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Mitch Pronschinske06/10/10
9 replies

HyperSQL - The Sequel

The BSD licensed HyperSQL database (HSQLDB) reached version 2.0 this week.  The "100% Java Database" now supports a wider array of SQL standard features (wider than any open source database engine available, they say).  Version 2.0 is also fully...

Giorgio Sironi06/10/10
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Set Up Solr and Get it Running

What is Solr? Lucene, but done right and on steroids. The official definition is:

James Sugrue06/10/10
8 replies

What Tool Do You Use For Automated UI Tests?

There's no doubt that test driven development is an important approach when writing your applications. For Java developers, tools like JUnit, integrated into our IDEs makes this task simple, with no excuse not to have...

Daniel Kec06/10/10
3 replies

XML Processing and Validation Merging Together

Where does the border lie between validation and the processing itself? The question is if those should be even two separate procedures at all. Let's start with something simple like what the default values are. The most of the other Schema languages allow...

Loiane Groner06/10/10
3 replies

Populating an ExtJS DataGrid + RowExpander using Spring MVC 3

This tutorial will walk through how to implement an ExtJS DataGrid with RowExpander plugin using Spring MVC Framework version 3 in the server side.

Baptiste Wicht06/10/10
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Improve the Performance of Your Maven Builds With maven-cli-plugin

When you makes a lot of build using Maven, this is quickly a pain to wait for the end of the build. So this is always good to have solutions to improve the performances of the builds.

Mitch Pronschinske06/09/10
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ZFS Expert and OpenSolaris Leader Join Nexenta

Nexenta is no stranger to talented developers.  The company was founded by the same developers who wrote the iSCSI stack for Linux in 2003.  When Sun released open source Solaris, Nexenta decided to build a distribution using the Solaris kernel with Debian...

Jared Richardson06/09/10
9 replies

Embrace Your Inner Stupid!

One of the classic engineer mistakes is the belief that we can do anything. We understand the basics of electricity, we bend computers to our will, and anything else, well, seriously... how hard could it be? We're Smart.And we are a pretty smart bunch, both...

Mitch Pronschinske06/09/10
3 replies

TyphoonAE and the Proliferation of GAE Implementations

"Yet another Google App Engine implementation" is going to become a catchphrase this year and into 2011.  We began to see the early stages of GAE implementation proliferation in 2009 when open source projects like AppScale and the MongoDB GAE...

Sunil Parikh06/09/10
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Book Review: JBoss AS 5 Development

This book is divided into 14 chapters that show Java J2EE developers how to develop applications using the JBoss application server. This book is an excellent reference for J2EE developers using...

Mitch Pronschinske06/09/10
4 replies

New Patent Around Race Condition Fixing

Today, Replay Solutions announced its success in obtaining a US patent around their software's ability to reproduce and fix race conditions.  Race conditions are a big problem for developers working on multi-threaded applications.  Voke Inc.

Lyndsey Clevesy06/09/10
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Video: Fun with Gradle

For his open source work, Robert Fischer has stumbled upon tools like Gradle and Bytescript, a Ruby based DSL for the JVM.  He's also been finishing a couple...

Vikash Ranjan06/09/10
8 replies

Java's Unsung Heroes

Whenever we  buy an electronics  gadget, the  scariest part is going  through the verbose manual. However, the section on 'Getting Started' provides some respite. The same holds  true when we try to learn a new  language, where we  focus on the...

James Sugrue06/09/10
2 replies

Design Patterns Uncovered: The State Pattern

Today's pattern is the State pattern, which allows objects to behave in different ways depending on internal state. State is used when you need a class to behave differently, such as performing slightly different computations, based on some arguments passed...

Howard Lewis Ship06/09/10
2 replies

Who Wants The Func? Gotta Have That Func!

I've been entranced by the concept of laziness since I first really considered it while teaching myself a bit of Haskell. Laziness is the idea that no computation takes place until it is actually needed ... an idea that is common in the...