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James Sugrue12/29/09
10 replies

Why Do I Break The Rules? And Who Can Stop Me?

I've been developing software for quite a few years now and I notice that sometimes I break the rules, those best practices that I know are right to follow.  With so many blogs, books and articles covering the best way to develop software, the temptation to...

Howard Lewis Ship12/29/09
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Securing Tapestry Pages With Annotations, Part 1

Everyone wants all sorts of integrations for Tapestry with other frameworks, but sometimes rolling your own is actually easier. Let's start with securing access to pages, a subject that still keeps coming up on the mailing list. I thought I'd show a little...

John Ferguson Smart12/29/09
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Automated Deployment With Cargo and Maven - a Short Primer

Cargo is a versatile library that lets you manage, and deploy applications to, a variety of application servers. In this article, we look at how to use Cargo with Maven. If you are starting from scratch, you can use an Archetype to create a Cargo-enabled...

Steven Lott12/28/09
5 replies

The Secret Architect's Cabal

Recently, I had two very weird "meta" questions on the subject of OO design. They bother me because they imply that some Brother or Sister Architect has let slip the presence of the Secret Technologies that we Architects are hiding from the Hoi...

Felipe Gaúcho12/28/09
16 replies

Webapps with Eclipse and Maven (maven-war-plugin)

Web applications created by the Eclipse IDE contains an annoying folder WebContent to host the web resources and deployment descriptors. While natural for Eclipse users, this feature ignores the Maven convention and force the developers to hack the pom files...

Eric Daugherty12/28/09
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Scala and ActionScript

Like many experienced Java programmers, I've played with several other languages and platforms over time. While most development languages are not game changing on their own, they can have an impact on the speed and level of enjoyment of a developer....

Nitin Bharti12/28/09
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Simon Free: Merapi Robots and the World of Augmented Reality

In this interview, recorded at CFinNC 2009, Dan Wilson speaks with Adobe Community Expert Simon Free about Merapi, a bridge between applications written in...

Slim Ouertani12/28/09
1 replies

OSGi Service Hook to Log All Service Invocations Using Dynamic Proxy

In this post, I will present an elegant solution to log all services invocations in an OSGi environment. After developing and using some bundles we need to know for different reasons which services are used by such a bundle, when invocation are occurred and...

James Sugrue12/28/09
7 replies

Effective Debugging: Conditional Breakpoints

One of the most important developer activities is debugging. In my college days, we were forced to use simple text editors for our software development, so I started out using print statements to see where my code was going wrong. These days, we have the...

Steven Lott12/27/09
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The Data Cartel and "Users"

I work with a CIO who calls the DBA's "The Data Cartel". They control the data. Working with some DBA's always seems to turn into hostage negotiation sessions.The worst problems seem to arise when we get out of the DBA comfort zone and start to talk...

adam bien12/25/09
33 replies

9 Reasons Why Java EE 6 Will Save Real Money

Prototyping: in general (Enterprise) Java projects start with evaluation which frameworks to use. This can take from few hours, to several months (although these times are hopefully over). Java EE 6 comes with “one stop shopping”. You can download Java EE...

Peter Karussell12/24/09
4 replies

Simple Database Migration in Java

As I started with Rails development I discovered the very neat feature of database migrations. For me this was the main advantage of using Rails compared to a pure Java solution. In our Rails application this works without any problems: you can change the...

Debasish Ghosh12/24/09
0 replies

A Case for Hybrid SQL - NoSQL Stack

Alex Popescu talks about Drizzle replication in his MyNoSql column. He makes a very interesting observation in his post regarding Drizzle's replication capabilities into a host of NoSQL storage backends .. "Leaving aside the technical details — which...

adam bien12/24/09
10 replies

Five Features That Make NetBeans 6.8 My IDE of Choice

Out-of-the-box experience: with a single download, you get not only the IDE with all useful plugins, but also an application server (Glassfish v3) and an integrated database (Derby DB). The whole procedure takes few minutes and is dead simple. The only thing...

Mitch Pronschinske12/23/09
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Bundlor 1.0 RC1 - Managing OSGi Bundle Manifests

For developers who want to manage their own bundle manifests, but need a little help to automating the details, like specifying package versions across a range of imports, the Bundlor tool is now available and is feature-complete.  Bundlor, a SpringSource...