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Mario Fusco08/26/10
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Is Scala Complex? Yes ... and?

This article has been inspired by a thread that appeared on the Java Posse mailing list, that in turn was started as a comment to a blog post that tried to demonstrate how Scala could be less complex than Java.

Jared Richardson08/25/10
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Test Behavior, Not State

Many developers and testers write automated tests. Sometimes they're unit tests, other times package level, and occasionally integration. There are many different types of tests, but there are a few characteristics of great tests. Today let's look at one...

Mitch Pronschinske08/25/10
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Spring Roo and GWT - Simultaneous Releases and Workin' Together

Both Spring Roo 1.1 and Google Web Toolkit 2.1 released Milestone 3 today, showing that the two technologies have been in lock-step since Google I/O, when VMware and Google announced integration plans for the Spring Framework and GWT.  As these two...

Howard Lewis Ship08/25/10
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Groovin' on the Testin'

I'm at the point now where I'm writing Groovy code for (virtually) all my unit and integration tests. Tapestry's testing code is pretty densely written ... care of all those explicit types and all the boilerplate EasyMock code. With Groovy, that code...

Greg Brown08/25/10
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Implementing REST Services with Apache Pivot

Apache Pivot is a platform for building rich Internet applications (RIAs) in Java. While it is geared primarily towards user interface construction, Pivot contains a number of features that make it suitable for non-UI applications as well.

Masoud Kalali08/25/10
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Introducing NIO.2 (JSR 203) Part 6: Filtering Directory Content and Walking Over a File Tree

In this part we will look at how the directory tree walker and the directory stream reader works. These two features are another couple of long requested features which was not included in the core Java before Java 7. First, lets see what directory stream...

Tim O'brien08/25/10
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How to Migrate from Ant to Maven: Project Structure

I’ve seen my fair share of projects migrating from Ant to Maven, and, for a complex project, this migration path can take some time. You have to worry about dependency management, project structure, and retraining an existing team to use Maven and...

Andy Gibson08/25/10
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Demo Application Using JSF, JPA, CDI with Jetty

The previous version of the Knappsack Maven Archetypes included archetypes for creating projects using JSF, JPA, CDI and Bean Validation that can run in a servlet container such as Jetty or Tomcat. In order to put it through its paces I decided to create a...

Mitch Pronschinske08/24/10
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Jonathan Lindo on Agile Architecture, DevOps, and Patents

The software industry is constantly trying to find the next-generation tools and methods that can make development, testing, and production more efficient.  It's a core part of the developer's inner drive to try and envision how things could be better.  At...

Mitch Pronschinske08/24/10
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US Jury Busts One of EFF's 10 Dumbest Patents

The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) found out this week that another one of their top 10 "Most Wanted" patents was shot down by a jury in Eastern Texas District court.  The Most Wanted list includes the original 10 patents mentioned in the...

Shekhar Gulati08/24/10
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CountDownLatch Use-Cases

CountDownLatch is one of the classes that was added to the Java 5 concurrency package. It allows one or more threads to wait until a set of operations being performed in other threads are completed. In this article, I will talk about two use-cases where...

Mitch Pronschinske08/24/10
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Seam 3 Beta Release is Near

JBoss principal Software Engineer Pete Muir posted a progress update for the upcoming third version of the Seam development stack.  Only four modules need to reach alpha status before a beta of the Seam 3 distribution can be released.  Project developers...

Nitin Bharti08/24/10
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Flex on Grails

In this article, excerpted from "Flex on Java," (Manning, Sept 2010) authors Bernerd Allmon and Jeremy Anderson show you how to rapidly prototype data-enabled Flex applications using Groovy and Grails in combination with the Flex plugin for Grails....

Jon Davis08/24/10
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I Don’t Much Get Go

When Google announced their new Go programming language, I was quite excited and happy. Yay, another language to fix all the world’s problems! No more suckage! Suckage sucks! Give me a good language that doesn’t suffer suckage, so that my daily routine...

James Sugrue08/24/10
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Customizing Eclipse: Setting Up Shortcuts

If you're using Eclipse as your IDE every day, you've probably got certain tasks that you do regularly such as getting projects from version control or writing unit tests, as well as normal coding tasks. This tip shows how you can customize what shows up on...