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Mark Needham03/24/10
2 replies

TDD: Consistent test structure

While pairing with Damian we came across the fairly common situation where we'd written two different tests – one to handle the positive case and one the negative case. While tidying up the tests after we'd got them passing we noticed that the test...

Steven Lott03/24/10
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Architecture Change: Breaking Conway's Law

In Architecture Change: Recognizing Conway's Law we looked at the profound influence Conway's Law has on architecture. Recently I've looked at two gutsy declarations that an architecture was broken. One recognized that a three-tiered architecture was...

Cedric Beust03/24/10
4 replies

Better mock testing with TestNG

When you are using mocks in your tests, you usually follow the same pattern: Create your mock. Set it up. Play it. Verify it. Of these four steps, only steps 2 and 3 are specific to your tests: creating and verifying your mock is usually the exact same...

adam bien03/24/10
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Crazy J2EE World - With Spring On Top

"Powerful", expensive application servers were bought a few years ago. The reasoning was: reliability + support / maintenance contracts from a single vendor is the only viable solution for mission critical projects. For some reasons the most...

Mark Needham03/24/10
1 replies

Defensive Programming and the UI

A few weeks ago I was looking at quite an interesting bug in our system which initially didn't seem possible. On one of our screens we have some questions that the user fills in which read a bit like this: Do you have a foo? Is your foo an approved foo?Is...

James Sugrue03/24/10
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Eclipse Scout: Reducing Development Time for SOA and J2EE Applications

Eclipse Scout is a framework to implement modern business applications. It features a simple and solid architecture, support for SOA, support for Corporate Identity and Corporate Design, mature GUI elements and much more. It consists of a runtime and an...

Mitch Pronschinske03/23/10
5 replies

Spring BlazeDS Integration with Flex 4 Final

For more than a year, SpringSource and Adobe have fostered a partnership aimed at optimizing the integration between Spring and BlazeDS.  The Spring BlazeDS Integration project succeeded in bringing Flex front ends and Spring back ends together seamlessly. ...

Mitch Pronschinske03/23/10
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Enterprise Web Platform 5.0 Completes the JBoss Open Choice Trinity

Today at EclipseCon, Red Hat announced the general availability of the third and final piece of the JBoss Open Choice strategy.  The newly released JBoss Enterprise Web Platform 5.0 joins the JBoss Enterprise Web Server and the JBoss Enterprise Application...

Mitch Pronschinske03/23/10
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EclipseCon 2010 Report: Community Awards, Virgo, Gemini, and Pulsar

There was a lot of news and discussion around several Eclipse projects yesterday and more news today.  Panelists at the conference discussed Eclipse's Virgo, Gemini, and Pulsar projects.  Project Virgo and Gemini are OSGi-based projects, while Pulsar is a...

Nicolas Frankel03/23/10
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Bean Validation and JSR 303

In this article, I will show you how to use the new Bean Validation Framework aka JSR-303. The legacy Before getting the result that is JSR 303, aka the Bean Validation framework, there were two interesting attempts at validation framework. Each came from...

Rob Williams03/23/10
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Wiring iPhone to Java with JSON

Estimation is really hard, we all know that. Much harder in software than it is in manual things. Think about the band of DIYers, who beat their chest about the fact that they saved a few bucks by putting down their own tile, for example. They are doing...

Eric Hagan03/23/10
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Getting Started with ColdFusion 9, Hibernate Integration

Using Hibernate with CF9 is very simple and it doesn't lose any of its flexibility.  This session covers advanced techniques with CF9 Hibernate as well. ...

Steven Lott03/23/10
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Architecture Change: Recognizing Conway's Law

I've got lots of examples of places where Conway's Law has turned a good idea into a poor implementation. A classic is a data warehouse where there were three project managers, so they broke things up three ways, leading to a crazy mess of dumb...

James Sugrue03/23/10
3 replies

Aspect Oriented Programming For Eclipse Plug-ins

It seems to me that Aspect Oriented Programming never really took off when it was introduced. However, it's a useful way to intercept, or analyse, methods as they happen, in an independent way.  Eclipse has a useful suite of AspectJ tools that you can...

Lucio Biondi03/23/10
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Givvy Says: Concurrent Programming is Not That Hard

Perhaps it's somewhat unusual to present a client-side programming language by showing an example of Concurrent Programming. Especially if you already saw a bunch of GVision GUI applications in action in an introductory screencast.