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Jeff Mesnil03/05/10
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Getting Started with the HornetQ Messaging System

HornetQ is an open source project to build a multi-protocol, embeddable, clustered messaging system with very high performance, . Messaging systems (or MOM for Message-oriented middleware) are systems focused on sending and receiving messages to...

Giorgio Sironi03/05/10
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Why I'm leaving Subversion for Git

I always believed in Subversion's potential and that it would be a wide improvement over the nightmare that was CVS, but I found out that, as Linus says, There is no way to do CVS right.

James Sugrue03/05/10
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Spring Roo: The Answer To Real Rapid Application Development?

At the very end of 2009, Spring Roo GA was released, providing Java enterprise developers with a huge productivity boost. Similar in philosophy to Ruby on Rails, and with upcoming Flex & GWT support, Spring Roo could be the most significant new...

Shyam Seshadri03/05/10
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Is Strong Typing Really Needed?

This is something I have been struggling with for the last few months. I have had people argue ardently that all Strong typing is good for is false comfort and lots of unneeded typing. But I was strong. I was undeterred. I dismissed this as the crazy rants...

Felipe Gaúcho03/05/10
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Glassfish V3 Resources with the Administration CLI tool (asadmin)

I just updated the Cejug-Classifieds Project to support Maven 2 builds and I added some new features, including a Shell Script able to configure the resources and also to deploy the the application in the Glassfish V3. The script creates all Java EE resources...

Kirk Knoernschild03/05/10
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Architecture Lives Here

Last week at OSGi DevCon, I attended Peter Krien’s Advanced OSGi tutorial. The tutorial focused on OSGi services, and I had just come off a rather lengthy e-mail discussion with Peter on a similar topic. So this was pretty good timing. I want to share with...

Jevgeni Kabanov03/05/10
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5 JRebel Features You Couldn’t Do In The JVM

One common comment we hear when talking about JRebel is that class updates should be implemented in the standard JVM (see feature comparison and behind-the-scenes notes to find out more about JRebel and HotSwap). However even if Oracle or IBM would...

Eric Hagan03/04/10
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Matt Vanvleet on Legacy Code Testing

Matt Vanvleet is the VP of practice management and product development at Pillar Technology.  Pillar has created a product called Verde which lets developers...

Mitch Pronschinske03/04/10
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NoSQL DB, Objectivity/DB 10 Beefs Up Java and Adds C# .NET support

With the emergence of the term "NoSQL," many interested developers and architects are trying to clearly define what this means.  Some people may not know that Object Databases could be included in the NoSQL designation.  They can be used as...

Eric Daugherty03/04/10
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Developing a Google App Engine (GAE) app using Maven

If you want to develop a Google App Engine (GAE) application using Maven, you can either use the Maven plugin maven-gae-plugin, which requires non-trivial hacking on your pom.xml, or you can keep your pom clean and create a simple Ant script. My pom is a...

Nicolas Frankel03/04/10
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Book Review: Spring Persistence with Hibernate

This review is about Spring Persistence with Hibernate by Ahmad Reza Seddighi from Packt Publishing.

Ricky Ho03/04/10
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Search Engine Basics

Receive the question of "how search works ?" couple times recently so try to document the whole process. This is intended to highlight the key concepts but not specific implementation details, which will be much more complicated and sophisticated...

James Sugrue03/04/10
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Declaring Final Variables Elegantly Using The Assigner Design Pattern

A final variable is used to define a constant value and reference, and can only be defined once. In most cases, declaring a final variable is just a matter of assigning to a primitive value or an object reference directly.  However, in some cases, declaring...

Jerry Andrews03/04/10
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Annotating Custom Types in Hibernate

Hibernate has a lot of nice features, and it's pretty well documented, but a recent need to add a simple custom type to an existing mapping left me flailing around for documentation on exactly how to do it. I wanted to do it with annotations, not by updating...

Mitch Pronschinske03/04/10
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SonarJ Upgrades Architectural Dependency Tracking

A German company, Hello2morrow, recently launched a new version of its tool for bridging the gap between architects and developers.  SonarJ allows developers to validate their code against large software architectures using static analysis.  It exists as a...