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Kai Tödter02/19/09
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Annotations for OSGi Declarative Services

Recently I took a deeper look at OSGi Declarative Services (DS), Spring Dynamic Modules, iPOJO and Peaberry. I have to admit that I like DS a lot (and even more in the upcoming OSGi 4.2 spec). But one thing I particularly liked about iPOJO was the possibility...

Mike Desjardins02/19/09
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A Reason to Hate Enterprise Java

Today, while going through my morning ritual of scanning my RSS feeds, I came across this little gem.These are the kinds of pictures that a software architect or Java evangelist might get giddy over.  Now imagine a development team that needs to, e.g.,...

Kirk Knoernschild02/18/09
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Internal & External Releases

A recent post on InfoQ discusses a two part article by Israel Gat that argues in favor of internal vs external releases by decoupling the engineering aspects of a release from the marketing and sales aspects. By doing so, the engineering team can release...

Anil Saldhana02/18/09
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Security Auditing in JBoss Application Server v5.x

While security event auditing in the various containers of a Java EE application server can help administrators and developers keep a tab on the server, both in production and development, it can also help organizations meet legal regulations. Current and...

Arul Kumaran02/18/09
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How to Choose From Multiple Java/JEE Job Offers?

In Java and J2EE career forums, interview candidates often ask how to choose from multiple job offers? This is not an easy decision to make and often this dilemma is made worse due to not asking the right questions about the position or role at the interview.

David Green02/18/09
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JPA 2.0: Why AccessType is Relevant

It has long been debated whether field access is superior to property access for JPA entities. Most arguments that I've seen hinge on performance versus encapsulation. While these arguments may be interesting from a theoretical perspective, control over field...

adam bien02/17/09
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Maven or Ant?

Maven vs. Ant is one of the semi-religious topics (like IntelliJ vs. Eclipse, SWT vs. Swing or Spring vs. EJB). Depending on your specific needs, both build tools may be interesting. Ant is just a framework, or a build-DSL, which cannot be used out of the...

Kirk Knoernschild02/17/09
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Embedding OSGi in Tomcat

My last post embedded OSGi in an application server using Felix, Jetty, and PAX WEB. Here, I’m going to embed Equinox in Tomcat. I originally set out to embed Felix in Tomcat, but the dearth of tools and frameworks available for embedding Felix made using...

Max Katz02/16/09
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JBoss RichFaces with Spring

This article is going to show you how to build a RichFaces application with Spring. We are going to replace the standard JSF managed beans with Spring beans. We will first use an XML-based configuration approach and then switch to an annotations approach in...

Geertjan Wielenga02/16/09
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Extending GlassFish v3 via the NetBeans Platform's OSGi Support

The first problem you encounter when trying to use NetBeans IDE to extend GlassFish is that GlassFish, while extendable (hurray), is only extendable via OSGi bundles. And NetBeans IDE doesn't let you create OSGi bundles. Or... doesn't it?

Wei Ling Chen02/16/09
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Refcardz Topics: What Should We Cover? (Vote Now)

DZone needs your help!  We have a lot of Refcard topics on our plate and want to know how to prioritize the topic choices.  What topics would you like to see?  Vote your favorites from the list below.If you're...

Slim Ouertani02/16/09
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Hessian Declarative Extender in SCA

Before SCA training, I discussed with one of my colleagues about the Hessian extender. We need to export our OSGI services outside container in the SCA fashion, without the need to create explicit proxy. With the Hessian extender, we need to extend...

Zviki Cohen02/16/09
4 replies

Project Bespin and the Future of Web UI According to Google

Last week, Mozilla Labs unveiled yet another innovative project called Bespin. Bespin is an online code editor. I shared my opinion on Online IDEs in the past (here and here). They open new opportunities, yet, we are still far from the promised land.

Nitin Bharti02/13/09
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Ruby and Your Brain

In this video, presented at the December 2008 Kyushu Ruby Kaigi in Fukuoka, Japan, Andy Hunt talks about his new book, Pragmatic Thinking and Learning, the...

Alex Miller02/13/09
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LBQ + GC = Slow

There was an interesting exchange on the concurrency-interest mailing list about LinkedBlockingQueue, one of the most important and commonly used queue implementations in java.util.concurrent. LBQ is an optionally-bounded thread-safe queue based on a linked...