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Howard Lewis Ship03/12/10
14 replies

Why Eclipse Leaves Me Wanting

I think I've come to understand why Eclipse leaves me always feeling a bit frustrated. Yes, it is more stable than IDEA, uses less memory, has some documentation, and a lot of acceptance ... but even so, it just leaves me cold (and I was an early adopter,...

Mitch Pronschinske03/11/10
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Improving the Testability of Java EE With Arquillian; 1.0.0 Alpha 1 Released

At Devoxx '09, JBoss introduced a framework that could help improve the testability of Java EE and JBoss AS.  Integration testing is important in Java EE because business components often interact with the container's resources or sub-system and many...

Mitch Pronschinske03/11/10
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Opening the JBoss Toolbox 3.1

JBoss just wrapped up it's work on JBoss Tools 3.1 with a final release.  The umbrella project includes Eclipse plugins for JBoss AS, Hibernate, Drools, jBPM, JSF, (X)HTML, Seam, Smooks, JBoss ESB, JBoss Portal, and more.  JBoss Tools 3.1 will require...

Giorgio Sironi03/11/10
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Acceptance Test-Driven Development

I am halfway through reading Growing object-oriented software, guided by tests, a book that teaches Test-Driven Development in a Java environment. A review will come soon, since the process described in this work is really language-agnostic and...

Alex Tkachman03/11/10
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Multiverse: Open Source Software Transactional Memory for Java. Interview with creator

Today we have pleasure to talk with Peter Veentjer creator and lead developer of very interesting open source project called Multiverse

James Sugrue03/11/10
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Using OSGi & Equinox Effectively: An Interview With Jeff McAffer

After releasing his latest book covering OSGi & Equinox, I took the opportunity to catch up with Jeff McAffer. In this interview we discuss the basics of OSGi, the Equinox implementation, benefits of modularity and some best practices around using...

Eric Daugherty03/11/10
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Programming in the Small

I believe that successful application development today is about 'tweaks and sub-features', not major functionality.  But my thought process for this post was kicked off by an interesting post by Mike Taylor: 'Whatever happened to programming?' Mike laments...

Jose Maria Arranz03/11/10
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The Single Page Interface Manifesto

I have published The Single Page Interface Manifesto. The objective of this manifesto is to promote the progressive disappearance of the use of pages not only in web applications also in dynamic web sites.  

Caleb Jenkins03/11/10
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Practice Software Patterns – Component Patterns

The first time that someone taught me about Software Design Patterns it went something like this: Them: “… and so that is the pattern.” Me: “That’s it” Them: “Well, yeah.” Me: “But that’s how I’ve always done that.” Them: “Well, then...

Cedric Beust03/11/10
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The IDE, Reloaded

Here is a very interesting take on the concept of Integrated Development Environment. As opposed to traditional IDE’s, which work at the same level as the Java language itself (classes and packages), this IDE, called Code Bubbles, allows you to work at a...

Mitch Pronschinske03/10/10
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Java Clojure Interop: Integrating Clojure into Your Java Project

It's easier to wrap an existing piece of Java code in Clojure than it is to do the inverse, but because Clojure is implemented as a Java class library, it's also relatively simple to embed Clojure in your Java applications, load code, and call functions. ...

Mitch Pronschinske03/10/10
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JIRA Studio Now Integrated with Google Apps

Atlassian currently is in the process of migrating their employees from Zimbra to Google Apps to reflect their recent move to integrate JIRA Studio, their hosted SDL package, with the Google Apps suite.  With the relaunch of the Google Apps Marketplace, JIRA...

Mitch Pronschinske03/10/10
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Cassandra Usurping MySQL on Twitter

One source had confirmed that Twitter was working with the NoSQL data store, Cassandra, late last year.  Some more details have finally surfaced about this quiet transition from a MySQL + Memcached system to Cassandra.  The MyNoSQL blog recently interviewed...

Debasish Ghosh03/10/10
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NOSQL Movement - Excited with the coexistence of Divergent Thoughts

Today we are witnessing a great bit of excitement with the NoSQL movement. Call it NoSQL (~SQL) or NOSQL (Not Only SQL), the movement has a mission. Not all applications need to store and process data the same way, and the storage should also be...

James Sugrue03/10/10
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tc Server Spring Edition Improves Visibility and Productivity in the Cloud

SpringSource have just announced tcServer Spring Edition, giving develpers and operators better visibility into their Spring applications deployed into cloud environments. tcServer, based on Tomcat is a popular choice for developers who want to...