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John Ferguson Smart09/18/08
2 replies

JSF Jumpstarter: Free PDF Book Download

The JSF Jumpstarter book is a short (67 pages), tutorial introduction to JSF, suitable for new JSF developers. If you need to get up to speed quickly with JSF, this book may be able to help you. The good news is, this book has now been released into the...

Geertjan Wielenga09/18/08
22 replies

MigLayout: Inevitable Choice for Griffon Users?

It seems to me that in the same way that Griffon will make Groovy an ever more viable option for Swing developers, so it will make MigLayout increasingly inevitable. This will not be news to anyone who is familiar with Groovy or with MigLayout. However, let's...

Alex Miller09/18/08
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Software Rhythm Part 3: End-Game

I define the end-game as everything between “feature-complete” and release. After all features are complete, the primary activities are integration, bug-fixing, testing, and, documentation. (Note: This is the final part of the Software Rhythm series, the...

Schalk Neethling09/17/08
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GWT: Using An External Development Server

GWTShell includes the -noserver command-line option, which instructs the toolkit not to start or use the embedded Tomcat instance. If you use -noserver, you're essentially telling GWT that you'll handle the server-side resources on your own, like a baseball...

Felipe Gaúcho09/17/08
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Compiling Your Own Byte Array Trojan With JAXB 2.0

When I started to use continuous integration against my own code, the very first results was buggy as expected, a lot of warnings, bugs and minor mistakes. Step by step, I am tailoring my source code in order to satisfy the quality criteria of PMD and...

Meera Subbarao09/17/08
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Is easyb Easy?

I was introduced to easyb by none other than the creator of easyb: Andrew Glover. In spite of hearing and reading a lot about easyb from Andy, I never had a chance to actually work on easyb. So, I spent a couple of hours last weekend to dig deep into this...

James Sugrue09/16/08
4 replies

Podcast: The Future Of Java For Rich Internet Applications

Simon Ritter gives an introduction to JavaFX and discusses where it's going in this podcast recorded at a recent conference. JavaFX was the big news story at...
Max Katz09/16/08
7 replies

Using JSF and Flex Components Together

Exadel Fiji extends JavaServer Faces (JSF) by allowing the use of Flex components within a JSF page. Fiji stands for “Flex and JSF Integration.” When using Fiji components, developers use Flex with the same component-based approach to building user...

Jim Weaver09/16/08
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Vikings and Wizards in JavaFX

I have two objectives for today's article:Continue teaching you how to create UI custom controls in JavaFX.  This lesson is a new addition to the JFX Custom Nodes category, and it provides an infrastructure on which you can easily create...

Hanen Ben Rhouma09/16/08
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Why Struts is Necessary for Development

I am thinking of a funny answer for this :) When someone feels hungry either he can cook and eat or go to a restaurant. Most people go to restaurant because it makes our job simpler: just eating. No need to prepare food and then wash the dishes. In the same...

Geertjan Wielenga09/15/08
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Porting to Griffon

In Flying with Griffon, I created a simple scenario in Griffon, to show how this new Swing MVC framework functions and what some of its benefits are. A different approach, one that is potentially even more illustrative, is to take an existing Java desktop...

Ryan Lubke09/15/08
4 replies

JSF 2.0 New Feature Preview Series (Part 2.2): Resources

This is the third blog in the JSF 2.0 New Feature Preview Series. The previous entry covered packaging of resources.  Now we'll cover the APIs that back this feature.  Keep in mind that none of the features described are final,...

Nick Maiorano09/15/08
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Ghost in the Java Virtual Machine

Compaction is a lesser known facet of garbage collection. In this article, I'll discuss how important it is for Java performance. Left untamed, compaction can come back to haunt you. Find out how it works, where the problems lurk and how to make them go away.

Jill Tomich09/14/08
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JavaServer Faces Refcard Available - Download Now

DZone has released it's latest Refcardz, the essential JSF cheat sheet.  Get it now! 

Ryan Developer09/12/08
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End of Spring vs EJB wars in sight?

Tonight I watched a video of Rod Johnson doing a presentation on Spring 2.5 at Google. He said that Spring 3.0 will be an EJB 3.1 Lite compatible container so that the Spring Application Platform can get the Java EE 6 Web Profile certification if the expert...