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Gregg Bolinger02/05/10
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Using Groovy to Generate Objective-C

I'm in the process of porting a Windows Mobile application to the iPhone for a local company.  The existing Windows Mobile application uses a local database to store everything and then there is a manual sync process when the users have some kind of...

James Sugrue02/05/10
3 replies

Deadlines Revealed: The Truth About How We Make It Across The Line

Even though all software developers have the best of intentions, sometime we have to bend the rules a bit in order to make deadlines. In most cases these hacks don't last too long in the codebase, although Microsoft are just getting around to fixing a 17 year...

Daniel Alexiuc02/05/10
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Enterprise Web Application Architecture 2.0 and Kittens

According to its homepage, CouchDB is a distributed, fault-tolerant and schema-free document-oriented database accessible via a RESTful HTTP/JSON API. That is a boring bunch of words. Here is why it is interesting.Typical enterprise web-application...

Steven Lott02/05/10
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ALM Tools

There's a Special Report in the January 15 SDTimes with a headline that bothers me -- a lot. In the print edition, it's called "Can ALM tame the agile beast?". Online it's ALM Tools Evolve in the Face of Agile Processes.The online title makes a lot...

Howard Lewis Ship02/05/10
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Ten Years of Tapestry

I recently realized that the first prototype of Tapestry was written ten years ago! It all started as a home project in my living room, with the original inspiration coming from some brief exposure to WebObjects. Even the "new" codebase, Tapestry...

Mitch Pronschinske02/05/10
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Java Object Mapping on Neo4j

Graph databases provide elegant and effective solutions for social networking applications.  NoSQL graph databases like neo4j can solve problems with relational data and social applications.  Taylor Cowan, a software architect who works with the semantic...

Nitin Bharti02/04/10
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A Look Inside the HornetQ Project with Tim Fox

JBoss HornetQ is an open source project to build a multi-protocol, embeddable, high performance messaging system. With the recent 2.0 release of the project, DZone caught up with HornetQ project lead Tim Fox to learn about the latest features, the project's...

Mitch Pronschinske02/04/10
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Symbian Platform Now Fully Open Source

The world's most widely used smartphone operating system, Symbian, is now completely open source.  The Symbian Foundation made the announcement this morning that the entire Symbian 3 platform's source code, which is the result of more than ten years of...

Eugene Vigdorchik02/04/10
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Immutable data structures in groovy++. Why not?

Immutable data structures are a hot topic these days. Indeed, they seem to solve the fundamental problem present in all destructively updated data structures: either you have to synchronize all accesses to the state of the data structure, or you risk that one...

James Sugrue02/04/10
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My 2010 Book Wishlist

As much I like all the blogs and articles, there's always room on my bookshelf for some top quality programming books. There are some great books due out this year. Here is my rundown of books that I'm looking forward to owning.

Jerry Andrews02/04/10
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SEMAT and Development Principles

My first reaction to SEMAT was--is this practical? But as I've thought about it more, I've decided there are some principles of good software design and implementation they can probably agree upon and illuminate.For context: I spent 15 years as a practicing...

Nicolas Frankel02/04/10
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Maven: The Complete Reference

This review is about Sonatype’s Maven: The complete reference by Tim O’Brien, John Casey, Brian Fox, Jason Van Zyl, Eric Redmond and Larry Shatzer. Disclaimer: I learned Maven from Sonatype’s site 3 years ago. I found it was a great tool to learn Maven.

Kirk Knoernschild02/04/10
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Small Things Matter

On July 25th, 2000, flight 4590 crashed. It was the first, and only, crash of the famed Concorde. Eventually, it would lead to retirement for the amazing aircraft. Investigators spent countless hours poring over the wreckage, and placed blame on a piece of...

Fabrizio Giudici02/03/10
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Quo Vadis Oracle and Dynamic Languages?

Serdar Yegulalp has just written a post titled “What's Java's Future?” where he expresses his point of view about the evolution of Java in the perspective of Oracle's buy and the competition with dynamic languages such as Ruby and others.

James Sugrue02/03/10
8 replies

Design Patterns Uncovered: The Observer Pattern

Design patterns are one of the most valuable tools for developers. They illustrate the best design solutions that others have encountered, and allow you to apply the same principle to your own designs. More importantly, knowing design patterns gives a common...