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Luigi Viggiano09/11/10
12 replies

Using Files in Your Interfaces is Not a Good Idea

I've been using some proprietary frameworks and libraries, that are using File objects, and only File objects, everywhere in the interfaces.

Muhammad Khojaye09/10/10
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Java: Getters and Setters

Why do we keep instance variables private? We don’t want other classes to depend on them. Moreover it gives the flexibility to change a variable’s type or implementation on a whim or an impulse. Why, then programmers automatically add getters and setters...

Ayende Rahien09/10/10
4 replies

Maintainability, Code Size & Code Complexity

The most maintainable codebase that I worked with grew at a rate of about ~10 KLoC per month, every month. There wasn’t a large team there, it ranged fro 3 – 6 people. This is the project that I think about whenever I had to talk about good code bases....

Rob Williams09/10/10
10 replies

JEE6: Change You Can Believe In

At first blush, JEE6 looked like just the transfer of injection consensus to a standard, and a bunch of long-overdue fixes for JSF. But after a week of using it, the cumulative effect is pretty amazing. I still believe that DI has taken a disproportionate...

adam bien09/10/10
2 replies

A Simple Transactional File JCA 1.5 Connector

There is a common prejudice that JCA connectors have to be too complicated for day to day use. "Custom & lightweight" solutions are built instead, which are usually orders of magnitudes more complex, than a pragmatic JCA implementation. So,...

Jeff Martin09/10/10
7 replies

JavaOne Announcement: Java on iOS?

While many assume the new Apple App Store Guidelines are designed to accommodate Adobe, I think instead that Larry and Oracle got Steve and Apple to lay the groundwork for an iOS announcement at JavaOne 2010. I'm looking at these facts:  

Alex Collins09/10/10
3 replies

5 minute Mockito

Some might find EasyMock a little frustrating and perhaps even too convoluted - here's a look at Mockito, a similar framework but with less complex use leading to quicker and simpler mock testing. What is Mockito?

Mitch Pronschinske09/09/10
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FSF Lays Into Oracle, Begrudgingly Supports Google

The Free Software Foundation has been relatively quiet about Oracle's lawsuit against Google, which was announced nearly a month ago.  This week, the organization's compliance engineer Brett Smith asserted the FSF's position on the lawsuit.  Unsurprisingly,...

Mitch Pronschinske09/09/10
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NetApp and Oracle Calm Fears About ZFS Patents

After their long 3-year legal battle around the open source Zettabyte File System (ZFS), Oracle and NetApp announced their mutual dismissal of patent litigation against one another.  The case, which involved patent claims on both sides, was left over from...

Mitch Pronschinske09/09/10
3 replies

Apple Opens the Door to 3rd Party Tools, But How Far Did They Go?

In a statement that took everyone by surprise today, Apple has decided to roll back the rules they implemented in April which were most likely a response to Adobe's CS5 Flash-to-iPhone compiler.  If you watched Apple's recent iOS 4.1/iPod/Apple TV...

James Sugrue09/09/10
6 replies

Further Delays in JDK7: Which Plan Would You Choose?

In his latest blog entry , Mark Reinhold, Chief Architect of the Java Platform Group, explains how the current schedule for JDK7 is unrealistic. Following the Oracle acquisition, there were some delays in integration...

Pete Carapetyan09/09/10
0 replies

Software Engineering: An Oxymoron?

Software Engineering is often regarded as an oxymoron by those of us with any experience in this industry. Craft? Sure. But Engineering? Not!

Alex Collins09/09/10
23 replies

New schedule for JDK 7 - Lambdas, Coin & Jigsaw in JDK 8?

Mark Reinhold principal engineer at Sun/Oracle, breathes some common sense into the JDK 7 release schedule with a suggestion of a 2011 release, but with a catch.

Robert Demmer09/09/10
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Thinking, Speaking & Dreaming about Technology: An Interview with Michael Hüttermann

Welcome to the first in a series of interviews dedicated to learning more about JetBrains Development Academy Experts.  In this interview we have a conversation with Academy Board Member Michael Hütter

Rajesh Ilango09/09/10
2 replies

Wicket: Lazy Loading TreeTable

I followed the steps mentioned below in order to enable lazy loading of child nodes in TreeTable in Wicket. I did not find a component in Wicket to do this directly. (I may be wrong, as I am new to Wicket) It seems javax.swing.tree.DefaultTreeModel and...