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Dave Bush04/11/14
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What Not to Test

There is code in your application that you shouldn’t bother to write a test for.

Rob Galanakis04/11/14
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Why Agile Became Meaningless

When Lean goes awry, Toyota- the company and its principles, practices, and culture- is there to set things straight. Agile has no such entity. Instead, we have hundreds of “Agile” shops who attribute success to some (non-)Agile practices. The corruption and perversion here is inevitable.

Eric D. Schabell04/11/14
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Support Matrix Control Workflow Patterns in JBoss BPM Suite

This article will outline the the basic control flow patterns as defined by vdAtHKB03. We will then analyze what patterns have limited support due to restrictions imposed by the BPMN2 process specification as detailed in BPM-06-22.

Antoine Girbal04/11/14
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Tips to Check and Improve Your Storage IO Performance with MongoDB

In most applications, the disk IO will typically end up being your main bottleneck, all other silly bottlenecks being worked out (CPU, number of connections, etc). And whether our competitors like it or not, the write locks are rarely the bottlenecks in a well designed application.

Peter Zaitsev04/11/14
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Heartbleed: Separating FAQ From FUD

If you’ve been following this blog or any tech news outlet in the past few days, you’ve probably seen some mention of the “Heartbleed” vulnerability in certain versions of the OpenSSL library. This series of common questions and answers help clarify what everybody should and should not do to maximize security.

Ariya Hidayat04/11/14
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Tracking JavaScript Annotations

One of the interesting features of Esprima is to retrieve every comment inside a JavaScript source. Even better, each comment can be linked to the related syntax node. This is very helpful since any additional information regarding the program can be provided via the comment serving as a form of annotation.

Kon Soulianidis04/11/14
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Google Cloud Live 2014 - A Humbling Experience

Thought provoking, surreal and just downright cool are just some of the words that pop into my head when I reflect back on it. But above else it was humbling. So humbling in fact that it led me down that dark and eerie path of asking myself: “did that really just happen?”. *Pinch*: yes, it most certainly did.

Hirvesh Munogee04/11/14
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Layers CSS: A Lightweight, Unobtrusive, Style-Agnostic CSS Framework

The framework comes with inbuilt CSS normalization, a fluid grid, layout tools, by default maintains native form styles, has no px definitions, no colors, no borders and no rounded definitions, and no dependencies at all.

Moshe Kaplan04/11/14
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Looking for PostgreSQL Performance Issues

As traffic goes up, even your PostgreSQL may become a bottleneck. In this cases it is important to analyze the traffic and understand the usage pattern.

Craig Flichel04/11/14
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Comparing Quartz, cron4j and Obsidian Scheduler

We’ve all worked on projects that required us to do very basic tasks at periodic intervals. Perhaps we chose a basic ScheduledThreadPoolExecutor.

Julien Danjou04/11/14
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Doing A/B Testing with Apache HTTPD

If you do not know what A/B testing is about, take a quick look at the Wikipedia page on that subject. Long story short, the idea is to serve two different version of a page to your visitors and check which one is getting the most success. When you found which version is better, you can definitely switch to it.

A. Jesse Jiryu Davis04/11/14
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Announcing Motor 0.2 Release Candidate

The author is excited to offer you Motor 0.2, release candidate zero. Motor is his non-blocking driver for MongoDB and Tornado.

Roy Chua04/11/14
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ONUG Hosts the Great SDN Debate – New Perspective or Empty Promise?

Is software-defined networking truly a savior for overburdened, overly complex network systems? The Open Networking User Group (ONUG) has invited two distinguished professors to address both sides of the SDN debate as part of its spring conference, May 5-6 in New York City.

Mark Hinkle04/11/14
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Apache CloudStack System VM Architecture Choice

I had a recent discussion with some folks wondering why there was now an option for 32 or 64-bit System VMs with CloudStack 4.3. I provided an answer, and linked back to some mailing list discussions. I figured this might be of general interest, so I’d document in the short term with a blog post.

Tatiana Crawford04/11/14
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Internet of Things and Cloud Dreams

The flexibility and potential to meet the demands that are coming with IoT will require not just control but orchestration across environments that will include the new hardware and software elements that will communicate, collaborate and possibly autonomously make decisions based on the data at hand.