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Martin Fowler12/01/10
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Reproducible Build

One of the prevailing assumptions that fans of Continuous Integration have is that builds should be reproducible. By this we mean that at any point you should be able to take some older version of the system that you are working on and build it from...

Avi Yehuda12/01/10
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Android – Using SQLite DataBase

Android OS comes with SQLite Database already built-in. This article will explain how to store and draw data.Currently I am working with Android version 2.2.   

Richard Kennard12/01/10
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Rant: Who Designs These UI Frameworks Anyway?

I've been working with a few different UI frameworks lately as part of building Metawidget, and I've noticed something... Building Consensus First let me state some things I hope we can all agree on:

adam bien12/01/10
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Swing Looks ...Great (Part III Nimbus)

Nimbus comes already with JDK 1.6. Nimbus doesn't have to be installed, it is shipped with JDK 1.6. You only have to activate it. There is a hacky (because of reflection) but robust way to activate that. This complex approach...

Gabriel Jeremia...12/01/10
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Spring ROO and an Idea

I have being playing around with Spring ROO. It is a project with great potential and the facility to integrate seamlessly with maven is an added advantage. There are many tutorials on “An enterprise Java Application in 10 minutes with ROO”, this is...

Jay Fields12/01/10
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Taking a Second Look at Collective Code Ownership

It's common to hear proponents of Agile discussing the benefits of collective code ownership. The benefits can be undeniable. Sharing knowledge ensures at least one other perspective and drastically reduces Bus Risk. However, sharing comes at a cost: time....

German Viscuso11/30/10
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Real Android apps leveraging db4o persistence engine (Part 2)

This the second delivery in a series of articles targeted at showing developers how db4o (an open source database that leverages today's object-oriented languages, systems, and mindset) is being used in several Android projects to avoid all the pitfalls and...

Jonathan Giles11/30/10
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Reviewing "Hello, Android"

Coming from a background as a Java developer with specific skills in UI development (Swing and JavaFX), but no technical knowledge of Android, I found this book at just the right level for me. Being...

Mark Needham11/30/10
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"Consulting is Like Inception"

My colleague Jason Yip recently tweeted the following… Sometimes consulting reminds me of the movie Inception …which reminded me of a conversation I was having with a colleague here who's been working on consulting engagements here for the last few...

Alosh Bennett11/30/10
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Reflection and the Missing Security Manager

Here’s an interesting trick that’s been around for a long time: Consider the Person class here, with password as a private data member.

Avi Yehuda11/30/10
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Android – Opening a new screen

  Opening a new screen is fairly easy in android. This post will show you almost all you need to know about switching back and forth between screens in your Android application. Add all activities to manifest

James Sugrue11/30/10
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Five Great Refcardz For Software Testing

To coincide with this weeks release of our latest refcard, Selenium 2.0: Getting Started With the WebDriver API, I've compiled a list of some of the best refcardz in the collection related to testing

Nicolas Frankel11/30/10
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Stay Up-to-Date and Think in Contexts

How many times in the last couple of years have you seen an initialization servlet (a servlet which is used only once with the load-on-startup parameter) although a context listener could have been used in its place? How many times have you seen a JSP full...

Shashank Tiwari11/29/10
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Integrating Flex 4 and Spring 3 based JMS Applications

This article explains the essentials of leveraging the Spring BlazeDS project to integrate Spring based JMS systems with Flex powered rich internet applications (RIAs).  The fundamental concepts involved in the integration of Spring and Flex are explained...

Maheshkumar Per...11/29/10
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Inter Aspect Communication

When you want to develop an application like “performance monitor”, you must go with AOP. Here passing values between one aspect (advice in spring) to another is not possible.  The following example explains how to pass a value generated in one...