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Rob Williams04/12/08
7 replies

Using Logs in Unit Tests

Have you found yourself needing to look at log messages from inside a unit test?

Irina Megorskaya04/11/08
5 replies

IntelliJ IDEA 8.0 EAP is Already Here!

We are glad to announce the start of the Early Access Program of IntelliJ IDEA version 8.0. You can download the EAP build here. Please note that you might need a quick registration in case that you don't have an account in our Confluence. You are welcome to...

Rick Ross04/11/08
9 replies

Star This! Tell Google You Want Java/Groovy in GAE

Van Riper posted a good suggestion the other day which may warrant your attention. If you'd like to see support for Java and/or Groovy added to the new Google App Engine, then here's something you should do.

Rod Johnson04/11/08
2 replies

The Biggest Loser's Next Contestant: Java Bloatware

If the tech community were to host their own version of the popular TV show The Biggest Loser (or maybe Celebrity Fit Club) you would see enterprise Java front and center—bloated, overweight, tired, and drained.

Alexander Pilafian04/10/08
17 replies

Top 10 Code Editors for Web Developers!

I love talking about IDEs and code editors. This has to be the damn touchiest nerd subject of all-time.

Matthew Schmidt04/10/08
3 replies

Java, .NET, and PHP In One Webapp? The Holy Grail of Mashups.

What if you could run a single webapp with Java, PHP, and ASP.NET AJAX in one webapp?  Stay with me for a minute, because I think there might be a powerful combination here!

Rick Ross04/10/08
5 replies

Nokia iPhone Killer to Have Java Inside

Speaking at a recent conference, Forum Nokia VP Tom Libretto, confirmed that the Finnish telecom giant has a new touchscreen device in the pipeline, tentatively called "Tube" (details and pics at symbian-freak.com.) In marked contrast to Apple, it...

Dmitriy Setrakyan04/10/08
18 replies

Refactor-Safe ToStringBuilder

We at GridGain recently were faced with a problem - how to make our toString() methods refactor-safe?

Geertjan Wielenga04/10/08
6 replies

Applets Reloaded: An Overview of New Tags and Demos

What's the deal with applets in JDK 6 Update 10? In this article, we walk through the new applet tags and see some JNLP-powered applets in the wild.

Rick Ross04/09/08
6 replies

Google's Android: Is this what "fragmentation" means?

I missed this news from CTIA the other day, but The Register reported that Sanjay Jha, COO of Qualcomm's chipset division, had strong words about Google's open source Android platform. According to Jha, Google's Android is designed to drive fragmentation and...

Geertjan Wielenga04/09/08
8 replies

1st Binary Release of Java Music Composer

Today marks the availability of the first binary release of the open source JFugue Music NotePad. The core basic functionality of the tool is available and ready to be tried out.

Jeffrey Ricker04/09/08
0 replies

Eclipse Adapters - A Hands-On, Hand-Holding Explanation

When programming Eclipse plug-ins, you quickly come face to face with Eclipse adapters. If you are not familiar with the adapter pattern, adapters can be confusing. Eclipse adapters are actually very simple, and I hope to make them even simpler with this...

Rick Ross04/08/08
25 replies

Java Applets "Dead Man Walking?" Is a Comeback Impossible?

This evening I read a provocative piece on a blog by FunkyCodeMonkey, the thinking monkey. (I can't tell you how  amazed I am that a monkey can actually write this well. They sure have come a long way since Yerkish!) Anyway, the piece is very brief, and the...

John Ferguson Smart04/08/08
1 replies

Cleaning Up Spurious SpringIDE Warnings

I've been using SpringIDE for my Spring applications for a while now, and it is a very nice tool. It makes visualising your Spring configuration files, navigating through beans, and spotting configuration errors, much easier all round. Not to mention the nice...

James Sugrue04/08/08
0 replies

RIA Development Made Simple with Appcelerator and Eclipse

Appcelerator, a Rich Internet Application (RIA) vendor for SOA-based applications, recently released RIA Developer, an Eclipse plug-in that makes it easy for developers who prefer an Eclipse environment to create Appcelerator projects.The open source...