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Mark Needham10/21/09
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The Effect of Adding New People to Project Teams

I've read quite frequently about the challenges we will experience when adding new people onto teams, including Fred Brooks' 'The Mythical Man Month', but having seen quite a few new people join the project that I've been working on over the last few months I...

Craig Walls10/21/09
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SpringOne/2GX Day 2 Session Wrap-up

The second day of sessions at SpringOne/2GX is almost over. Soon, we'll be having dinner and then listening to Adrian Colyer give a keynote address (which I'll summarize in a later post). So I thought I'd go ahead and take a moment to report on my day and the...

Ola Bini10/21/09
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Should Languages be Multi-Lingual?

I’m currently sitting in the Beijing ThoughtWorks office, and for some reason language is on my mind… =) One of the discussions related to DDD that have turned up several times the last few months at conferences

Mitch Pronschinske10/20/09
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The ORM Debate: Experts Weigh In

A lot of controversy has been generated recently over blog posts "ORMs are a thing of the past" and (the more poetically titled) "A Farewell to ORMs".  They have been fueling debates over the merits and shortfalls of ORMs.  DZone...

Nitin Bharti10/20/09
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JBoss Fellow Bill Burke Discusses REST-*, RESTEasy

DZone recently spoke with JBoss Fellow, Bill Burke on a range of RESTful topics, including REST-*,  an open source project aimed at defining new standards,...

Craig Walls10/20/09
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SpringOne/2GX Keynote Notes

Rod started out by giving a quick overview of the Spring timeline, starting with the publication of Expert One-on-One J2EE Design and Development, up through the formation of Interface21/SpringSource, and into the more recent acquisitions. He then described...

Mitch Pronschinske10/19/09
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Did a Crooked IBM Exec Derail Sun Aquisition?

Should the recent insider trading arrest of an IBM senior VP put the whole Sun acquisition saga under new scrutiny?  Robert W. Moffat, who was a primary negotiator in the merger talks with Sun late last year, had access to Sun's nonpublic financial...

Debasish Ghosh10/19/09
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Are ORMs Really a Thing of the Past?

Stephan Schmidt has blogged on the ORMs being a thing of the past. While he emphasizes on ORMs' performance concerns and dismisses them as leaky abstractions that throw LazyInitializationException, he does not present any concrete alternative. In his...

Cedric Beust10/19/09
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Why I Think That IDEA Going Open Source is Not a Good Sign

It looks like I shocked quite a few people with my recent prediction of doom for IDEA, so I thought I'd take some time to elaborate.Here is what I said:

Mitch Pronschinske10/17/09
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SpringOne 2GX Kicks Off with Spring 3.0 release

The release of the Spring 3.0 and a free developer edition of the SpringSource Tomcat Server will be announced today at the SpringOne 2GX conference.  The new version of Spring's Java framework will be fully Java 5 based and have early support for Java EE...

Len DiMaggio10/16/09
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Fault Injection Testing - First Steps with JBoss Byteman

Fault injection testing[1] is a very useful element of a comprehensive test strategy in that it enables you to concentrate on an area that can be difficult to test; the manner in which the application under test is able to handle exceptions.

Nitin Bharti10/16/09
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OO Design for Testability

 We design our code for performance, maintenance, simplicity, extensibility and other goals, but most of us do not think about testability as a design...

Mitch Pronschinske10/16/09
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Giant Eclair Heralds Android 2.0

Google just added a new oversized confection to their front lawn where the giant Android robot resides.  The odd ritual is based on a precedent for new Android OS releases, in this case, Android 2.0 codename: Eclair.  This latest addition to the Googleplex...

John Ferguson Smart10/16/09
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5 Rules to Writing Portable Build Scripts

A good build script should be self-contained, self-booting and portable. You should be able to check it out of source control and run it. No buts. Period. The rules (or tips) that follow should be self-evident and applied everywhere. Unfortunately, they are...

Mitch Pronschinske10/15/09
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NetKernel 4.0 Arrives; Based on New, More Efficient Microkernel

A completely revamped NetKernel 4.0 is now available under the 1060 Research public license.  The new version of the resource oriented computing (ROC) platform is based on an entirely new microkernel that is smaller and faster.  Randy Kahle, Director of...