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David Pollak04/08/14
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A Better Conversation about Tech

The underlying issue is tribalism vs. inclusiveness. Do we work hard at empathizing with others and trying to include them or do we settle into a new tribe that aligns with some short term goals? Sadly, most of what I'm seeing in tech these days is simply a realignment of tribalism.

Arnon Rotem-gal-oz04/08/14
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Services, Microservices, Nanoservices... oh my!

So microservices as they appear from Martin’s & James’s article is pretty much service orientation without some of the bad misconception that tied into the SOA moniker like WS*, ESBs as a must, etc., perhaps that’s a good enough reason for a new name but personally I doubt it.

Zemian Deng04/08/14
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Creating Your Own Loop Structure in Java 8 Lambda

Java doesn't have an easy construct of repeat something N number of times. We can make a for loop of course, but many times we don't even care about the variable that we created in the loop.

Lukas Eder04/08/14
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The Dark Side of Java 8

So far, we’ve been showing the thrilling parts of this new major release. But there are also caveats. Lots of them.

Allan Kelly04/08/14
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The Prototype of Future Knowledge Workers

Highlighting IT workers as knowledge workers allows us to learn from the existing body of knowledge on the subject.

Reza Shafii04/08/14
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End-to-End OAuth for APIs in Less than 5 Minutes!

How quickly can you enable OAuth on an API and allow for client applications to be rapidly built for them? With the new OAuth 2.0 policy that is now available with the Anypoint Platform for APIs, the answer is no more than five minutes!

Achala Chathura...04/08/14
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Analysing Garbage Collector logs with IBM Pattern Modeling and Analysis Tool

If there are any errors related with Java heap exhaustion or fragmentation in the verbose GC trace, PMAT can diagnose the root cause of failures. PMAT provides rich chart features that graphically display Java heap usage.

Mehdi Daoudi04/08/14
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Simpson’s Paradox: DevOps’ Big Data Problem

Simpson’s Paradox is a phenomenon in which a trend identified from a population is reversed when investigated at the sub-population levels. Think about that again – conclusions drawn from an overall set of data are not indicative of the behavior of the underlying subsets.

Lieven Doclo04/08/14
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Johnny Five: a nice introduction to Arduino

Learning Arduino is not simple, especially if you’re not C-minded. It took me a while to see the potential, but if you think about it and join a Raspberry Pi running Node.js with an Arduino with Firmata, there’s not a lot you can’t do.

Hubert Klein Ikkink04/08/14
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Groovy Goodness: Closure as Writable

In Groovy we can also use a closure as an implementation of the Writable interface.

Ayende Rahien04/08/14
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My Poor Little Blameless Voron

The author is currently working on a project using Voron, and was horrified to get the FatalExecutionEngineException that was discussed previously. After a lot of work, he managed to narrow it down to… not Voron. To be rather more exact, it is Voron that is causing it, but it isn’t Voron’s fault.

Hirvesh Munogee04/08/14
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AbsurdJS: A JavaScript Library With Superpowers

AbsurdJS is a JavaScript library available for Node.js and the browser. It is meant to be used as an HTML and CSS preprocessor and includes a lot of mixins, a plugin architecture, dependency injection, templating and more.

Erik Ejlskov Jensen04/08/14
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SQL Server Compact Toolbox 3.7.2: A Visual Guide of New Features

After more than 260.000 downloads, version 3.7.2 of the author's SQL Server Compact Toolbox extension for Visual Studio 2013, 2012 and 2010 is now available for download. This blog post is a visual guide to the new features included in this release.

Bruno Terkaly04/08/14
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Implementing Authentication/Security with a WPF Client App and a WCF Service Using Azure Directory Services

This post is unique. It provides a roadmap to enable you to add security to an existing WCF application. It presents to applications, the server-side WCF expense application, and also the WPF client application that makes WCF service calls.

Topher Marie04/08/14
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User Management in the Cloud Era

Spinning up a server is a snap. No longer do you have to procure hardware, a server, install software, and then configure it. With just the click of a button, a standard server can be up and running in seconds — and better yet, your own server image is too, and it has all of your software and configurations.