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Alex Tkachman02/22/10
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Fast immutable persistent functional queues for concurrency with Groovy

Everybody probably heard that functional data structures are great for concurrency. In this note I am going to show why is it so and to show how easy to implement highly performant functional queue with Groovy++. You can find source code and more examples in...

Geoffrey De Smet02/22/10
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Automated Planning Problems Are Cursed With NP Completeness

Drools Planner (formerly known as Drools Solver) optimizes automated planning. Real world planning problems are almost always NP complete. But what does NP complete mean? And why is it so annoying? And how does Drools Planner deal with it?Let's take a look at...

James Sugrue02/22/10
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Reducing Development Time by Running JavaFX Applications Using Class Files and JRebel

I always thought that there ought to be a better way to develop JavaFX applications, with kind of similar and gratifying experience as developing Java Swing applications. Traditionally in developing desktop applications, one normally develops and tests using...

Rob Williams02/22/10
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Builder: Design Pattern or Obsession?

Recently, I had a familiar thing happen: I recognized that I needed a class to make an instance of another class based on some preferences a user had configured. So I started with a factory. Looking back, I have to kind of laugh at the fact that I actually...

Mitch Pronschinske02/22/10
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Concurrent Programming in Groovy

It seems that the Groovy has a project for just about anything.  That's one of the reasons why the language is so popular.  The GPars library is an especially useful project in this new era of mult-core processors and concurrent programming.  Formerly...

Alex Semenov02/21/10
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Datalator - Fast RIA Tool and Hosting Environment

There is great interest in Agile/RAD tools for cloud environment with AJAX-style messaging and persistence and so on. Here is the deal: I have built a tool and environment to create/host asynchro Java applications or applets. No HTML. I was scratching my head...

Hamlet D'Arcy02/20/10
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Groovy ANTLR Plugins for Better DSLs

DSLs, ANTLR, and Groovy in one blog post? Oh yes, this should be good: a trifecta of interesting keywords. There is a horrible scourge upon Groovy based Domain Specific Languages, and no I'm not talking about curly braces. That awful syntax blocking our users...

Howard Lewis Ship02/20/10
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Evolving the Meta Programming in Tapestry 5

I've set a goal of removing Javassist from Tapestry 5 and I've made some nice advances on that front. Tapestry uses Javassist inside the web framework layer to load and transform component classes.

Mitch Pronschinske02/19/10
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US Federal Judge Affirms Key FOSS Developer Rights

A crucial battle over the legal provisions for free and open source software in the US has finally ended today.  Following a recent ruling by a US Federal District Court judge in favor of several key FOSS developer rights, a settlement was reached.  The...

James Sugrue02/19/10
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JavaFX, You've Come A Long Way

When you think about it, JavaFX has always been treated as the odd-one-out of the Java technology stack. Everyone else seems happy with Flash and SilverLight, and thinks that Java doesn't belong in the RIA field. But it seems as some people still have faith...

Hamlet D'Arcy02/19/10
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Testing Asynchronous Code with GPars Dataflows

In my last post I showed how to use JConch 1.2 to unit test asynchronous code. It contains a locking/barrier mechanism that allows you to gracefully tell your unit test how to wait and proceed for off thread events without sleeping or polling. Whee!As a small...

Julian Simpson02/19/10
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A way to cool dependency Hell?

How to break a deploy: Take one codebase. Sieve in a new class. Mix in the dry ingredients and a new runtime dependency. Place another dependency on a pre-warmed Hudson, bake for 10 minutes (on a medium heat) and then deploy. Oh dear. It didn’t...

Wayne Beaton02/19/10
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Java in the Eclipse IDE for Education

The IDE for Education (ide4edu) project has made some progress over these last few months with the help of some undergraduate students. Most of the effort has been around making Eclipse just a little easier to use during those first few months of learning.

Ricky Ho02/19/10
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Spatial Index RTree

For location-based search, it is very common to search for objects based on their spatial location. e.g. find all restaurants within 5 miles of my current location, or find all schools within the zipcode of 95110 ... etc.Every spatial object can be...

robinshine 02/19/10
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Migrate Serialized Java Objects with XStream and XMT

Java serialization is convenient to store state of Java objects. However, there are some drawbacks of the serialized data: