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Steven Lott12/08/10
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Intuition and Experience

First, read EWD800. It has harsh things to say about relying on intuition in programming. Stack Overflow is full of questions where someone takes their experience with one language and applies it incorrectly and inappropriately to another language.

Rickard Oberg12/08/10
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The Domain Model as REST Anti-pattern

Today JavaLobby published yet another domain-model-as-REST article, using Spring and Jersey. As already pointed out, this really is an anti-pattern, and is not RESTful, and cannot be so either.

Alex Crafts12/07/10
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Database.com - A Cloud DB for Any Dev or Platform

Salesforce announced a new kind of database for the cloud today.  Database.com services will be sold on a subscription basis, unlike competing Oracle solutions, which are sold via software licenses.  This multi-tenant database has been the engine behind...

Jon Archer12/07/10
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The perils of rolling your own

I spent a good portion of the early years of my adult life messing up my health by smoking. Even throughout my thirties I was an off and on smoker (or “social smoker” if you will) at various times.

Maximiliano Firtman12/07/10
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Android 2.3 Gingerbread: the browser

I’ve to admit: I had a high expectative for new APIs and feature support in Gingerbread. After the iOS 4.2 update, and the last Google IO announcements for Gingerbread, I was expecting more HTML5, accelerometer, full-screen webapp and SVG support. Is...

Mitch Pronschinske12/07/10
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How Jama Software Does 'Socialized' Requirements Management - Releases Contour 3.0

Even if developers are working in the same room together, certain communications can fall through the cracks.  Requirements and other events in the software development lifecycle need to be documented and received by the right people.  Eric Winquist, the...

Munish Gogna12/07/10
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Using Sphinx and Java to Implement Free Text Search

As promised I am going to provide an article on how we can use Sphinx with Java to perform a full text search. I will begin the article with an introduction to Sphinx. Introduction to Sphinx

James Sugrue12/07/10
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Is Familiarity With Frameworks Essential When Hiring Developers?

If there's one thing that we have no shortage of in the Java community, it's frameworks. Ultimately, these frameworks give developers a great advantage, avoiding any reinvention of the wheel. However, Chris Hardin observes one of the bad side effects of...

Matt Raible12/07/10
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How I Calculated Ratings for My JVM Web Frameworks Comparison

When I re-wrote my Comparing JVM Web Frameworks presentation from scratch, I decided to add a matrix that allows you to rate a framework based on 20 different criteria. The reason I did this was because I'd used this method when choosing an Ajax framework for...

Axel Rauschmayer12/07/10
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A Simple Way of Sending Emails in Java: mailto Links

Whenever I send automated emails, I prefer to have one last look at them, before sending them off. The following method allows one to do this, as all of the generated emails are opened in your default email program, complete with recipients, subject, and...

Jay Fields12/07/10
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Clojure: get, get-in, contains?, and some

Clojure provides a get function that returns the value mapped to a key in a set or map. The documentation shows the example: (get map key). While that's completely valid, I tend to use sets and maps as functions when the get is that simple.

Wille Faler12/06/10
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Web Framework Design: Standing on the Shoulders of Giants

Over the last couple of weeks, I started to toy with the idea of writing a web framework in Scala (as if the world needed yet another web framework..). Whether I go through with it, or just write some code over a few evenings before getting tired of it...

Martin Fowler12/06/10
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VisualChannel - Martin Fowler

At the end of the 1990's I made a personal push-back against using slides in presentations, as I was tired by poorly designed bullet-points presentations. For around a decade, I gave keynotes with no slides at all. In the last year or so I've started...

Oleksandr Alesinskyy12/06/10
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Pro JPA 2. Mastering the Java Persistence API

The book presents JPA 2 in very comprehensive, but at the same time, rather concise manner (a very hard feat).I am usually wary of the second editions intended to incorporate revised...

Mitch Pronschinske12/06/10
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At Last! Android 2.3 SDK Drops, Nexus S Revealed

I'm sure it has been an agonizing wait for Android developers, knowing that Android 2.3 "Gingerbread" was on the cusp of release for several weeks (once we saw that giant gingerbread man, we knew it was coming).  Well agonize no longer!  The...