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adam bien05/26/08
11 replies

JavaFX Script vs. Swing: Are You Still Concerned?

The concerns about the future of Swing and it's relation to JavaFX seem to be all over the place right now.

Chris Keene05/26/08
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SaaS Platforms For ISVs - Who Wins?

McKinsey & Company published a report predicting the market size for Software as a Service (SaaS) will exceed $37B market over the next 5 years. In particular, the report described the need for Independent Software Vendors to SaaS-enable their products...

Alex(JAlexoid) ...05/24/08
38 replies

Class Loading in Java: Time to Add Dynamicity?

Class loading. The essential part of the Java world, but why is it so rigid and cumbersome?

Geertjan Wielenga05/24/08
1 replies

IDE-Agnostic Swing RCP Development

In a team of developers, especially if distributed, there's a good chance that different IDEs are used by different members of the team. But projects from one IDE can't (easily, if at all) be opened in another IDE. Maven offers a valid outcome

Vidar Hokstad05/23/08
2 replies

Reducing Coupling Through Unit Tests

After my previous post on the subject of coupling and cohesion, a lot of the feedback I've gotten has been from people who want examples of lowering coupling, or want to know how they can see if their code is loosely coupled. (Reposted from my blog.)The...

Alex Blewitt05/23/08
8 replies

Version Numbers and JSR277

Although I've written recently that it looks like OSGi and JSR277 are coming together, there are still a number of things that are potential concrete blocks on the road to progress.

James Sugrue05/23/08
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The GMF Project: An Interview with Richard Gronback

In the first of a series of interviews and articles in the run up to the Eclipse Ganymede release on June 25th, I discussed the GMF project with Richard Gronback.  

Tareq Abedrabbo05/23/08
16 replies

Spring Batch - Hello World

This is an introductory tutorial to Spring Batch. It does not aim to provide a complete guide to the framework but rather to facilitate the first contact. Spring Batch is quite rich in functionalities, and this is basically how I started learning it. Keep in...

Tom Pridham05/23/08
3 replies

Content Management Software Blunder

I read a short "Tech Buzz" story in the 5/18/2008 issue of InformationWeekly. The short story centered around a Content Management Software development company (the name was not revealed). The story stated that the un-named software company was on...

Collin Fagan05/23/08
9 replies

JTable and JTree Code Samples

I have been working on contributing to the Java Tutorials Community Project. I've put together some code samples as potential tutorial subjects.

Dmitriy Setrakyan05/22/08
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GridGain: To Split Or Not To Split

When designing your tasks for execution on the grid, you need to decide whether to split your task into smaller jobs for parallel execution, and what the size of your split should be.

James Sugrue05/22/08
25 replies

Effective Java: An Interview with Joshua Bloch

The most anticipated book among Java developers over the past few years has been the second edition of Effective Java by Joshua Bloch. The book was finally launched during JavaONE this year. I caught up with Josh and discussed the book, the changes in...

Jim Wilson05/22/08
3 replies

Understanding HBase and BigTable

The hardest part about learning Hbase (the open source implementation of Google's BigTable), is just wrapping your mind around the concept of what it actually is. I find it rather unfortunate that these two great systems contain the words table and base in...

Jevgeni Kabanov05/22/08
4 replies

Concise Embedded DSL Closures in Java

This trick was pointed to me (without the ThreadLocal part) by Rein Raudjärv, who saw it used in jMock. The problem with Java “closures” aka anonymous inner classes being a tad too ugly is a well known one, but this semi-solution seems to be quite...

Jörn Zaefferer05/22/08
5 replies

Barrier to Entry for PHP and Java Web Applications

Jeff Atwood's latest post on PHP sucking hard, while powering a very decent amount of the internet, got my attention. Not so much by the content itself, but rather because I was thinking about PHP and Java web applications a lot lately anyway.