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Alec Noller08/05/14
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Refcard Expansion Pack: Reactive Programming with Akka

This week, DZone released its latest Refcard: Reactive Programming with Akka. For those of you interested in learning more about Akka or sharpening your skills, we decided to dig into the DZone archives and find some of the most popular posts we've had on the topic over the past two years.

Jorge Ramon08/05/14
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Mobile App Tutorial: The Meeting Room Booking App, Part 1

The mobile app tutorial that we are starting with this article is a Meeting Room Booking app that allows its users to reserve rooms for meetings and other events. My initial plan for this tutorial is to develop two versions of the app. One using a Sencha Touch frontend, and the other using a Kendo UI Mobile frontend.

Itamar Haber08/05/14
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Top Redis Headaches for DevOps: Replication Buffer

This series of installments will highlight some of the most irritating issues that come up when using Redis, along with tips on how to solve them. They are based on our real-life experience of running thousands of Redis database instances.

Topher Marie08/05/14
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Hand-Off Executing Tasks Across Servers

Many server jobs or tasks are for other parts of the organization like reports for marketing, or billing. As IT ops folks, we are constantly building scripts and jobs to execute tasks, often for others! Unfortunately, we are also tasked with running them ourselves and handing over the results to those that need them.

Mike Cottmeyer08/05/14
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Business Capabilities and Microservices

I don’t often use this forum to link out to other websites and authors, but I read a post last night by Martin Fowler and James Lewis that really gets to the heart of this issue around encapsulation, decoupling, and value streams I’ve been talking about lately.

Eric D. Schabell08/05/14
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Introducing the JBoss BPM Suite installer

This week we want to introduce you to the rather unknown installer component that is delivered with the JBoss BRMS and JBoss BPM Suite products.

Lijin Joseji08/05/14
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6 sparkling features of Apache Spark!

What is Apache Spark? Why there is a serious buzz going-on about this? If you are in the Big Data analytics business, should you really care about Spark? I hope this post will help to answer some of these questions which might have coming to your mind these days.

Mike Bushong08/05/14
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At the office, are you a doctor or a patient?

Every interaction with your management chain is effectively a dress rehearsal for your career. With this in mind, be mindful of whether the conversation you initiate is closer to a doctor-patient or a doctor-doctor discussion.

Bruno Terkaly08/05/14
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How to Upload Node Packages to Azure Mobile Services

Node.js applications uses packages to add functionality, you can think of these as libraries. The goal of this post is to show you how to upload these packages up to Azure Mobile Services so that you can give your node code more power. This post is about adding QueryString to Azure Mobile Services.

Chris Travers08/05/14
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Math and SQL, Part 1: Introduction - Relations and Functions

There are two goals I have in this series. The first is to heavily ground database thinking in mathematics thinking. The second is to connect this more explicitly to functional programming, which attempts to do the same more generally.

Simon Gladman08/05/14
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Threads in Swift with NSOperation: Gray Scott Reaction Diffusion

When I first discovered ActionScript Workers, one of the first things I did was use them to implement a model of the Gray Scott reaction diffusion system. Now that I've started playing with Swift, I thought I'd do something similar with NSOperation.

Adi Gaskell08/04/14
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How breaks help you get in the zone

The general gist is that taking regular breaks allows ones brain to refresh and attack tasks with a renewed vigour. A couple of recent studies have explored how social media can play its part in all of this.

Jim Bird08/04/14
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DevOps Isn't Killing Developers – But it is Killing Development and Developer Productivity

Developers – and their managers – will need to get used to being part of the bigger picture of running IT, which is about much more than designing apps and writing and delivering code. This might be the future of software development. But not all developers will like it, or be good at it.

Matt Farina08/04/14
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Why OpenStack Matters

Sometimes you build something in a private cloud and want to move all of it or part of it to a public cloud. If you have the same APIs than the same tooling can be used for both the private and public clouds. The applications can run in both clouds.

Peter Verhas08/04/14
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Java private, protected, public and default

You are a Java programmer, so you know what I am talking about. public modifiers make a method or field accessible from anywhere in the application