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Lyndsey Clevesy09/15/09
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Book Giveaway & Exclusive Chapter: Modular Java

DZone and Pragmatic Bookshelf have partnered to bring you this exclusive chapter from 'Modular Java' (by Craig Walls). This excerpt was extracted from Modular Java, published in July 2009 by Pragmatic Bookshelf.

Václav Pech09/15/09
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Secret Agents helping your code handle concurrency

Among all the available options to safely and correctly manage shared state in concurrent programs, I've selected the concept of Agents for my today's post. I'll describe the principle and show use of Agents in Groovy, leveraging the GParallelizer library.

Aditya Bhardwaj09/15/09
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A Few Considerations While Selecting JSF-based AJAX Libraries

The demand for AJAX based web applications has been a trend for some time now. To support this trend there are bunch of options available in the market right now. To keep the scope of this post limited, I'll be talking specifically about JSF component...

Vincent Partington09/15/09
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JPA Implementation Patterns: Mapping Inheritance Hierarchies

This week I will dwell on the choices offered when mapping inheritance hierarchies in JPA. JPA provides three ways to map Java inheritance hierarchies to database tables: InheritanceType.SINGLE_TABLE - The whole inheritance hierarchy is mapped to one table.

James Sugrue09/14/09
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Complete Your Eclipse Refcard Collection

Today DZone have released the latest Eclipse-based Refcard, this time covering the topic of Eclipse Plug-in Development.

Debasish Ghosh09/14/09
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Misconstrued Language Similarity Considered Harmful

Very frequently I come across posts of the form Language X for Language Y programmers. It's not that there is anything wrong with them, but, more often than not, the underlying tone of such posts is to highlight some apparent (and often misconstrued)...

Rickard Oberg09/14/09
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Lacking a Domain Expert Will Get You Into Trouble

For our new StreamFlow project I wanted to try and get management functions in properly right from the start, which basically means exposing configuration, service management and administrator functions through JMX. I figured that if I did that on my part the...

Mario Fusco09/14/09
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Is it Time for Functional Programming in Java?

Fuctional programming has existed for decades, but only in the last few years has it gained the attention it deserves, for a lot of very good reasons like:

James Sugrue09/11/09
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Meet the Author of the Selenium Refcard

Recently DZone released the Selenium Refcard, written by Frank Cohen. Selenium seems like a vital tool for test driven development of web applications.

Peter Friese09/11/09
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Fun with Regular Expressions: ANT-style Variable Replacing in Strings

I recently felt the need to write a piece of code that resolves ANT-style variables in a string. Suppose you have a property file similar to this one: propertyA=SomeValue propertyB=${propertyA}.SomeOtherValue listofThings=${propertyA}, ${propertyB},...

Jay Fields09/11/09
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Pressure, Expressed in Initial Development Time

def Initial Development Time: In software development projects, initial development time (IDT) is the length of time it takes from the project's first line of code until the business derives notable value from it.I've done plenty of projects in my career,...

Jean-Francois Arcand09/11/09
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Writing Comet Applications Using JRuby and the Atmosphere Framework

Writing Atmosphere's Comet based applications is simple. Imagine using JRuby instead of Java...it becomes really simple!. As with Scala, it is also possible to write Comet application with Atmosphere Framework using JRuby.

Geertjan Wielenga09/10/09
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Interview: Wilfred Springer on Bit Syntax for Java

Wilfred Springer, Chief Scientist at Xebia in the Netherlands, is creating a framework for dealing with binary encoded data. That framework is called Preon and, below, Wilfred explains its purpose, its architecture, and how to get started using it...

Slim Ouertani09/10/09
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OSGi Annotation Extender

We have finished one big OSGi project with many tools : JPA, GPRS, SMS, FTP, JNA, SPRING, Jetty, ext.js .... after about one year with heterogeneous team. Now, I have switched to another JEE projects as " an architect". But I still love OSGi. I...

James Sugrue09/10/09
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Oracle Enterprise Pack for Eclipse

Recently Oracle released the Oracle Enterprise Pack for Eclipse 11gR1. To find out more about it, I spoke with Ashish Mohindroo, Sr. Director, Product Marketing, Oracle Fusion Middleware, about the product. One of the best things about the pack is that, while...