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Mitch Pronschinske08/13/10
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Oracle v. Google: News Hub and Community Pulse

Oracle's lawsuit against Google's use of Java-related patents in Android's Dalvik VM and SDK could become a drawn out battle with long lasting implications.  The immediate effect has been mainly a negative outcry from the Java community.  The documents that...

ahmad seddighi08/13/10
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An Inside Look at Hibernate Types

In this article we will see how Hibernate provides built-in types that map to common database types. We'll also see how Hibernate allows us to implement and use custom types when these built-in types do not satisfy the application's requirements, or when...

Jon Davis08/13/10
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Dear Java Developers: Told Ya So!

Well, I suppose I didn’t tell you so, I didn’t knock on every Java developer’s door and say it. But I did say it. To myself. In a soft mumble. LOL. What I said is that Java is not any more “Open Source” than .NET is. Granted, a huge majority of...

Alex Collins08/13/10
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Andy Gibson08/13/10
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Knappsack Archetypes

In part 1, we looked at the basic structure and configuration of the project that is common in all the archetypes. This time we’ll look at the minimal archetype that contains some more functionality and a number of different classes used to implement...

Dhananjay Nene08/13/10
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Programming Languages Should be Simple (or My Ideal Programming Language)

I am disappointed with many of the newer languages which I earlier thought showed great promise of making programming easier, quicker, and more robust. And it boils down to one thing. Simplicity in learning. Having gone through substantial amounts of...

Cedric Beust08/13/10
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Oracle is Suing Google Over Java. There’s Just One Tiny Problem…

Oracle is suing Google over Java. I’m really curious to see what legal ground Oracle is going to be using considering that Sun’s previous CEO, Jonathan Schwartz, officially congratulated Google the day they announced Android:

Bruce Wallace08/13/10
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Writing Tests: Don’t Make “Not my Job” “Just Business”

Philosophy and economics have something to say about Unit Testing. There are two schools of thought about whether programmers should have to write tests to verify their own code (in addition to writing the code itself). The philosophy of economics, and...

Mitch Pronschinske08/12/10
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Did Google "Sell Out" on Net Neutrality?

There's been plenty of buzz about Google's recent collaboration with Verizon on the subject of Net neutrality.  It's important to note that this collaboration has only resulted in a proposal in the form of a "suggested legislative framework for...

Rick Ross08/12/10
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Oracle Sues Google Over Android's Use of Java

Oracle has just filed a lawsuit againt Google for patent and copyright infringement related to Android's use of Java."In developing Android, Google knowingly, directly and repeatedly infringed Oracle's Java-related intellectual property. This...

Mitch Pronschinske08/12/10
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New JSFUnit Hops on Arquillian Bandwagon

JBoss' Java Server Faces testing framework, JSFUnit, has just released version 1.3 with a couple of new features and one significant fix that now allows integration with another JBoss project - Arquillian.  For those who don't know about Arquillian, it...

Mitch Pronschinske08/12/10
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Lucene and Solr: The Merger

If you take a look on the Solr wiki to find out when the next version is going to be released (you'd assume it's version 1.5), you find a message saying that Solr 1.5 is "not likely to ever be released."  Before you start crying, you need to look...

Amr Elssamadisy08/12/10
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The Importance of Human Dynamics in Software Development

Have you ever been on a team of aces – the best of the best – and failed?  Have you ever been on a team that consisted of average people, found your rhythm and exceeded expectations again and again?  What is behind this?

adam bien08/12/10
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What Is The Value Of A Software Architect?

(My) definition of the architect's role: "Software Architect is someone who is able to break down customers (=product owners, sponsors etc.) vision in more or less fine grained software artifacts." I prefer the term...

James Sugrue08/12/10
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I Don't Write Unit Tests Because.... : The Excuses

As someone who's seen the benefits of the approach, I'm a huge believer in test driven development. It adds a level of quality and maturity to the field of software development, yet it's still not a widespread practice across development projects. When it...