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Igor Kulman10/10/14
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What To Put On the About Screen of Your Windows Phone App

The about screen of a Windows Phone app is usually the most overlooked part of the app. Sure, the users usually visit it only once, after installing the app, if ever, but it is a part of your Windows Phone app that you could put to a good use.

Don Pinto10/10/14
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Performance: Managing threads in Couchbase 2.x

In this blog post you will get an overview of two related performance optimizations that you can do for Couchbase 2.5.1 and below. This is not for 3.x for reasons you can read at the bottom of this post.

Kuntal Ganguly10/09/14
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Overview of Identity Management System (Part 1)

This is the first part of the series giveng an overview of what is an Identity and Access manager and what are its features. Any application or tools claiming to be a identity provider has to fullfil these bases functionalities.

Adi Gaskell10/09/14
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Healthcare HackDays

Hack days or hackathons are increasingly popular, as organizations attempt to tap into interested parties from outside of their traditional talent pool.

Matt Raible10/09/14
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Developing Services with Apache Camel - Part III: Integrating Spring 4 and Spring Boot

This article is the third in a series on Apache Camel and how I used it to replace IBM Message Broker for a client.

Pierre-yves Saumont10/09/14
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Do it in Java 8: The State Monad

Handling state is a common programming problem. This article shows how the state monad implemented in Java 8 may help solving this kind of problem. It first describes how it may be applied to memoizing a recursive function. Then, it shows how the state monad may simplify the implementation of a state machine.

Raymond Camden10/09/14
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Figuring Out What Version of Cordova Created a Project

Earlier today a user on Twitter asked how one could determine the version of Cordova used to create a project. As far as I knew there wasn't really a way to determine this, especially since there are multiple versions in play now. But I double checked on the main developer list just to be sure.

Markus Eisele10/09/14
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Exploring the SwitchYard 2.0.0.Alpha2 Quickstarts

In one of my last posts I explained how you get started with SwitchYard on WildFly 8.1. In the meantime the project was busy and released another Alpha2. A very good opportunity to explore the quickstarts here and refresh your memory about it.

Nati Shalom10/09/14
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The Seven Most Popular APIs in Big Data – Part 2

One of the main reasons behind this is that each API represents a specific optimization that requires a fairly different data structure. Common to all of the various techniques however is that they were written under the assumption that disk is a bottleneck

Brian O' Neill10/09/14
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Diction in Software Development (i.e. Don't be a d1ck!)

It may mean the difference between a 15 minute meeting where everyone nods their heads, and a day long battle of egos.

Francesco Azzola10/09/14
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Control Sphero Using Temperature Sensor In Android

In this post I want to introduce a new way to use our Android phone and explain how we can use it to control Sphero ball.

Alec Noller10/09/14
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Microsoft Aims to Take Over IoT with Windows 10

Everybody's trying to get in on the big-money future of IoT, and now "everybody" includes Microsoft with Windows 10. So says Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella at the Gartner Symposium ITXpo, at least.

Eric Minick10/09/14
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Achieving Highly Repeatable, Highly Reliable Deployment Processes for Hybrid Clouds

We’ve all heard this before; “market pressures and the demand to move more quickly and develop innovative applications” are forcing organizations to rethink how they develop and release applications. But what options exist for organizations? How about public clouds?

Yegor Bugayenko10/09/14
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jcabi-ssh: The Simplest Java SSH Client

jcabi-ssh is a simple Java SSH client that wraps JSch library and makes its usage more object-oriented and convenient

Dave Fecak10/09/14
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How To Get a Job in a Different City

Unless a candidate is considered superlative, non-local applicants are not always given the same level of attention as locals. Why might remoteness impact interview decisions (even in a tight market), and how can the potential for negative bias be minimized?