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Nicolas Frankel12/07/09
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Lombok Reduces Your Boilerplate Code

In this article, I show you the power of the product I stumbled upon this week: Project Lombok enables you to modify bytecode at compile code. First, I will detail what features Lombok brings you out-of-the-box. In the second part of this article, I will...

Olivier Gaudin12/07/09
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Eradicate Commented-out Code From Java Applications

There have been numerous debates around commented-out lines of code (line or block of code that was commented out at some point) and whether they should be left in the code or taken out. The outcome of those debates is almost systematically that they should...

Felipe Gaúcho12/07/09
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JAXB Customization of xsd:dateTime

A small JAXB puzzle: how to define a custom element to serialize Date objects with the TimeZone information? Piece of cake, isn't it? Try it yourself and you will be surprised with the tricky details.

Mitch Pronschinske12/07/09
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DZone Daily Dose - 2009/12/7

The web-based word processing startup, AppJet, has just been acquired by Google.  AppJet says its EtherPad software will be open source in response to the uproar from angry customers.  Users were told that no new customers would be accepted and the EtherPad...

Mitch Pronschinske12/05/09
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DZone Daily Dose - 2009/12/5

The New York Post recently reported that Larry Ellison, the Oracle CEO, offered a compromise to EU regulators.  Oracle denied the report a few hours later.  The Post cited two unnamed sources that said Ellison was open to creating a "separate...

Mitch Pronschinske12/04/09
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Poll: MySQL Usage Declining? What Should Oracle do with MySQL?

A new survey claims that MySQL usage is going to decline over the next few years while PostgreSQL, MariaDB, and Oracle DB grow their user base.  The 451 Group recently polled their CAOS open source community members and...

Tinu Awopetu12/04/09
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NetBeans 6.8 Release Candidate 2 Available for Download

The NetBeans Team is pleased to announce that the second release candidate build of NetBeans IDE 6.8 is now available for download.

Mitch Pronschinske12/04/09
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IBM is Bringing OSGi to Enterprise Developers

IBM just announced that it is bringing OSGi to version 7 of the WebSphere Application Server (WAS) with the OSGi Applications Open Alpha framework.  This is big news for the enterprise developers who use WAS and it is also a big step forward for enterprise...

Kirk Knoernschild12/04/09
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The Enterprise is Getting It’s OSGi

There have been a few folks who believe that OSGi isn’t something that enterprise developers want. I’ve heartily disagreed with this, and have stated that the enterprise wants it’s OSGi. In The Two Faces of Modularity and OSGi, I stated:

Stephen Palmer12/04/09
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An Introduction to Feature-Driven Development – Part 2

This is the second part of a two-part article introducing Jeff De Luca’s Feature Driven Development (FDD) process. In particular, we are looking at how FDD differs from Scrum and eXtreme Programming-inspired approaches when it comes to working with larger...

Hamlet D'Arcy12/04/09
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Simple XML Testing from Java

2009 is coming to a close and I'm writing a blog post about Java and XML. The blog's called "behind the times" for a reason: no fancy dynamic languages, JSON, or REST. Straight up XML on Java action.

Howard Lewis Ship12/04/09
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TestNG and Selenium

I love working on client projects, because those help me really understand how Tapestry gets used, and the problems people are running in to. On site training is another good way to see where the theory meets (or misses) the reality.

Mitch Pronschinske12/04/09
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DZone Daily Dose - 2009/12/4

The release of Google Chrome for Mac OS X may already be here by the time this is posted. The Chromium team recently changed it's Mac OS X roadmap page saying that all of the bugs are now gone. However, the first Mac version for Chrome will be missing some...

Kirk Knoernschild12/03/09
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Applied Modularity - Retrospectives

We’ve completed our four part series on Applied Modularity, and I wanted to put a final wrap on the posts by highlighting a few things that may not be obvious. First, a brief review on the series.

Mitch Pronschinske12/03/09
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JReport and Java BI in the Cloud

Tools for on-demand reporting and Business Intelligence give companies a competitive edge by keeping a pulse on the operational data that drives strategic business decisions.  Jinfonet's JReport is a Java operational BI reporting solution that can be...