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Mathieu Carbou02/26/10
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Event-Driven Development With Mycila Event

I am working on the backend of a high performance clustered system involving JGroups, JMS, and other very cool technologies. To achieve best performance, the application is totally event-driven, by using a very cool library i Open-Sourced: Mycila Event. I...

Jean-Francois Arcand02/26/10
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The Pain is Over For Java.net's Maven Artifacts!

Deploying Maven artifacts using the java.net repository is always a challenge and most of the time the result is unpredictable...the good news is Sonatype's is opening it's Nexus OSS instance for all of the java.net project!All the projects I'm involved that...

Felipe Gaúcho02/26/10
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Jersey Featuring jQuery + JSONP

One of the most controversial but yet powerful techniques for integrating distributed systems is the JSONP format, a javascript function that bypasses the same origin policy of the browser. Jersey provides built-in support for JSONP and this blog demonstrates...

Mitch Pronschinske02/26/10
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Versant ODB as Easy as ORM

Yet another alternative to the relational database is the object database.  Learning a new method for data storage can be scary for some developers, but there are a few ODB vendors that have built controls that are familiar to most.  The Versant Object...

Mitch Pronschinske02/25/10
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PayPal Extends Dev Competition for a Better Showing

In its first developer challenge since open sourcing the PayPal X platform there's a bit of controversy surrounding the race for $50,000.  One developer team is angry with the company for extending deadlines and making numerous concessions for developers...

Ant Kutschera02/25/10
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A J2ME Library and a Simple HTTP Service Framework

J2ME's support for calling a server is rather simple and low level. Not only do you have to deal with the HTTP Connection at a low level, there is no high level support for cookies, authentication or remote procedure calling. So if you want to pass an object...

Jay Fields02/25/10
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The Maintainability of Unit Tests

At speakerconf 2010 discussion repeatedly arose around the idea that unit tests hinder your ability to refactor and add new features. It's true that tests are invaluable when refactoring the internals of a class as long as the interface doesn't change....

Byron M02/25/10
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JUnit Testing Made Easier With Eclipse Templates

When you’re writing JUnit tests, you’ll often find yourself repeating the same boilerplate code. Take the following code:

Mitch Pronschinske02/25/10
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Souped Up Java with Azul: Part II

At Azul Systems they've been optimizing the JVM and removing its limitations for seven years.  Dr. Cliff Click, who was the lead developer of the HotSpot server compiler at Sun, now works on Azul's version of the JVM as the chief architect.  In an interview...

Manuel Jordan02/24/10
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AspectJ in Action: Enterprise AOP with Spring Applications

Part I Understanding AOP and AspectJ Chapter 01: Discovering AOP Here our author starts talking about Complexity and its respective solution, Modularization, and for first time the concern...

Mitch Pronschinske02/24/10
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A Look at WebRenderer Swing Edition 5.0

WebRenderer still claims the privilege of being the world’s first and only standards compliant, pure Swing embedded Java browser SDK.  With the recent release of WebRenderer Swing Edition 5.0, JadeLiquid Software continues its mission to improve the...

Len DiMaggio02/24/10
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From HTTP to ESB - JBossESB 4.7's New Servlet based HTTP Gateway

One of the primary functions performed by JBossESB is the routing of messages between services. (Remember that, on an ESB, everything is either a message or a service.) The messages that JBoss ESB handles conform to org.jboss.soa.esb.message.Message.

Alex Tkachman02/24/10
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Why Scala actors slower compare to Jetlang and/or Groovy++ messaging

After this article was published Hossam Karim suggested several improvements, which significantly improved performance of Scala benchmark. That forced me to remove "15-20 times slower" from initial title of the article and include updated code...

Julian Simpson02/24/10
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The hidden cost of building

Thanks to EJ Ciramella for this thought provoking post. There’ll be a Build Doctor T-Shirt on it’s way to him soon. In this down economy, irrespective of size of company involved, people want to save money, limit costs and increase throughput of their...

James Sugrue02/24/10
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Poll Results: What You Want To See In JavaOne 2010

Last week I asked what interested you most across the seven tracks announced for JavaOne 2010.  The votes are in now, and there are no big surprises there.