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Carol Mcdonald12/03/09
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Wicket, JPA, GlassFish and Java Derby or MySQL

This Pet Catalog app explains a web application that uses Wicket, JPA, GlassFish and MySQL. I took this example JSF 2.0, JPA, GlassFish and MySQL  and modified it to use Wicket instead of JSF. 

sunahouston 12/03/09
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What is Your Greatest Concern for Java?

"This is HOUSTON...." -- Here is a collection of voices and quotes from DEVOXX.....

Mitch Pronschinske12/02/09
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DZone Daily Dose - 2009/12/3

It seemed like Apple was ready to annihilate Psystar's business a few weeks ago. The Mac Clone maker has been bankrupt for some time and last month a judge ruled in favor of Apple's copyright infringement case. In a surprise move, Apple recently called for a...

Jiri Kovalsky12/02/09
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Is NetBeans IDE 6.8 Ready for FCS Release?

Have you downloaded and tried the NetBeans IDE 6.8 Release Candidate build? Then take the NetCAT survey! The survey is to establish if the NetBeans community-at-large and others agree that the release candidate is ready for the officially released (FCS)--or...

Manuel Jordan12/02/09
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JBoss Tools 3 Developers Guide

This is an interesting book, where the author knows how explain the step by step approach while using huge amounts of images throughout the book. Chapter 1: An Overview of JBoss Tools The...

Nitin Bharti12/02/09
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Tech Chat: Gavin King on Contexts and Dependency Injection, Weld, Java EE 6

DZone spoke with Gavin King, JBoss Fellow at Red Hat, earlier this week to discuss the newly ratified JSR 299 (Contexts and Dependency Injection) specification...

Dhananjay Nene12/02/09
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Rinse and Repeat With TDD

I must confess having had a awed love relationship with TDD (Test Driven Development). This is the style where you first write the test cases and then write the code to make them pass. I’ve always felt awed by it. I have always firmly believed that it is...

Mitch Pronschinske12/02/09
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DZone Daily Dose - 2009/12/2

Neelie Kroes, the EU antagonist to Oracle's takeover of Sun, is stepping down as the Commission on Competition chair.  There's no word on whether the decision was voluntary or imposed, or if the Oracle-Sun deal had anything to do with it.  Her successor,...

Nitin Bharti12/01/09
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A Look Inside the JBoss Embedded Project

DZone recently caught up with Andrew Lee Rubinger, core developer at JBoss who is working on the company's EJB 3 implementation and...

Mitch Pronschinske12/01/09
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Resin Release brings REST administration

Today, Caucho released the newest version of its open source application server, Resin.  Version 4.0.2 has bigger changes than the small number change implies.  The release includes Servlet 3.0 Early Access improvements such as file upload and...

Mitch Pronschinske12/01/09
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Spring, Oracle Move Forward with Project Gemini

The proposal for the Enterprise Modules Eclipse Runtime Project, dubbed "Gemini", was recently unveiled on the Eclipse website.  SpringSource and Oracle are the two starter companies behind Project Gemini.  Gemini is an open source project...

Wayne Adams12/01/09
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Java Profiling: Under the Covers

At some point, most developers will get tasked with troubleshooting a performance issue. If at any time you've actually been lucky enough to get paid to worry about performance in general, you probably have a better toolkit (on your desktop and in your head)...

Geertjan Wielenga12/01/09
7 replies

How to Split an Application into Modules?

When you're new to modular architectures, a question that is likely to arise (sooner, rather than later) is: "How should I determine the best way to split an application  into modules?"I asked NetBeans Dream Team member Tom Wheeler this question,...

Milan Kuchtiak12/01/09
19 replies

How to Combine REST Services with EJB 3.1

REST services (JAX-RS) technology became a part of the Java EE 6 platform, which is great news for REST developers.In a very simple web application, I'll demonstrate how REST services can be combined with other Java EE technologies, specifically EJB 3.1.

Peter Pilgrim12/01/09
26 replies

JavaFX is Alive and Doing Very Well

No, yours truly did not hear a loud thud of the Blackberry Developer Conference door closing a fortnight ago [9-12 November 2009]. No, I do not care if it was a resounding success or not. No, I do have a Blackberry phone or even need one as a work phone. Do I...