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Paul Umbers08/19/09
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Book Review - Programming Clojure

Along with the many screencasts & tutorials already available on the Internet, Programming Clojure provides an invaluable introduction for the first-time Lisp programmer or Java...

Vincent Partington08/19/09
9 replies

JPA Implementation Patterns: Lazy Loading

Anybody that has been working with Hibernate for a while has probably seen a LazyInitializationException or two, usually followed by a message such as "failed to lazily initialize a collection of role: com.xebia.jpaip.order.Order.orderLines, no session...

adam bien08/19/09
13 replies

In The Age Of DRYness - Do We Really Need Naming Conventions For Interfaces?

During past projects / reviews I found the following naming conventions for interfaces and their realizations:

James Sugrue08/19/09
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ColdFusion Refcard: Meet The Author

This week DZone releases the ColdFusion Refcard, with all the latest updates for ColdFusion 9. I got the chance to ask Terry Ryan about ColdFusion and the advantages of using it in the crowded application server market. DZone: Hi Terry, could you please...

Justin Sargent08/18/09
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Terracotta acquires Ehcache

Terracotta today announced the purchase of privately-held Ehcache, a Java caching solution that ships as a component within many other Java products including Hibernate ORM, Spring Framework, Alfresco CMS and Liferay portal.  Terracotta clusters JVMs...

Wouter van Reeven08/18/09
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Making GlassFish v3 Available Using Apache2 and mod_jk

The upcoming release of JEE 6 means that the next release of GlassFish, version 3, still is under development. However, it is stable enough to try out many features of JEE 6 already. apart from support for JEE 6, the integration with mod_jk has significantly...

Willie Wheeler08/18/09
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Spring Integration: A Hands-On Tutorial, Part 1

This tutorial is the first in a two-part series on Spring Integration. In this series we're going to build out a lead management system based on a message bus that we implement using Spring Integration. Our first tutorial will begin with a brief overview of...

Debasish Ghosh08/17/09
8 replies

Five Reasons Why You Should Learn a New Language Now

There have been quite a few murmers in the web sphere today regarding the ways Java programming paradigms have changed since its inception in the late 90s. A clear mandate and recommendation towards immutable abstractions, DSL like interfaces, actor based...

Mikhail Kolesnik08/17/09
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Using SelfPopulatingCache in Ehcache

Often you will notice that Ehcache is used mostly like a tool that implements highly configurable maps. Sometimes developers configure time-to-live properties, or make use of disk-store functionality, but you can rarely meet someone who has cache...

Howard Lewis Ship08/17/09
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Meta-Programming Java

In the last couple of years, if you mention the term meta-programming, people's ears perk up ... and they start looking around for Ruby. That's fair; Ruby makes a lot of meta-programming concepts very, very easy. However, that doesn't mean you can't do any...

James Sugrue08/17/09
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The Importance of IP Management: A Discussion With Protecode

With so many different licencing options available in software development, it can be difficult to ensure that you are abiding by the agreements for any libraries you are using. Protecode offers a solution to deal with this. I discussed their tool with the...

John Ferguson Smart08/17/09
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Web Testing BDD-style With JWebUnit and Easyb

Behaviour-driven development is a great way to design and build the web layers of your application. In this article, I look at how to use JWebUnit, a fast and light-weight web testing framework, with Easyb, a powerful Groovy-based BDD framework.

Howard Lewis Ship08/15/09
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Detailed Analysis of Tapestry 5

Sebastian Hennebrueder has just finished a detailed analysis of Tapestry 5. He comes at it from a few odd angles (for instance, he likes PicoContainer and shows how to integrate it). After a few misteps, he reaches these conclusions:

Anees Ur-rehman08/14/09
5 replies

Map Based Data Binding in GWT 1.6+

Binding is the most discussed issue in the GWT community. Everybody has different solution and different material to support their arguments. When we say binding we say POJO based binding. I am from school of thoughts who loved to see the client interface...

James Sugrue08/14/09
16 replies

Making the Right Choice For Your User Interface

Among developers, the decision of what user interface technology to use is always a biased one. I, as an Eclipse enthusiast, will almost always go for an Eclipse RCP based application. I'll say that it's faster to develop, I know the technology quite well and...