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Jared Richardson04/26/10
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Code and Coffee: Save Yourself!

Code and Coffee is a simple idea. Once a week, get together in the morning, grab a shot of caffeine, and write some code. Pair with an old friend or a new one, but come willing to learn.

Mitch Pronschinske04/26/10
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MyFaces Aligns With the JSF 2.0 Standard

The Apache MyFaces 2.0 Final was just released with support for Java Server Faces 2.0 (JSR 314).  This release comes hot on the heels of RichFaces 3.3.3, which also implements a partial version of JSF 2.0 while offering backward compatibility with JSF 1.2. ...

Arbi Sookazian04/26/10
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Apache Maven 2: Effective Implementation - Book Review

Maven is a top-level Apache Software Foundation project and a very popular open-source build and project management tool in the Java space.  The latest version as of this writing...

Eric Hagan04/26/10
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Moving to Test-Driven Development and Exploring Language Paradigms

Michael Feathers defines legacy code as "code without tests."  There's a major qualitative difference when working on code without tests. ...

Debasish Ghosh04/26/10
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DSL Interoperability and Language Cacophony

Many times I hear people say that DSL based development often leads to a situation where you have to manage a mix of code written in various languages, which are barely interoperable and often need to be integrated using glues like ScriptEngine that makes...

James Sugrue04/26/10
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Design Patterns Uncovered: The Mediator Pattern

Today's pattern is the Mediator pattern, used to handle complex communications between related objects, helping with decoupling of those objects. Mediator in the Real World An airport control tower is an excellent example of the mediator pattern. The tower...

John Ferguson Smart04/25/10
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Grouping Tests Using JUnit Categories

In a well-organized build process, you want lightning-fast unit tests to run first, and provide whatever feedback they can very quickly. A nice way to do this is to be able to class your tests into different categories. For example, this can make it easier...

Cedric Beust04/25/10
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Improving Exceptions

In a recent article called “Bruce Eckel is wrong”, Elliote Harold decided to write a counter-argument to Bruce Eckel’s critique of checked exceptions. I think that developers trying to argue that checked exceptions are a “failed experiment” and...

Jakub Holý04/25/10
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File-based User Authentication Under WebSphere 6

When developing a web application for the WebSphere Application Server you sometimes need to enable security because the application expects HttpServletRequest.getUserPrincipal() to be non-null.

German Viscuso04/25/10
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(Distributed) Object Database Tutorial

Unlike the developers of the pre-internet era, today's developers are writing inherently object oriented code.  The object oriented approach is required, as software complexity is growing under the pressure to deliver higher business value while dealing...

Mitch Pronschinske04/25/10
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Terracotta and MuleSoft Scale Tcat Servers; Ehcache 2.1 Beta Adds JPA

Last week, Terracotta and MuleSoft held a joint web seminar titled "Manage and scale your web applications on Apache Tomcat."  The seminar walked through how Terracotta's server and Mulesoft's Tcat server can be combined to drop-in and scale Tomcat...

Jakub Holý04/24/10
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Enforcing a Common Log Format With AspectJ

Andy Wilson has recently blogged about the need for uniformly formatted log messages containing all the necessary information to make log parsing easier and mentioned an extensive refactoring he did on a project to achieve this. One of the readers mentioned...

Ted Goddard04/24/10
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ICEpush for Real-time Web Collaboration

http://www.icepush.org/ is now live and the open source ICEpush 2.0 alpha3 is available for download. With ICEpush you can add Ajax Push collaboration features to any web application. Let's take a look at the technology through question and answer: How...

Julian Simpson04/23/10
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Separation of concerns in Ant

There’s nothing wrong with Ant. No, really! True, there’s some nasty Ant files out there. Perhaps that’s because we often treat our build as a second class citizen. How do you keep your build files from becoming bloated and hard to maintain? ...

Himanshu Gupta04/23/10
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Introducing ANT

ANT is an acronym for Another Neat Tool. It is a build tool. It is used to automate complicated repetitive tasks like setting classpath, compiling the code or packing the compiled files and many more things which you can ever imagine. ANT is developed in...