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adam bien03/26/10
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Future Of Enterprise Java ...Is Clear (Java EE with/without Spring and Vice Versa)

Java EE 6 and Spring 3 became very similar - at least the resulting architecture and even design will differ only in details (see also Juergen Hoeller comment). I don't expect differences in development lifecycle either - e.g.

Byron M03/26/10
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Share Eclipse Perspective Layouts Across Multiple Workspaces

Once you’ve configured Eclipse preferences to your heart’s content, you’ll often want to share those preferences across multiple workspaces. Now normally you can go to File > Export > General > Preferences to save your preferences to a...

Mitch Pronschinske03/25/10
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Java-Clojure Interop: Calling Clojure From Java

Clojure is quickly becoming one of the more popular JVM languages because of its high performance and excellent handling of concurrency.  Rich Hickey's talk entitled "An Introduction For Java Programmers" is a great resource for Java programmers...

Gregg Bolinger03/25/10
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Better Scaffolding with jQuery - Part I

Grails scaffolding works great out of the box.  Today I want to see how we can improve adding data to the many side of a one-to-many relationship using jQuery, jQueryUI's Dialog, and some Ajax.  Using the same domain objects as my previous article I want to...

Mitch Pronschinske03/25/10
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Terracotta and EnterpriseDB Team Up For High-Performance Private Clouds

Terracotta recently announced another strategic alliance, this time with EnterpriseDB, a PostgresSQL-based database vendor.  Their partnership is aimed at addressing the technical challenges in scaling the data layer in private clouds.  Under their...

Mitch Pronschinske03/25/10
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Klocwork Beefs Up Security in Agile Source Analysis

The vulnerability analysis features in Klocwork's products were recently strengthened to align with industry and government best practices.  Klocwork is a static analysis suite for agile development projects in Java, C#, C and C++.  Their tools check for...

James Sugrue03/25/10
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Code Bubbles: An IDE Revolution

When I heard about the Code Bubbles project and saw the video, I was very impressed by the inventiveness of the solution. Hearing that it is built on Eclipse, I spoke with Andrew Bragdon to find out more about the project. James: Hi Andrew,  could you...

Debasish Ghosh03/25/10
2 replies

Thinking Asynchronous - Domain Modeling using Akka Transactors - Part 1

Followers of this blog must have known by now that I am a big fan of a clean domain model. And domain driven design, espoused by Eric Evans is the way to go when you are modeling a complex domain and would like to have your model survive for quite some...

Mark Needham03/25/10
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Selenium, Firefox and HTTPS pages

A fairly common scenario that we come across when building automated test suites using Selenium is the need to get past the security exception that Firefox pops up when you try to access a self signed HTTPS page.

Vineet Manohar03/25/10
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How to Rotate Tomcat catalina.out

If catalina.out becomes 2GB in size, tomcat crashes and fails to start without any error message. To avoid this scenario you should rotate catalina.out frequently. This article describes how to setup auto rotation of catalina.out on a linux/unix...

Mitch Pronschinske03/24/10
2 replies

Tools for Moving from an SQL Database to Hadoop

More organizations, small and large, are interested in moving their data from SQL relational databases to an Apache Hadoop back end.  Although SQL is always a solid option in many cases, Hadoop has advantages in data processing that are battle-tested by...

Mitch Pronschinske03/24/10
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Berkeley DB Update Supports Android, Includes New SQL API

At EclipseCon, Oracle announced the next version of their free and open source embedded database, Berkeley DB, which has now reached version "11g Release 2".  The high-performance Berkeley DB is now in line with the Oracle's server database, which...

Eric Hagan03/24/10
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Polyglot and Polyparadigm Programming for Better Agility

Dean Wampler, a Consultant at Object Mentor and co-author of "Programming Scala", believes that in today's programming ecosystem, developers...

Hamlet D'Arcy03/24/10
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Unrolling Spock: Advanced @Unroll Usages in 0.4

Some of the Spock Framework 0.4 features are starting to see the light of day, with the Data Tables being explained last week in a nice blog post from Peter Niederwieser. One of the new features that I had not seen before is the new advanced @Unroll...

Mark Needham03/24/10
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TDD: Consistent test structure

While pairing with Damian we came across the fairly common situation where we'd written two different tests – one to handle the positive case and one the negative case. While tidying up the tests after we'd got them passing we noticed that the test...