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Daniel Bartl06/28/14
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Scala Days 2014

Scala Days 2014 is over and I assume during those days Berlin was the place with the highest density of Scala talent in the world

John Ferguson Smart06/28/14
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It's Testing, Jim, But Not As We Know It

Behaviour Driven Development is an increasingly popular Agile development practice that turns testing on its head.

Johannes Brodwall06/28/14
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Pair programming with Sankalpa

One of my favorite ways to develop software is to do it together with others. Pair programming has always been a motivating and fun activity for me, but some pairings work better than others.

Brian Gracely06/28/14
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The Cloudcast at OpenStack Summit

We had the chance to record six shows at the OpenStack Summit in Atlanta. We also spoke with Stu Miniman (@stu) on theCUBE, talking Cloud trends, DevOps and Openstack.

Andrew Smith06/27/14
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A Five-Step Guide to Automated Customer Support for Viral Apps

The article dwells on specific features of customer support in mobile apps industry and gives a 5-steps’ guide to successful mobile app-specific customer support when your product gets viral.

Sergio Govoni06/27/14
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Learning Windows Azure Mobile Services for Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8

Recently I had the opportunity to read the book Learning Windows Azure Mobile Services for Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 written by Geoff Webber-Cross (@webbercross) and published by Packt...

Peter Lawrey06/27/14
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Making Operations on Volatile Fields Atomic

The expected behaviour for volatile fields is that they should behave in a multi-threaded application the same as they do in a single threaded application

Benjamin Ball06/27/14
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Salesforce Wants to Bring Enterprise to Wearables

Now Salesforce has launched Salesforce Wear, a developer pack which would allow developers to build apps on their existing Salesforce1 platform. They've already been met with a warm embrace from wearable companies like Fitbit, Pebble, Philips, Samsung and others.

Jim Hirschauer06/27/14
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The Fourth Digital Wave: The Age of Application Intelligence

Welcome to the fourth era of digital. The first three periods or ages or phases — call them what you like — were each defined clearly by transformative events.

Dave Bush06/27/14
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On Avoiding Code Complexity

A few weeks before that, I talked about DRY Programming and the fact that not repeating ourselves extends much farther than most of us normally think when we are thinking about our code.Today I want to continue on the general theme of code quality by discussing code complexity.

A. Jesse Jiryu Davis06/27/14
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Write An Excellent Programming Blog

I want you to write. Not just code. Also words. If you're a member of the open source community, you can help us by writing about programming, just as much as by actually programming. And writing helps you, too: you can become better known and promote your ideas. Even more importantly, writing is thinking. There is no more thorough way to understand than to explain in writing.

Eric D. Schabell06/27/14
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Red Hat JBoss BRMS & BPM Suite - Taking out the Git Garbage

This weeks tips and tricks article will help you to keep your current JBoss BPM Suite and JBoss Business Rules Management System (BRMS) running like a fine tuned machine.

Hubert Klein Ikkink06/27/14
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Spocklight: Write Our Own Data Provider

We can use data pipes to write data driven tests in Spock.

Alec Noller06/27/14
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Cayley: An Open Source Graph Database Written in Go

If you're looking for something new and a bit different when it comes to NoSQL solutions, you might be interested in Cayley, an open source graph database written in Go and based on Freebase and Google's Knowledge Graph.

Dave Bush06/27/14
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Are We There Yet?

When my kids were young, my wife introduced a concept for this question that she got from her family that is so brilliant in its simplicity that I wonder that this isn’t common knowledge with all parents. Something they should tell you during Lamaze class.