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Matt Stine10/15/10
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On Gaelyks and Golden Hammers

I had a break in my personal speaking schedule today at NFJS in Minneapolis, MN, and I decided to attend Tim Berglund's talk on Gaelyk. Gaelyk is an extremely lightweight Groovy framework for Google App Engine (GAE). During his talk, Tim asserted that Gaelyk...

Kien Nguyen10/15/10
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Portlets in Action Book Review

Portal is a concept, a technology that is not new to those who are developing portal applications. Nobody can deny its usefulness for...

Manuel Jordan10/15/10
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Using JasperServer Enterprise Edition: My Experiences

It has been a while since I posted Experience: JasperServer Enterprise Edition Version – Part 01, here we move forward with the second and final part. Here we'll cover:  IReport Profesional Edition 3.7.0 JasperAnalysis 3.7 Please be aware...

Anil Saldhana10/15/10
2 replies

Security with JBoss Enterprise Application Platform

JBoss Enterprise Application Platform (EAP) is the official supported product from Red Hat Inc based on the popular open source JBoss Application Server (AS). It incorporates all the features of the community release as well additional features required for...

Shekhar Gulati10/15/10
6 replies

Reduce Boilerplate Code for DAO's -- Hades Introduction

Most web applications will have DAO's for accessing the database layer. A DAO provides an interface for some type of database or persistence mechanism, providing CRUD and finders operations without exposing any database details. So, in your application you...

Ratna Dinakar T...10/15/10
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Simple Hack Alternative to URL Redirect for Struts Actions or Similar Frameworks

Recently as a requirement I had to work on a URL Redirect for loading a particular Action as entry point.  As the usual procedure we choose one of the following methods to proceed with

Yongjun Jiao10/15/10
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Asynchronous (non-blocking) Execution in JDBC, Hibernate or Spring?

There is no so-called asynchronous execution support in JDBC mainly because most of the time you want to wait for the result of your DML or DDL, or because there is too much complexity involved between the back-end database and the front end JDBC driver. ...

Baptiste Wicht10/15/10
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Compute Command-line Arguments With Apache Commons CLI

For a project at school, I needed to refactor some old code which parsed almost 30 command line arguments. I needed to add some more arguments and change some old args, but the old code was not maintainable at all. So I decided to use a library that would...

Alex Collins10/15/10
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Oracle goes postal and the rest just carry on

Unless you've been living under a rock the past few weeks, you'll no doubt be aware of the moves Oracle have made. As a developer though, do you think it's done much to harm A) the industry you work in, B) your job prospects and C) the future of the language?...

Mitch Pronschinske10/14/10
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Hibernate Core 3.6 Goes GA - Now on GitHub

JBoss is now finished with Hibernate Core 3.6.0, which was developed in parallel with the 3.5.6 maintenance release.  Hibernate 3.5.6 went final in September while 3.6 was in the release candidate stage.  The 3.6 version represents a transition for...

Joshua Noble10/14/10
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Validators and Formatters in Flex 4

In Flex both validation and formatting are, at their root, a combination of string manipulation and visual feedback for that manipulation. It’s simply a matter of parsing strings to detect a certain pattern and then altering that string to fit a certain...

James Sugrue10/14/10
12 replies

IBM + Oracle: The Big Picture

The announcement that IBM would be joining in the OpenJDK effort has received a lot of analysis already in the Java community. While a lot of people see this as a good thing, it seems that there might be one group who stand to lose out because of the news:...

Giorgio Sironi10/14/10
4 replies

You don't have to always stare at a screen

Depending on the particular person, computer monitors cause a certain amount of eye strain after a time period of continuos use. This was especially true for the old, bulky CRT monitors, which caused eye strain problems mainly due to flickering, as they...

Hamlet D'Arcy10/14/10
9 replies

Mockito - Pros, Cons, and Best Practices

It's been almost 4 years since I wrote a blog post called "EasyMock - Pros, Cons, and Best Practices, and a lot has happened since. You don't hear about EasyMock much any more, and Mockito seems to have replaced it in mindshare. And for good reason: it...

adam bien10/14/10
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Your Application is *Not* Lightweight If

You already know what ThreadLocal is (and used that extensively)You see transaction management in the application code (an annotation, however is not perfect, but o.k.)You have to deal with EntityManagerFactory and EntityTransaction in your codeYour...