products, and generally requires experience and understanding of the delicate details of how network and garbage collections behave under load.

Nikita Salnikov...04/17/14
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Tuning Garbage Collection: It Does Not Have To Be That Hard

We really do not like complexity. Memory leaks, threadlocks and GC tuning have historically been a pain to deal with

Sarah Ervin04/17/14
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Women in Tech: The Current State of Gender Bias

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, women comprise 47% of the general workforce. Why then, does the same survey say that women comprise only 26.1% of all "Computer and Mathematical" occupations?

Peter Zaitsev04/17/14
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Q&A: Common (but Deadly) MySQL Development Mistakes

Recently the author gave a presentation on “How to Avoid Common (but Deadly) MySQL Development Mistakes” for Percona MySQL Webinars. Here are all the questions with the author's complete answers.

Michael Mainguy04/17/14
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Continuous integration versus delayed integration

A vigorous area of debate in the development and architecture community exists around the value of Continuous Integration.

Dustin Marx04/17/14
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New BigInteger Methods in Java 8

Attention to new features in JDK 8 has rightfully been largely focused on new language features and syntax. However, there are some nice additions to the libraries and APIs

Bill Lahti04/17/14
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How to View an Android Shared Preferences File

Here is what I do when I want to see the contents of an Android Shared Preferences file when I am debugging an app.

Bruno Borges04/17/14
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JavaFX and Java 8 version of the 2048 game

The author has been "busy" this weekend doing several things. But nothing more important than playing the addictive game 2048. In this article, you'll find a JavaFX version called 2048FX, so you can learn how to code a game like this and also several new features of Java SE 8 and JavaFX!

Ben Wilcock04/17/14
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Working with Google Analytics API v4 for Android

For v4 of the Google Analytics API for Android, Google has moved the implementation into Google Play Services. As part of the move, the EasyTracker class has been removed, but it's still possible to get a fairly simple ‘automatic’ Tracker up and running with little effort. In this post the author will show you how.

Alec Noller04/17/14
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Is Oracle's NoSQL Standards Body an Attempt to Hinder Progress?

You've probably heard the unexpected news that Oracle, the relational database giant, is planning to create a standards body for NoSQL databases. What does it mean, though? According to Andrew C. Oliver's "Beware of NoSQL standards in Oracle's clothing," the intentions are not good.

Ayende Rahien04/17/14
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The Dark Sides of Lucene

The author has been using Lucene for the past six or seven years, and after his last post, he thought it would be a good idea to talk a bit about the kind of things that it isn't doing well.

Ross Mason04/17/14
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Mule Meets Zuul: A Centralized Properties Management – Part I, Server Side

It is always recommended to use Spring properties with Mule, to externalize any configuration parameters. For example, the Acme APIfrom my previous post connects to an external database. So instead of hard-coding connectivity options inside my application code, I would create a properties file.

Paul Reed04/17/14
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Continuous Deployment... or Continuous Annoyment?

This episode takes a look at a core component of continuous delivery: the application update mechanism. We talk a bit about our collective experiences supporting update paths, and whether or not that’s actually good for customers, or it’s just a myth we hear parroted constantly.

Tatiana Crawford04/17/14
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Automate Discovery and Remediation of the Heartbleed Bug

Given the length of time the vulnerable code has been available it’s likely your server is vulnerable if you are using any of the OpenSSL 1.0.1 branches. CloudPassage customers are able to determine if their servers are vulnerable by using the software vulnerability feature of Halo.