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Lauren Clapper11/12/14
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Happy Birthday Firefox: A Browser Gift to Developers

In celebration of Firefox's tenth birthday, the company released its latest Firefox browser update, Firefox Developer Edition. With a new design and a host of tools for developers, some old and some new, what can you expect to get out of the latest browser?

Jonathan Callahan11/12/14
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Using R: R Class for Wildfire Scientists

Mazama Science has just finished creating class materials on using R for the AirFire team at the USFS Pacific Wildland Fire Sciences Lab in Seattle, Washington. Autodidacts new to R should take about 20-30 hrs to complete the course.

Jennifer Wright11/12/14
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Consider Wearables at Work

Wearable technology has slowly begun to take hold in the lives of many consumers. However, due to factors such as high costs and limited options, wearables are a tough sell for many—and it doesn’t help that the technology behind them is still in its early stages.

Vlad Mihalcea11/11/14
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An Entity Modelling Strategy for Scaling Optimistic Locking

Optimistic locking discards all incoming changes that are relative to an older entity version. But everything has a cost and optimistic locking makes no difference.

Arun Manivannan11/11/14
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Akka Notes: Actor Supervision

Failures are more like a feature among distributed systems. And with Akka's let it crash fault tolerance model, you could achieve a clear separation between your business logic and your failure handling logic

Trisha Gee11/11/14
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Staying Ahead Of The Curve

Last Thursday I gave a keynote at GOTO Berlin to address the problems of deciding how to learn a new technology/framework/process

Lukas Eder11/11/14
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Painless Access from Java to PL/SQL Procedures with jOOQ

PL/SQL is one of those things. Most people try to stay clear of it. Few people really love it. I just happen to suffer from stockholm syndrome, since I’m working a lot with banks.

Burke Holland11/11/14
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Windows 10 - Whats in It for Developers?

Windows 10 was unveiled on September 30, 2014 as a technical preview for individuals that signed up to become a Windows Insider. What does the new Windows have in store?

Erich Styger11/11/14
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RAM Target with Kinetis Design Studio and FRDM-K64F

Newer microcontroller have increase RAM areas, making it suitable to run the application from RAM instead of FLASH. For the FRDM-K64F board and the Kinetis Design Studio (V1.1.1), I have explored how to run the application out of RAM instead of FLASH memory, both for P&E and Segger connections.

Andreas Kollegger11/11/14
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GraphConnect: A Twitter Recap

GraphConnect 2014 attendees took to twitter to share their excitement about the conference and the graph database space. Here’s a look back at (some of) the cool things that stuck out during the day.

Joydeep Das11/11/14
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WINDOW Function

The function named WINDOW belongs to the SET Function and it applies to the set of rows. SQL Server has had only a partial implementation up to now, but it is coming in SQL 2012. Without going too deep into the WINDOW function, we go straight to an Example to understand it in a better way.

Denis Goodwin11/11/14
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The API Copyright Debate Surfaces Again

It all started back in May 2014, when a federal appeals court made a ruling that sparked outrage and controversy in the software industry. Their decision was theoretically a final step in the long-standing lawsuit between Google and Oracle, where Oracle claims that Android (owned by Google) violated its copyright.

Allen Coin11/11/14
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Raspberry Pi Gets Smaller and Cheaper

IoT tinkerers rejoice! Yesterday, the Raspberry Pi Foundation announced the launch of the new Model A+. The A+ is smaller, more efficient, and costs less.

Aruna Karunarathna11/11/14
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Create a WSO2 Worker-Manager Cluster in Just 2 Minutes

I've been working on an application(WSO2 Cluster Wizard) which creates a Worker-Manager Separated cluster for a given WSO2 Product. The objective of this application is to reduce the time spent on creating clusters in developers/testing local machines.

Jens Schauder11/10/14
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Five Reasons Your Should Keep Your Package Dependencies Cycle Free

If you are so unlucky to work with me in a project, you will suffer from the rule that all package dependencies must be cycle free.