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Glenn Galang12/08/08
4 replies

Single Source OSGi Enterprise Architecture Pattern

The following article documents an architectural solution to a problem which I’ve encountered in many enterprise computing environments. Problem:

Geertjan Wielenga12/07/08
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JavaFX 1.0, Linux, NetBeans IDE

Attracted by the Video Puzzle, I followed Weiqi Gao's brilliant instructions and now I have JavaFX 1.0 on Linux: In particular, the list of samples is very promising:

Irina Megorskaya12/05/08
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Easy Grails with IntelliJ IDEA

This post opens a series of articles related to Groovy and Grails development with IntelliJ IDEA 8. Today we’ll discuss some general enhancements that IntelliJ IDEA has introduced to Grails support. While working with the Grails framework in IntelliJ...

kevin cheung12/05/08
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Connecting MySQL GUI Client to a Remote MySQL Server

Many of the webhosting companies has blocked port 3306 to prevent access from outside, todefend against from security threats. As a consequence, users are required touse web-based client to access their MySQL Server provided by the hostingcompanies. These...

Ryan Heaton12/05/08
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A Rich Web Service API for Your Favorite Framework, Part 4: Wicket

The intent of this how-to series is to demonstrate the development of a rich Web service API on a variety of popular development frameworks. Part 4 (this tutorial) targets Apache Wicket.

Debasish Ghosh12/04/08
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Data 2.0 - More Musings

Martin Fowler writes .. "If you switch your integration protocol from SQL to HTTP, it now means you can change databases from being IntegrationDatabases to ApplicationDatabases. This change is profound. In the first step it supports a much simpler...

James Sugrue12/04/08
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Getting to Know Spring Integration

This week at SpringONE, the Spring Integration 1.0 general access release was announced. I was lucky enough to have a chance to talk to the project lead, Mark Fisher, about the Spring Integration project. The project provides an implementation of the...

James Sugrue12/04/08
39 replies

JavaFX 1.0: This Could Be Something Special

Today will mark the 1.0 release of JavaFX, and a rebirth for the Java platform. Up to now I've had some reservations about JavaFX, but after having the chance to talk to  Param Singh, Senior Director of JavaFX at Sun and John Birkey, JavaFX...

Geertjan Wielenga12/03/08
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Time Slider: OpenSolaris 2008.11 Killer Feature

Other than that I work for Sun and that I believe in the "fly your own plane / eat your own dog food" principle, I've never had a reason to seriously consider using OpenSolaris. Why? Because I'm a very happy Ubuntu user, especially since the latest...

karthikeyan Cho...12/02/08
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Setup Web Application Using JBoss Seam NetBeans Tomcat And Maven

In this post let us discuss how we can configure a web application using JBoss-Seam framework in Tomcat. Maven is used for build management and NetBeans 6.1 or 6.5 is the IDE used [with Maven plugin installed]. The web application under consideration is a...

adam bien12/02/08
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Your architecture starts to be sub-optimal if...

There are lot of experts involved, but no one is really excited.You are talking for more than a day about concepts and architectures without a single Proof Of Concept or even discussion of code.You are just selling the features without explaining the...

Daan van Etten12/02/08
15 replies

1942 Classes: Statistics About Spring 2.5

Frameworks are growing with every release. Classes are changed, removed and added. In this series I zoom in on some well known projects and analyze their class names with completely meaningless statistics. First: Spring 2.5. To get these statistics, I wrote a...

Glenn Galang12/01/08
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Light Weight Reporting Server on Equinox OSGi

I’ve been building software for quite a few years now and as software programming techniques have advanced, so has the number of layers. Every once in a while a technology comes along which changes the way we think. Of late I’ve been hearing a lot about...

Josiah Hester12/01/08
18 replies

Google's Challenge to the iPhone: Android..

Today's smartphone market (North American) is dominated by one phone, the iPhone. Who can challenge this behemoth of commercial glamour?

Tom Cellucci12/01/08
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Monitoring Declarative Transactions in Spring

Declarative transaction management is arguably one of the most useful and widely used features of the Spring Framework. It allows sophisticated control over transactions with only a few lines of configuration. A typical application need only to add an...