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Sunil Parikh02/01/10
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Drools JBoss Rules 5.0 Developer’s Guide

I thoroughly enjoyed reviewing this book and its example code. It covers many advanced topics and it's clear to me that the author worked hard to put together the book's contents. I enjoyed that,...

Holly Schinsky02/01/10
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Real-time data visualization using Flex and publish/subscribe messaging

When you hear the term “data visualization”, you probably immediately think of pie charts, bar charts, and line charts showing sales data, population data, or other historical data.   These charts and graphs help us to visualize the data, detect key...

Ryan Developer02/01/10
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XML bindings with JAXB and JAX-RS

There are many tutorials and examples of using JAX-RS to create RESTful web services, but most fall short of explaining how to produce and consume complex object graphs using XML and JAXB. This article will show how easy it can be, several approaches to where...

Nicolas Frankel02/01/10
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Context Root Tweaking

JEE never ceases to amaze me. Even when I think I’m on top and I know all there’s to know about webapps, I’m in for a surprise. Good news is, whatever you think you know about a subject, there’s still room for one more fact. Bad news is, I’m deeply...

Rafael Naufal02/01/10
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The Power of Pair Programming

Some weeks ago I started practicing pair programming with some co-workers for two reasons:

Muhammad Khojaye02/01/10
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Are Marker Interfaces Dead?

Marker Interfaces and Annotations In earlier versions of Java, Marker Interfaces were the only way to declare metadata about a class. With the advent of annotation in Java 5, it is consider that marker interfaces have now no place. They can be completely...

Mitch Pronschinske02/01/10
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Memory Leak Protection in Tomcat 7

The last time DZone spoke with Mark Thomas, a Senior Software Engineer with SpringSource and committer for Apache Tomcat, he said that Tomcat has had a long history of memory leaks when reloading web applications.  This topic could easily fill its own...

Vinay Tawney01/31/10
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Advanced Messaging Queuing Protocol

This article deals with AMQP, and some implementations, especially Qpid and ActiveMQ. Introduction AMQP stands for Advanced Messaging Queuing Protocol. It is a standard for cross platform messaging. It is a wire protocol and aims to enable functional...

Vinay Tawney01/30/10
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Simple Guide To Understand Resource Profiles in Java Applications

This note describes a few simple commands on how to view the RAM and CPU usage of your Java process. It provides brief pointers on how to identify the influencing parameters and how to tweak it. Memory Java Heap The heap size of your Java process can be...

James Sugrue01/29/10
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Agile Methodology Mashups

When it comes to how you approach software development, you don't get anything better than adopting an agile software development process. But how to apply this in your process can sometimes confuse people.

Alex Ruiz01/29/10
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An (Overlooked?) Use Case for the Strategy Pattern

Composition over inheritance. It seems that we all agree and understand this valuable principle. I’ve been reading a good amount of code lately from some open source projects (including mine,) and I think we are still missing at least one use case where to...

Steven Lott01/29/10
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Aristotle's Poetics and Project Management

It can be a fatal mistake to impose a story arc on a project. Aristotle's Poetics is a commentary on drama, in which he identified two story arcs that are sure-fire hits: Big Man Brought Down, and Small Man Lifted Up. These are the standard "Change in...

Sebastien Arbogast01/29/10
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Grails BlazeDS 4 Integration Plugin

One of the main goals I’ve been pursuing for a few months is the integration of Grails with Flex 4.

Mitch Pronschinske01/28/10
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Scala 2.8 Improves Scala IDE

After many months of development, and a large number of bug fixes, the Scala Team has released the next version of their concise, JVM-based programming language.  Scala 2.8 is a major release that includes a redesigned collection library, manifests for...

Mitch Pronschinske01/28/10
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Oracle's Roadmap for Sun Technologies

Oracle has laid out its strategy for integrating Sun's resources - Human and Technological - into their own company infrastructure.  The company plans to invest $4.3 billion in R&D this year, and between last year's Oracle OpenWorld and now, the message...