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Mitch Pronschinske08/03/10
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Illumos: Determined Not to Let OpenSolaris be Another Darwin

Oracle's neglecting of the OpenSolaris Governing Board has led to an ultimatum which will expire on August 19th, at which point the OSGB will dissolve itself.  In order to preserve the advancement of OpenSolaris community and the open source code, Nexenta...

Stephen Harrison08/03/10
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Spring Security 3 Review

This is an excellent book, well written, up-to-date, complete, with relevant examples and code. The subject is web application security and the implementation method is Spring Security 3. If you're...

Mitch Pronschinske08/03/10
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WSO2 Upgrades SOA Components

Today WSO2, an open source SOA and cloud services company, launched new versions of several SOA components, including the Business Process Server, Data Services Server, Business Activity Monitor, Gadget Ser;ver, and Mashup Server.  The components all run on...

Mitch Pronschinske08/03/10
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Oracle Releases Eclipse Pack For Helios

Oracle just shipped its latest 11g Enterprise Pack for Eclipse, which now supports Eclipse 3.6 "Helios".  The new release also extends Oracle product capabilities such as WebLogic application server's admin features, Oracle Coherence features, and...

Pieter Humphrey08/03/10
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TechCast: Alex Buckley Discusses the JVM and JVM Summit

Oracle's Alex Buckley (spec lead, Java Language & VM) explains why the JVM has been good not only for Java, but also for other languages -- and why JSR 292 will have a major impact on developers. 

James Sugrue08/03/10
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Deadlines Without Downtime: The Curse of Software Development

A common observation of the software development industry is that it's immature. And that's true when compared with more established professions related to construction or medicine. I've been thinking that this may be due, in no small way, to the way software...

adam bien08/03/10
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Why Stateful and Local Anti-facades are KISS

The Gateway exposes rich and persistent domain objects directly to the presentation logic. Because the domain objects are well encapsulated already - it is rather an advantage, than a shortcoming. Because of simplicity and...

Axel Rauschmayer08/03/10
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Why We Are Actually Writing Getters and Setters in Java

I often hear the opinion that writing getters and setters has something to do with better encapsulation, that using “naked” fields is bad practice. To find out if this is true, we have to look at Java history. In the mid-nineties, Sun developed the...

John Ferguson Smart08/03/10
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Testing JDK 1.4 Production Code Using Java 5 Tests in Maven

Java 5 marks a huge step forward in the realm of automated testing. JUnit 4, for example, introduces many powerful new features based on annotations, such as flexible test names and parameterized testing. TestNG has had very cool annotation-based features...

Shekhar Gulati08/03/10
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Achieving Immutability with Builder Design Pattern

One piece of advice from Effective Java is that you should make your classes Immutable unless there is a good reason to make them mutable. If a class cannot be made immutable, limit its mutability as much as possible. Immutable classes define objects...

Mitch Pronschinske08/02/10
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Sharding in Grails

Its important to build apps that have a system for scaling horizontally from the start.  Sharding is a good solution for this case since it allows developers to define multiple database 'shards' to scale data across multiple database schema and servers. ...

Satish Talim08/02/10
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Clojure: A Chat with Andrew Boekhoff

In this brief interview, Satish Talim of RubyLearning talks to Andrew Boekhoff, author of CongoMongo, a toolkit for using MongoDB with Clojure. Satish>> Welcome Andrew and thanks for taking out time to share your thoughts. What programming languages...

James Sugrue08/02/10
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Want To Attend JavaOne for Free? Try Oracle's Video Challenge

It's time to get creative! Oracle is running a great competiition which could get you into JavaOne for free, or at least for a discount. 

Gurkan Erdogdu08/01/10
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Using Defne Framework with RESTful Web Services via Apache Wink

Defne is a service oriented web application framework. The main motivation behind Defne is ease of use. Defne allows developers to concentrate on their business logic while it provides all other application requirements such as transaction and security. With...

Alex Collins07/31/10
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Functional Programming Concepts in JDK 7

There's much excitement about JDK 7 and in particular Lambdas! I've waded through the bloat to help you get an understanding of it. If you search for JDK 7 in your favourite search engine the chances are you'll hit the controversies surrounding lambadas in...