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James Sugrue04/29/09
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James Ward on Flex, AIR and Java

I recently had a conversation with James Ward,Technical Evangalist for Flex at Adobe. We started by discussing what Flex and AIR are, and the differences...
James Sugrue04/29/09
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Revenue and Profits Down At Sun

The New York Times reports that Sun's revenues and profits have plunged, perhaps as a result of the uncertainty over the future of the company. After Oracle's acquisition of Sun, due to complete during the summer, Oracle may be wondering if they've made the...

Kas Thomas04/28/09
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Where are the RIA "killer apps"?

I've found, over the years, that in almost every successful field of technology there's a "killer app," a category-leader so strong as to be universally understood as the archetype of success in a given domain. Conversely, when a technology lacks a...

Eric Minick04/28/09
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The Changing Definition of Continuous Integration

As we wrap up every CITCON, we’re asked about what we take away. For me, a revelation was that the definition of Continuous Integration has changed wildly. Traditionally, Martin Fowler’s CI paper has been the benchmark. His current definition is:...

James Sugrue04/27/09
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JavaFX: I'm Starting To Believe

It always takes some time for new technologies to prove themselves, and JavaFX is no different. It still gets more than it's fair share of bad press, but as more examples using JavaFX appear, I'm starting to believe that it has it's place for Java developers....

Fabrizio Giudici04/27/09
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Which Logging Facility for Swing Applications?

Crossing fingers, after a long peak of other things to do, I should be able to resume writing articles with technical content. In the meantime, I'd like to discuss one of the first issues that people started filing against BetterBeansBinding: to use a logging...

Neil Griffin04/24/09
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Making Distinctions Between Different Kinds of JSF Managed-Beans

JSF has a simple Inversion-of-Control (IoC) container called the JSF Managed Bean Facility (MBF).

James Sugrue04/24/09
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Top 10 Java Twitterers

Twitter has become a fantastic tool for me to keep up with what's going around in the Java and Eclipse communities. This is all down to following the right people. Here I'd like to share my list of the top 10 twitterers with you.  Follow The DZone...

Peter Friese04/24/09
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Getting Started With WikiText

Documentation is the bane of all developers. Nobody likes to write documentation, but most people know we need it. Even more so in Open Source projects. If you don't have a decent documentation, it will be hard to find contributors which will eventually stall...

Burk Hufnagel04/23/09
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Win Your Copy: Pragmatic Thinking & Learning: Refactor Your Wetware

1 Introduction This is chapter does a nice job of introducing you to the book and giving you an idea of what to expect in the chapters that follow. While this book isn’t specifically for...

Nitin Bharti04/23/09
5 replies

The Future for Seam: Web Beans and Beyond

In this presentation, recorded at the JBoss Virtual Experience 2009, Dan Allen and Pete Muir provide an introduction to Seam and show how it fits into your...

Greg Brown04/23/09
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Building a Simple RSS Client in Pivot

A few months ago, this article by Andrew Trice inspired me to write a demo application to see how well Pivot would handle very large tabular data sets of up to one million rows (the results are here). Mr.

Nitin Bharti04/23/09
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Automatic serialization of ActionScript objects to and from XML

In Flex applications that use a backend server for data manipulation and storage, serializing and transferring the objects from one layer to another is an important matter. In this short tip, Constantin Moldovanu shows you how to automatically serialize...

Jakob Jenkov04/23/09
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The $5-Ware License

Here is a crazy idea after all the discussions about "The future of open source": The $5-Ware License. We grab an Apache License 2.0 and add this one clause to it: "If you are using this product for commercial use, you must make a one-time...

Kristian Rink04/23/09
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The "Future of Open Source" Revisited: Added Value?

I have been reading through (and thinking about) this article on "the future of open source", I considered adding a couple of thoughts both personal and from point of view of a person that also has to make strategic technology and product decisions....