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James Sugrue05/18/09
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The Java Community Process - A Year in Review

Last year the Java Community Process turned 10 years old. Patrick Curran has published his review of the last year of activity in JSR Watch: Here's To Progress. In the article he discussed a number of issues from the JCP membership and leadership to JSR...

Thomas Heute05/18/09
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Creating a Customized Solution With JBoss Portal

Out of the box, the JBoss Portal project delivers a simple portal, usually users will strip it down completely and start fresh or build on top of it. In this article we will see how to progressively transform the out of the box portal to a customized...

Ricky Ho05/18/09
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Cloud Security Considerations

"Security concern" is perhaps one of the biggest hurdle for enterprises to move their application from in-house data center to the public cloud. While a number of these concerns are real, I've found most of them are just fears from the lack of...

Misko Hevery05/17/09
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How Do You Convince Your Boss to TDD?

A reader asks: My boss knows about TDD but won’t allow us to use it because he thinks that it is just a passing hype that everyone talks about but no serious, big projects actually use it on daily basis. How could I convince him that it is not so?

James Sugrue05/15/09
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Five Reasons To Be Excited About the Eclipse Ecosystem

As a developer who depends on the Eclipse platform daily, there are a number of projects that I couldn't do without in the Eclipse eco-system. I'm not talking about plugins that I use to help me in the development process - I'll do a list of them some other...

Murat Yener05/15/09
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Flex Meets Google App Engine

Adobe did a very good job with Flex and they are far ahead of their rivals in RIA area. Meanwhile Google is doing great with several Java projects (such as Guice, GWT) and bringing Java support to Google App Engine. Actually Google even has an open source...

Kirk Knoernschild05/14/09
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Agile 2009 Developer Jam Preview

Agile 2009 takes place in Chicago from August 24th - 28th. The call for papers is closed, and the agenda has been developed. The conference is composed of 20 different stages. As stage producer for Developer Jam, I'm incredibly excited about the sessions and...

Solomon Duskis05/14/09
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Solomon Duskis on REST - Presented in HTTP

I'm preparing for an internal REST presentation. I'm going to use this blog as my presentation platform. Power Points can be pretty, but I think that it's ideal to have a presentation about REST in an HTML/HTTP/URL environment. Here's a rough outline of...

Arnon Rotem-gal-oz05/14/09
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REST – The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

I recently got a request from Alik for my opinion on REST. I think  this might be interesting for a wider audience and decided to blog my answer here. Note: I also have a REST presentation I prepared a while ago, which is downloadable from here (ppt)

Jose Noheda05/14/09
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Book Review: Spring Web Flow Web Development

Right now there are two trends to develop web applications, either you choose the RIA model or a conversational approach. In the former, say Flex with Cairgorm, both the model and the state is handled by the client. In the later, the server manages the scope...

Ashutosh Sharma05/14/09
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Introduction to Hibernate Filters

Hibernate is one of the most popular ORM solutions being used in the Java persistence world. In this article we will learn how to use Hibernate filters. A sample application is also provided for the better understanding.

Kirk Knoernschild05/13/09
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Agile Architecture or Accidental Architecture

Architecture is an overloaded term these days, and one that is not always easy to define. There's also a myth surrounding architecture and agile methods - some feel it isn't necessary. But architecture is a critical component of any software development...

James Sugrue05/13/09
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Oracle Were After The Software All Along

There's an interesting story up on InformationWeek discussing records that show Oracle was only interested in Sun's software all along, and didn't want anything to do with the hardware.

Jim Connors05/13/09
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It is within our nature, even in the most infinitesimal way, to leave our mark on this world before we exit it.  I'd like to coin the following term, heretofore unseen in the JavaFX space, and submit it as my humble contribution to the human collective: ...

Rob Williams05/13/09
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Aspects and a Few Language Musings

I wanted to write some code for generating events when properties on certain key entities change. Of course, we all know that there was nascent support for propertyChangeListeners in the ‘bean‘ code way back to the beginning of Java time. In general,...