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Lukas Krecan11/30/09
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Test Driven Web Service Client Development

This article is about test driven development of web service clients. Since we will be talking about unit tests, functional tests, test driven development and other test related topic, I'd like to clarify the terminology first.

Jean-Francois Arcand11/30/09
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Putting GlassFish v3 in Production: Essential Survival Guide

On December 10, GlassFish v3 GA will spread the world. As you are aware, the marketing vehicle for this release will be Java EE 6 and the fact that GlassFish is now a full OSGi runtime/container!!! Both are innovative technology, but they will not save your...

James Sugrue11/30/09
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Beautifying JavaFX Script From NetBeans Using AutoIt

NetBeans is the official IDE for JavaFX development. However, the latest v6.71 (or beta 6.8) of NetBeans is unable to beautify JavaFX Script (JfxScript) code as the “Format” option is not working (It just do nothing.  See Bug acknowledgement).  Editors...

John Ferguson Smart11/30/09
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Data-driven tests With JUnit 4 and Excel

One nice feature in JUnit 4 is that of Parameterized Tests, which let you do data-driven testing in JUnit with a minimum of fuss. It's easy enough, and very useful, to set up basic data-driven tests by defining your test data directly in your Java class. But...

Mitch Pronschinske11/30/09
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DZone Daily Dose - 2009/11/30

Two anonymous sources "with knowledge of the matter" told Reuters that Oracle asked for a hearing with the European Commission, which will take place December 10th.  This could mean that Oracle finally plans to address the EU's concerns about MySQL...

Sebastien Arbogast11/29/09
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My Devoxx Discoveries of the Year

Every year, the main reason why I go to Devoxx is to discover new stuff. For me it’s all about technology watch. The internet and RSS feeds are my main tech watch instrument but there is one thing that is harder to get through RSS: feelings. Conferences...

Mark Needham11/28/09
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Writing a Java function in Clojure

A function that we had to write in Java on a project that I worked on recently needed to indicate whether there was a gap in a series of data points or not. If there were gaps at the beginning or end of the sequence then that was fine but gaps in the middle...

Mitch Pronschinske11/28/09
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DZone Daily Dose - 2009/11/28

A new version of Apache Lucene, an open source search engine, was just released.  Version 3 of the Apache Lucene project is being called a "clean up release" by the project management committee chair, Grant Ingersoll.  The release removes all...

Daan van Etten11/27/09
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London Wicket Meetup: Wicket 1.5, WiQuery, Brix and more..

On November 21st the London Wicket meetup took place in “The Gallery” at the central London Foyles Bookshop. At the venue some well-known Wicket-related speakers made their entrance and held talks about Brix, Wicket 1.5, WiQuery, and how having a baby...

Mitch Pronschinske11/27/09
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DZone Daily Dose - 2009/11/27

A new report by the Interactive Advertising Bureau shows that online ad revenues for the third quarter of this year have dropped 5.4% from the end of last year.  However, online ad revenues are up 1.7% from this year's second quarter.  Online ad sales were...

Andrew Phillips11/26/09
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Testing Frameworks for Java with Code Samples

Some while back I was preparing a presentation on mocking and testing frameworks for Java. As part of the aim was to demonstrate some real, running code, I ended up spending quite some time copying, pasting, extending and correcting various examples gleaned...

Mitch Pronschinske11/26/09
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US Senators Give Ellison a Hand

59 US Senators signed a request this week asking the European Commission to expedite its investigation of the Oracle-Sun deal.  The letter was addressed to the EU's head US delegate, Angelos Pangratis.  The signatories, led by Senators John Kerry (D) and...

Mitch Pronschinske11/25/09
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DZone Daily Dose - 2009/11/26

Are you one of the few lucky searchers who saw the new Google search interface today?  Early reports say that Google just started testing its revamped search interface with random users.  You can find a method for getting this new interface here, but it may...

Nitin Bharti11/25/09
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Q&A: Designing "Testable Architectures" with Savara

DZone recently caught up with Gary Brown, Senior Software Engineer at Red Hat, and Steve Ross-Talbot, Chief Architect at Cognizant to talk about Savara.  Savara is an open source JBoss project that leverages the notion of 'Testable Architectures' to ensure...

Edward Gardella11/25/09
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ActiveMQ in Action

Manning was kind enough to provide me with an EAP (Early Access Program) copy of ActiveMQ in Action for review.  The copy only contains chapters 1-6, 8, 12 and 14 (the other chapters are...