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John Ferguson Smart03/15/10
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Migrating Hudson Build Jobs From One Server To Another

Sometimes, you may need to move or copy Hudson build jobs from one Hudson instance to another, without copying the entire Hudson configuration. For example, you might be migrating your build jobs to a Hudson instance on a brand new box, with system...

Axel Rauschmayer03/15/10
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File System Storage and Servlets

One of the blessings of the JVM is that there are many “pure” databases available for it; Sesame (RDF) and Apache Derby (relational) come to mind. Alas, these databases need to save their files somewhere. This becomes a challenge with Servlets: Where...

Mitch Pronschinske03/15/10
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Arquillian in Action; New Features Coming Soon

Java developers finally have a chance to get their hands on a powerful open source JEE testing tool from JBoss.  Arquillian is an extension for testing frameworks such as JUnit and TestNG that can be used to validate the behavior of managed beans, enterprise...

Dapeng Liu03/14/10
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Extending Tomcat WebappLoader to Share Library jars

Using Tomcat + Spring + Hibernate can quickly result in a 20M war. It took me 10mins to deploy such a war so to fix a typo in the HTML code. Wouldn't it be nice if we can somehow externalise the lib jars and different applications can share the same jars....

Smeltet Kerne03/13/10
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Oracle This is What You Need to Do With Java..

I think its safe to assume that most Java developers feel some in trepidation as Oracle take over the stewardship of Java. Will Oracle's agenda be compatible with the current diversity of the Java ecosystem?

Nicolas Frankel03/13/10
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Managing Web Sessions

In the previous article, I set up a cluster of 2 Tomcat instances in order to achieve load-balacing. It also offered failover capability. However, when using this feature, the user session was lost when changing node. In this article, I will show you how...

Steven Lott03/12/10
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Great Lies: "Design" vs. "Construction"

In reflecting on Architecture, I realized that there are some profound differences between "real" architecture and software architecture.One of the biggest differences is design.

James Sugrue03/12/10
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Design Patterns Uncovered: The Proxy Pattern

Today's pattern is the Proxy pattern, another simple but effective pattern that helps with controlling use and access of resources. 

Jay Fields03/12/10
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Pairing Isn't the Solution

In 2007 & 2008 I wrote several blog entries on Pair Programming (tagged with pair programming). Pair programming solved a lot of problems for me: knowledge transfer, mentoring, code review, etc. It also solved another problem at the same time, even though...

adam bien03/12/10
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Modules, Cycles, Unwanted Friends - The Modularity Challenges In Enterprise Projects

Building modules and components is not that hard. You "only" have to encapsulate the internal component implementation and expose a clean and easy to use interface. ...at least on paper. In practice you will be confronted with the following...

Howard Lewis Ship03/12/10
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Why Eclipse Leaves Me Wanting

I think I've come to understand why Eclipse leaves me always feeling a bit frustrated. Yes, it is more stable than IDEA, uses less memory, has some documentation, and a lot of acceptance ... but even so, it just leaves me cold (and I was an early adopter,...

Mitch Pronschinske03/11/10
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Improving the Testability of Java EE With Arquillian; 1.0.0 Alpha 1 Released

At Devoxx '09, JBoss introduced a framework that could help improve the testability of Java EE and JBoss AS.  Integration testing is important in Java EE because business components often interact with the container's resources or sub-system and many...

Mitch Pronschinske03/11/10
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Opening the JBoss Toolbox 3.1

JBoss just wrapped up it's work on JBoss Tools 3.1 with a final release.  The umbrella project includes Eclipse plugins for JBoss AS, Hibernate, Drools, jBPM, JSF, (X)HTML, Seam, Smooks, JBoss ESB, JBoss Portal, and more.  JBoss Tools 3.1 will require...

Giorgio Sironi03/11/10
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Acceptance Test-Driven Development

I am halfway through reading Growing object-oriented software, guided by tests, a book that teaches Test-Driven Development in a Java environment. A review will come soon, since the process described in this work is really language-agnostic and...

Alex Tkachman03/11/10
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Multiverse: Open Source Software Transactional Memory for Java. Interview with creator

Today we have pleasure to talk with Peter Veentjer creator and lead developer of very interesting open source project called Multiverse