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Peter Friese06/30/09
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Getting Started with Xtext

Xtext has been released as a part of the Eclipse Galileo release train on June 24th, 2009. Xtext is a framework for building DLSs (domain specific languages). In fact, it can be seen as a DSL for defining DSLs. In this article, we will develop a small DSL...

Max Katz06/29/09
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JavaFX and Seam with Flamingo: Part Two

This is a second part of the JavaFX and Seam with Flamingo article series. Building on the background information from the first part of the article, this second part provides a step-by-step tutorial for building a JavaFX applications that talks to a Seam...

Tom Schindl06/29/09
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Eclipse-Databinding 3.5 for GWT

I’m a big fan of GWT but one of the real pain points when developing GWT applications is that there’s no databinding framework available to synchronize your domain objects and UI-Widgets. As many of you know I’m an even bigger fan of...

Geertjan Wielenga06/27/09
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FISL 2009: Day 3... Cybercrime law is equivalent to censorship

One of the unquestionable highlights of Day 3 at FISL, in Porto Alegre, Brazil, was President Lula (i.e., the president of Brazil) dropping by. (Read about Day 1 here and Day 2 here.)

Axel Rauschmayer06/27/09
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GWT's Future: 2.0 and My Wishes

Programming web applications with GWT has been a revelation. Having mature tools and a single code base for client and server is great. In this blog post, we'll first look at the new features of the upcoming version 2.0 of GWT. Then I'll list a few wishes...

James Sugrue06/26/09
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Galileo Podcast Series: Improvements to PDE for OSGi Tooling

In the first of our series Galileo release podcasts, we meet Chris Aniszczyk to discuss the improvements made to PDE, the Plug-in Development Environment, for...
Anil Saldhana06/26/09
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Security Features of JBoss AS 5.1 - Part 4 - XACML authorization for Web Applications

Oasis XACML v2.0 is a robust open standard catering to access control. Starting JBoss Application Server v5.0, users have the opportunity to use XACML as container authorization mechanism for Web applications similar to JACC or the servlet container role...

Arul Kumaran06/26/09
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Present Yourself in a Better Light in a Tougher Job Market

I often see that potential job seekers don't really take the effort to promote themselves more effectively in the "Jobs Wanted" Java forums. Firstly, they post their threads with very ordinary titles like "Java Job Wanted" and "SCJP...

Geertjan Wielenga06/26/09
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FISL 2009: Day 2... The Internet will not listen to reason

Day 2 of FISL was, if anything, even more eclectic than Day 1. Again, wandering around the booth area and browsing through the program, it was driven home to me that this conference is all about free software, i.e., ANY free software, not necessarily...

Ken Sipe06/25/09
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An Introduction to Functional Languages

There has been explosion of software development languages in recent years. Chief among these languages or programming approaches is functional programming. This article will go through the details of functional programming; concepts, terms, approaches, and...

Rob Williams06/25/09
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Making Mock Data Circular

Was writing a test today where I was doing a Command Pattern that would allow me to contain a set of repeated invocations in a timebox. In other words: call me as many times as possible in x milliseconds. So for the test, I was using random #s, but that...

Jay Fields06/25/09
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Method Chain with Snippet

I've noticed a pattern pop up a few times in my Java code in the past 6 months. Maybe it's a decent pattern, or maybe I only have a hammer.The problem I'm trying to solve is setting some global state, running a test, and ensuring that the global state is set...

Geertjan Wielenga06/24/09
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FISL 2009: Day 1... Open source as an attribute instead of an entity

The 10th edition of FISL, the "Forum Internacional Software Livre" started today in Porto Alegre, Brazil. Attracting attendees from all over South America, FISL is now at a point where it draws somewhere between 6000 and 8000 attendees every year....

James Sugrue06/24/09
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Eclipse Galileo - This Is How To Release Software

Today marks the much anticipated release of Eclipse Galileo, or Eclipse 3.5. Once again, it's striking how such a large set of projects across the developer community can coordinate such a big software drop consistently, year after year. Congratulations and...

Kirk Knoernschild06/24/09
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The Two Faces of Modularity & OSGi

There are two aspects to OSGi - the OSGi runtime model and the OSGi development model. Today, emphasis is on the runtime model. But eventually, the importance of the development model will take center stage.