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James Sugrue02/09/10
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Design Patterns Uncovered: The Adapter Pattern

Continuing our series of articles, taking each design pattern one by one, we move onto the Adapter pattern. This pattern is used a lot in Eclipse, allowing plug-ins to be loosely coupled, yet still be integrated into the Eclipse runtime. 

Ilya Sterin02/09/10
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Scala Journey: Idioms, Concurrency and Other Rants

I’ve been following Scala off and on for about two years now. Mostly in spurts. I liked the language, but due to the workload and other priorities I never had the time to take it for a full ride. Well, over the last 2 weeks, I decided to take the full...

Nicolas Frankel02/09/10
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Securing Middleware Products

My work is IT architecture, meaning I focus on the early steps of a project. Once the application is in production, I usually leave it to systems and production engineers. For example, for JVM fine tuning, most of the clients I worked for have people that...

Remy Sharp02/09/10
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HTML5 vs Flash

First of all I wanted to make the title of this post "HTML5 and Flash", but I know it's going to bait more readers if I say versus. I should state for the record that for the foreseeable future I think Flash has a valid place on the web, and I don't...

Howard Lewis Ship02/09/10
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Committed to Tapestry

Quite a few people have commented on Ten Years of Tapestry, many to note some of the many other great projects being built with Tapestry as a foundation. We keep a list of tutorials and extensions on the Tapestry home page, with many other sites noted on...

Avi Yehuda02/09/10
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Getting Ready for Job Interviews

Searching for a job can be a rather discouraging experience. In a few occasions in the past I have found myself looking for a job as a Java developer. During these occasions I have managed to gather a few principles that have helped me along the way, perhaps...

Mitch Pronschinske02/09/10
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Terracotta and Eucalyptus Forge Alliance

Today, Terracotta and Eucalyptus are announcing a partnership in which the two open source companies will provide tighter integration between Terracotta's data management solution and Eucalyptus' cloud solution.  The two companies will also engage in joint...

Mitch Pronschinske02/08/10
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Kenai Will Live on in Java.net

Two weeks ago Oracle announced that it would be shutting down Project Kenai for public use and moving it inside the company for continued internal use.  Oracle said that the project was not achieving the expected usage levels, but they also said that they...

Nitin Bharti02/08/10
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Adam Lehman on the "ColdFusion Renaissance"

In this interview, recorded at CFinNC 2009, Dan Wilson speaks with ColdFusion Product Manager Adam Lehman on the rebirth of the ColdFusion platform....

James Sugrue02/08/10
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Spring WebFlow Refcard: Meet The Author

This weeks Refcard, written by Craig Walls, covers the Spring WebFlow framework. I spoke with Craig to find out more about Spring WebFlow, it's relationship to Spring and how to get started using WebFlow.

Eric Daugherty02/08/10
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Integrating GraniteDS and BlazeDS with a Spring WebMVC Application

Both GraniteDS and BlazeDS provide support for remote calls and messaging using Adobe's AMF protocol. However, when it comes to integrating them with a Spring application that already uses Spring's DispatchServlet, the projects start to show some differences.

Hamlet D'Arcy02/08/10
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New in Groovy 1.7.1: Constructor Mocking and Half Mocks

The Groovy MockFor object got some fun new features this weekend: constructor mocking and "half-mocks". The tickets are marked for Groovy 1.7.1, so these features are available in the nightly builds or in the next few weeks as 1.7.1 is released. The...

Debasish Ghosh02/08/10
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Scala Self-Type Annotations for Constrained Orthogonality

I talked about orthogonality in design in one of my earlier posts. We had a class Address in Scala and we saw how we can combine it with other orthogonal concerns without polluting the core abstraction. We could do this because Scala offers a host of...

Roshan Dawrani02/07/10
4 replies

Groovy.compareTo(Groovy++) - Part 1

My previous article A sneak peek into Groovy++ covered what Groovy++ is, what are the pros and cons of using it, where it fits compared to Groovy and Java and some high level differences between them. The purpose of this article is to go a bit deeper and try...

Jan Michalica02/07/10
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Java I/O streams and RMI

Perhaps every programmer working with Java RMI (Remote Method Invocation) comes to the point when he/she recognizes that java.io.Input/OutputStream classes do not implement java.io.Serializable interface - so that they cannot be used as remote methods'...