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Ian Skerrett11/26/08
11 replies

What Sun Should Do

Tim Bray has written an insightful piece describing his perscription for a healthier Sun, at the end he suggested others might want to do the same, so here is my version.

Jim Weaver11/26/08
5 replies

Up the Nile *With* a Paddle: Fun With JavaFX Graphics

I've often mentioned the importance of programmers and graphics designers working together to create great looking RIAs.  The declarative syntax of JavaFX facilitates this approach, and the "Project Nile" tool available with the JavaFX SDK makes...

Ibrahim Levent11/26/08
3 replies

Beautiful API Design

When I first began to program in Java, I loved the Java language a lot. I used to program in Pascal, Delphi ,Visual Basic and C but Java was very different and elegant. In addition to its language structure and features, its API set was very special. With...

Kai Tödter11/26/08
13 replies

Dynamic Swing OSGi Demo

I am preparing a few talks about dynamic OSGi applications. To get my hands dirty I started a little demo project to showcase different scenarios. That SWT works very well with OSGi is obvious, since Eclipse RCP is based on OSGi. But there are not many Swing...

Misko Hevery11/26/08
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Guide To Writing Testable Code

It is with great pleasure that I have been able to finally open-source the Guide to Writing Testable Code.I am including the first page here for you, but do come and check it out in detail.To keep our code at Google in the best possible shape we provided our...

Nitin Bharti11/25/08
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Advanced ESB Patterns and Techniques

In this presentation, recorded at EclipseWorld 2008, Burr Sutter demonstrates the customary capabilities associated with an Enterprise Service Bus (ESB)...

Torbjörn Gannholm11/25/08
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GC is for Goodstuff Collector

I have over the past few months noticed that there is a fairly common fear of creating objects in Java. When I query the authors, it always seems to boil down to an attempt to create more performant code through avoiding garbage collection.

Ryan Heaton11/25/08
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A Rich Web Service API For Your Favorite Framework, Part 3: Struts

The intent of this how-to series is to demonstrate the development of a rich Web service API on a variety of popular development frameworks. Part 3 (this tutorial) targets Struts 2.

Jim Weaver11/25/08
16 replies

Sanity Will Be Restored to Internet Application Development on December 4, 2008

Yes, that's a bold statement, but I've waited 13 years to be able to say it.  If you've followed my blog or have heard me speak about JavaFX, you know that I was disappointed with the browser wars in the late 90s that fragmented and slowed down the ubiquity...

Mikael Grev11/24/08
14 replies

Java Media Player - First GUI Demo

The Java Media Player is back on track, and I have a Web Start Demo to prove it!

Chris Keene11/24/08
4 replies

The Soul Of The Web - Why Ajax Standards Matter

I spoke on a panel at Mashup Camp this week on why Ajax Standards matter. I was quoted by Doug Henschen of Intelligent Enterprise as saying that we are locked in a struggle for the soul of the web, so I thought I would expand on that theme.

James Sugrue11/24/08
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Swing Extreme Testing

The book kicks off with a very interesting list of roadblocks to getting software tested effectively. The fact that test is the last step in a waterfall process, that UI's are difficult to test and...

Derek Young11/22/08
3 replies

Improvement as a Developer

I was doing some thinking about areas where I’m lacking as a developer. There are many, but I’ll list a few here.Testing ImprovementsI think I’ve come a long way in the last few years in the area of testing. I’m disciplined about testing now and...

Peter Cooper-Ellis11/21/08
12 replies

Changes in the Application Server Market

There have been a number of significant developments in the enterprise software infrastructure market in the past several years. The application server market in particular, has been impacted and application server architectures are responding to new...

Rob Williams11/21/08
2 replies

Testing Code Generation

Some things lend themselves to TDD better than others. Code generation, it turns out, scores a 10 on this front. (To some people, it‘s heresy to think that one should favor one approach over another based on the ease of development; I would disagree with...