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Gary Fleming08/14/08
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Neater Java

In Java 5, as all good Java developers will know, Sun introduced the enum type. Since I’m sure anyone who is interested in what will follow knows that already, I won’t bore you with the details but there’s some decent historical information on Sun’s...

Anne Botha08/14/08
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The Undercover Adventure (Part 5): Sliding sand consensus.

In my time here on the oil mine I have had a lot of time to think and observe and one thing is for certain, perspective on something makes a big difference in its execution and acceptance. Whether a difference exists between planners and specialists,...

Masoud Kalali08/13/08
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Interview with Jeff Davis, author of "Open Source SOA" along with a free chapter of the book.

This article represent an interview with Jeff Davis, author of Manning's Open Source SOA, around his book subject and related areas. The book itself is an under development book and currently available as an early access release.

Andres Almiray08/13/08
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JavaFx: the hidden threading rule

The following post is the result of my latest JavaFx Script experiments mixed with Stu's Java.Next series (1,2). Alright, so Stu decides to showcase how the Java.next languages interop with Java the language, and to do so he chose a Swing based...

Meera Subbarao08/13/08
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Visual Documentation of Ant Dependencies in 3 Simple Steps

An automated build process with Ant is one of the most crucial things required in any CI process. Ant is the build tool of choice for many Enterprise Java projects. This is an XML file, usually called build.xml, which describes a project's dependencies. At...

Arnon Rotem-gal-oz08/13/08
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Evolving Architectures - Architecture Retrospective

Retrospectives, every "agile" team does retrospectives.What are retrospectives anyway?A retrospective is a meeting where the team takes a look and inspect the past, in order to adapt and improve the future.Agile or not, our team does a retrospective...

Mohammad Juma08/13/08
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Selenium Vs WebTest

Selenium and WebTest are two frameworks available for web test automation. This article compares both frameworks based on a set of 8 questions to help to choose between them.

Meera Subbarao08/13/08
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Creating SOAP Message Handlers in 3 Simple Steps - Part 1

This tutorial takes a look at SOAP Message handlers and how easy it is to write handlers using JAX-WS 2.0. JAX-WS 2.0 allows both regular Java classes and stateless EJBs(Session beans) to be exposed as web services. The JAX-WS 2.0 is the core specification...

Jack Frosch08/12/08
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Java Web Applications Spread Bots and Keyloggers?

In its report, Cybercrime Trends for 2008, Symantec claims, "Java-based Web applications—small programs, such as video players or interactive maps, that launch themselves from a Web page—are proliferating, which will provide a growing opportunity for

Debasish Ghosh08/12/08
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Scala Actors 101 - Threadless and Scalable

Application performance is no longer a free lunch, and with current hardware trends of cores-for-the-chores, the search is on for the programming model that will make your application scale out over all the processing units that you have. Java 5 and Java 6...

John Rizzo08/12/08
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Certifications - May I See The Menu?

At JavaRanch and JavaBlackBelt, we frequently see questions from developers trying to get their first job or advance to a higher level job.  They wonder if getting certified will help them advance.Customer: Good morning, I'd like a certification please, it's...

Greg Brown08/12/08
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Pivot: A Practical Example, Part 5 - Localization

This is the last in a series of five articles that walk through the implementation of a simple but practical Pivot application called Stock Tracker. The previous article discussed data binding.

Jim Weaver08/12/08
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Dragging Graphical Nodes in JavaFX: Examples by Silveira

Featured at the finale of the I Hear Voices: Post JavaFX SDK Preview Release post, Silveira Neto is a CS student, CEJUG member and Sun Campus Ambassador at Federal University of Ceará.  Silveira has been working on some fun examples of dragging, rotating,...

Harry Chen08/12/08
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On Java Exception Handling

I came across a series of blog posts by Daniel Pietraru that deal with the use of exceptions in Java programming — I love it. The exception framework in Java provides a means for programs to signal and handle errors and other exceptional events. It’s not...

Alex Miller08/11/08
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Documenting Thread Safety

Along with the problem of actually making code thread-safe, there is also the problem of documenting it so other programmers know how to use your code. In general, it’s wise when designing a class to consider the state in the class and determine if each...