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Mitch Pronschinske11/24/10
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Researchers Incorporate Security Into a Programming Language

At Cornell University, researchers have built an extension to Java that incorporates security logic into a program while it's being written.  The platform, named "Fabric", replaces the mishmash of security layers and intermittent patches with one...

James Sugrue11/24/10
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Why Java Will Always Be Suitable For Enterprise Development

A recent Forrester article proposes that "Java is a Dead End for Enterprise App Development". It's a headline that grabs your attention, especially if you are a Java developer, but does it have any basis? I don't think so. Let me explain why....

Andy Gibson11/24/10
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Injecting String Resource Services with CDI

In this post we looked at adding String resource bundles to our JSF applications to move our string constants into external resources that we can define for different locales. Now I want to extend that example to show how you can expand on that by using...

Mark Needham11/24/10
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Systems Thinking: Individuals and the Environment

Something which I've become fairly convinced about recently is that the environment that someone works in has far more impact on their perceived performance than their own individual skills. Given that belief I've often got stuck answering why some people...

Steven Lott11/24/10
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Open-Source, Moving From "When" to "How"

Interesting item in the November 1 eWeek: "Open-Source Software in the Enterprise".Here's the key quote: "rather than asking if or when, organizations are increasingly focusing on how". Interestingly, the article then goes on to talk...

Eric Daugherty11/24/10
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Smart phones: Open, Closed, and Fragmented

Android is Open, iOS is closed.  Well, that is one way to look at it.  Steve Jobs would prefer: Integrated vs. Fragmented.  As we've learned from politics, (Estate Tax vs. Death Tax), how you name something can dramatically change people's...

Peter Zaitsev11/24/10
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More on dangers of the caches

I wrote couple of weeks ago on dangers of bad cache design. Today I’ve been troubleshooting the production down case which had fair amount of issues related to how cache was used. The deal was as following. The update to the codebase was performed and...

Mick Knutson11/24/10
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Rally Eclipse Plugin installation and Configuration [Video]

The other day I found Screencast-o-matic  http://www.screencast-o-matic.com and I think it is easy to create tutorials now via the web, then upload them to Youtube.

Mitch Pronschinske11/23/10
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Crane: Heavy Lifting for Clojure Sevices

Having grown out of a need to easily deploy Hadoop clusters in Amazon S3 and EC2, the open source project Crane has added Clojure-based webserver, database (SQL or distributed), and worker cluster deployments to its repertoire.  Crane is authored by Bradford...

Jakub Holý11/23/10
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SVN Fun: <path> has no Ancestry Information

Subversion is at times really annoying and difficult to use due to its cryptic and confusing error messages and unnecessary failures. An example is when you have an svn-managed folder (‘svnProject’) where svn -u status and svn info and even commiting...

James Sugrue11/23/10
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An Interview With Mike Milinkovich, Eclipse Foundation Director

Following Eclipse Summit Europe, I spoke with Mike Milinkovich, Director of the Eclipse Foundation. In the interview we discuss the detail behind the Eclipse...
Mairsh John11/23/10
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Three Control Flow Obfuscation Methods for Java Software

Java compilers translate Java source code into ‘.class’ files, which contain the Java bytecode for the classes. Much of the information about the source code is kept in the class files. Since the appearance of the first Java decompiler , the threat of...

Veera Sundar11/23/10
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Java Thread Local – How to Use and Code Sample

Thread Local is an interesting and useful concept, yet most of the Java developers are not aware of how to use that. In this post, I’ll explain what is Thread Local and when to use it, with an example code. Since it’ll be little tough to understand this...

Debasish Ghosh11/23/10
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Exploring Scalaz

I have been playing around with Scalaz for a couple of weekends now. Scalaz brings to Scala some generic functions and abstractions that are not there in the current Scala API. These are mostly *functional* higher order structures that Haskell boasts as...

Eric Daugherty11/23/10
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Android is a Success, but for Whom?

There is no arguing that the market share of devices built on the Open Source Android operating system is impressive.  The Android platform, judged by adoption, is a success. But who are the winners?