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Jakob Jenkov05/20/10
8 replies

Java NIO - Question About Buffer Design

I am currently writing a tutorial on Java NIO, and I have just updated the text on Buffers. About the design of Buffers, I have question to the Java community, but let me first describe the Buffer mechanism it is about:When you create a new Buffer, e.g. a...

Jared Richardson05/20/10
4 replies

Software is Like Pornography

There's a famous quote from the United States Supreme Court a few years ago. They were trying to determine what was art and what was pornography. Lawyers being what they are, they were trying to quantify what pornography was so they could write it down......

James Sugrue05/20/10
14 replies

What Advice Would You Give to a Software Development Graduate?

As students graduate from their software development and computer science courses, what advice some of you in the community would give to them? While it might not be that easy to get a job, the variety of technologies and languages has never been better. Any...

Avi Yehuda05/20/10
3 replies

HtmlUnit: A Quick Introduction

HtmlUnit is an open source java library for creating HTTP calls which imitate the browser functionality. HtmlUnit is mostly used for integration testing on top of unit test frameworks such as JUnit or TestNG. This is done by requesting web pages and asserting...

faisal khan05/20/10
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Display Images From a Non-Project Directory in JSF

When using image related tags in JSF we come across a situation where we need to display an image from the system which is not in the project directory. The images which are in the project directory are easily displayed using the relative path in the...

Mitch Pronschinske05/19/10
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Spring Gets Deep GWT Integration and GAE Gets Down to Business

Google and VMware speakers took the stage today at Google I/O to announce a new partnership between the two companies, and some exciting cloud and Spring-based integrations that have emerged from this partnership.  The focus of this partnership has been to...

Manik Surtani05/19/10
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Data-as-a-Service: The data fabric for clouds

Never before has data storage and retrieval been more at the forefront of what's new and exciting in technology, and it's long overdue for a major update. Consider, how much have filesystems or relational databases really changed over the last two...

Martin Harris05/19/10
2 replies

Bad or Good? Behavior Driven Development within Scrum.

I wanted to explore the possibility of using JBehave to formalise scrums definition of done. The idea being to encapsulate a definition of done as a JBehave scenario. So in true scrum style I decided to timebox 4 hours of work dedicated to JBehave.

James Sugrue05/19/10
2 replies

Design Patterns Uncovered: The Flyweight Pattern

Today's pattern is the Flyweight pattern, used to share large number of objects in an efficient way.

Krystian Lider05/19/10
4 replies

How to Use Free and Almost Unlimited Cloud-Computing Resources From Google?

Distributed computing is a very beneficial way for computing certain kinds of distributable problems using a large number of computers (nodes). But what if you do not have enough computers? The answer is to use Google App Engine. Google App Engine is a...

Masoud Kalali05/19/10
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GlassFish Security Book FAQ: Custom Security Realm in GlassFish

I decided to write down the answers for some questions which my book's readers emailed to me or asked me via twitter,  so everyone can benefit from the answers. Here is the answer to the first question which involves custom security realms. GlassFish...

Mitch Pronschinske05/18/10
3 replies

With CDI Extensions, You Can Build Your Own Java 7

Five years down the road, when developers look back on Java EE 6, they'll realize that it introduced things to the Java platform that are just as important as the features that debuted Java EE 5 and 4.  They'll remember that it was the first version to add...

Mitch Pronschinske05/18/10
5 replies

Poll: Is a 30%-70% App Store Revenue Split Fair?

An interesting statistic from the Evans Data Spring North American Developer Study was revealed this week.  The survey, which was taken last month by over 400 developers, found that 80% think the revenue split for...

Eric Hagan05/18/10
1 replies

Secrets of a JDBC Master

Jesse Davis explains many of the JDBC development pitfalls he's come across in production environments.  Davis also recommends some best practices, such as...

Alex Tkachman05/18/10
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Cheapest possible EC2 instances with Groovy++

Cloud computing is really hot topic now. The promise of no capital investment in to computing infrastructure and paying for only what you actually use is really big thing. More and more companies (especially startups and small entities) either consider or...