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Jakub Holý01/01/11
4 replies

Implementing a JAX-WS Web Service Accessing its Input as XML Source

Sometimes you may want to create a JAX-WS webservice with its input defined by a proper, structured XSD yet accessing the input as raw XML object and not as POJOs produced by JAXB, similarly as with a JAX-RPC webservice having input of the type...

Gordon Dickens12/31/10
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Ignoring Files in Git

Quick tip on setting up files to be ignored for your system. 1. Execute the command setting the location of your system level ignore filegit config --global core.excludesfile ~/.gitignore2. Edit the Global Git Ignore File: ~/.gitignore

Ant Kutschera12/31/10
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Playing with Cache Performance

My current client has a service which connects to an old IBM z/OS application (legacy system). The data centre charges for each message sent to this legacy system, rather than using a processor or hardware based pricing model. The output from this legacy...

Steven Lott12/31/10
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Top Language Skills

Check out this item on eWeek: Java, C, C++: Top Programming Languages for 2011 - Application Development - News & Reviews - eWeek.com.The presentation starts with Java, C, C++, C# -- not surprising. These are clearly the most popular programming...

Kai Wähner12/31/10
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Categorization and Comparison of Popular Web Frameworks in the Java / JVM Environment

The following article shows a categorization of Java / JVM web-frameworks, considering different types of web applications. The intention is to give an overview, not to start a flame war.

Gordon Dickens12/30/10
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Using Default Values for Properties in Spring

I was looking through the Spring Greenhouse application and discovered an existing feature that I was unaware of. We can set a default value when configuring PropertyPlaceholderConfigurer. 1. Set the default value separator in config

Jakub Holý12/30/10
3 replies

Creating JAX-WS Web Service Using Service Data Objects (SDO) Instead of JAXB-bound POJOs

If you need to invoke logic using Service Data Objects (SDOs) from a JAX-WS webservice under Websphere 7 without the SCA Feature Pack, it is possible to do it similarly to the old approach of generating a JAX-RPC webservice from a WSDL with an SDO facade...

Moez Ben Rhouma12/30/10
5 replies

How to Use Wicket With JEE6

Since JEE6 we no longer need a deployment descriptor (web.xml), so how do we declare the necessary configurations of Wicket? Solution: Create an empty class that inherits from WicketFilter and annotated with the necessary config.

Mitch Pronschinske12/29/10
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JBoss AS 6 Release Rings in a Happy New Year!

Under development for more than a year after Java EE 6 was approved by the JCP, the JBoss Application Server 6.0 is now production ready.  The GA release brings built-in support for all of the great technologies that Java EE 6 brought with it: JPA 2, Bean...

Ayende Rahien12/29/10
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Psychic Debugging

I think that I am getting too much of these recently:

James Sugrue12/29/10
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Was 2010 Java's Biggest Year?

With Java moving to Oracle's care, 2010 was always bound to be a defining year for Java. As we got to the end of 2009, there were constant questions about whether JavaOne would be going ahead or not. However, as the time of Oracle's aquisition came closer, a...

Howard Lewis Ship12/29/10
8 replies

Is it Time to Switch Back to IntelliJ?

I've been trying to stick with Eclipse now for a while. I switched from IntelliJ 8 to Eclipse because IntelliJ stopped working for Tapestry (I still don't know why) and because my fingers were getting tied in knots switching between IntelliJ and Eclipse....

Sudhir Mongia12/29/10
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Java Web Application Development Kick off – Technical Items

Recently I got a chance to start development of a new application. During initial analysis I thought of having a list of constituents for development of a web application. I tried to look on the web for it but couldn’t gather much on it. Then I decided...

Stephen Robillard12/28/10
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A review of Google App Engine Java and GWT Application Development

Writing a book on a young fast moving technology, like Google App Engine (GAE), is an enormous challenge. You risk the material being outdated by the time the book hits the bookstores, or the...

Buddhika Ariyaratne12/28/10
6 replies

Object Database Programming with JPA and NetBeans

I have been developing Java applications for a long time and the major difficulty was the coding part related to database manipulations. Recently I shifted to use Object-Relational Mapping through JPA. I have used TopLink, EclipseLink, and ...