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Jakub Holý09/17/10
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Exposing a POJO as a JMX MBean Easily With Spring

JMX is a great way to check or change state variables or invoke a method in a (remote) running application via a management GUI such as JConsole. And Spring makes it trivial to expose any POJO as a JMX MBean with only little configuration in a few minutes....

Alex Ruiz09/17/10
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JUnit: Custom ExpectedException Rules…Rule!

I’ve been using JUnit 4.7′s ExpectedException rule for some time now and I love it! IMHO, it combines the best of the old JUnit 3.x pattern for verifying expected exceptions and the expected attribute of JUnit 4′s @Test annotation, without their...

Alex Collins09/17/10
3 replies

Spring 3 and JSON

Spring 3 has brought some excellent features to the table but one that really shines is its REST integration.You may or may not be wondering what REST really means, I know I did when I heard it banded about for the first time. My first thought - and one that...

James Sugrue09/16/10
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Google Becomes A Java Developer's Best Friend: Instantiations Developer Tools Relaunched For Free

Back in August when Google acquired Instantiations, the speculation was that Google would possibly provide Instantiations GWT Designer as a free tool for all to use. Today, Google has made my day, because not only is GWT Designer relaunched as a free tool,...

Mitch Pronschinske09/16/10
15 replies

Oracle Says it Will Mirror Sun Approach to OpenJDK; JDK Remains GPL

While it tries to draw attention away from the lawsuit against Google, Oracle is focusing its public statements toward announcements and explanations that it will give at JavaOne surrounding the Java ecosystem.    Henrik Ståhl, a Senior Director of Java...

Konstantin Knizhnik09/16/10
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Java Annotations and Reflection: Powerful Building Blocks for a DBMS Interface

Annotations are a Java feature introduced in JDK5 (a similar mechanism, attributes, also exists in .NET). The main idea of annotations is to give the programmer the ability to specify all necessary information in the same place. Consider the...

Baptiste Wicht09/16/10
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Java Concurrency – Part 5 : Monitors (Locks and Conditions)

After seeing how to synchronize code using semaphores, we’ll see how to do it using monitors.

Mohammed Amine Tazi09/16/10
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GWT i18n Overview

Google Web Toolkit is an out of the box set of APIs that allows developing Ajax applications easily using Java technology.

Cedric Beust09/16/10
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A Quick Guide to Pull Requests

It’s pretty common for projects hosted on GitHub to receive “pull requests”: requests from people who have cloned your project, made a modification to it and then asking you to merge their changes back into the main project. There are a lot of ways...

Matt Stine09/15/10
3 replies

Waste #6: Task Switching

Welcome to episode six of our series "The Seven Wastes of Software Development." In episode one, we introduced the concept of eliminating waste from our software development efforts. Waste elimination can be traced all the way back to the the...

Mitch Pronschinske09/15/10
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OpenIndiana: The New Open Alternative to Oracle Solaris

In the wake of Oracle's canning of the OpenSolaris project, the recently formed Illumos Foundation is making huge strides to fork as much code as possible into a new partner project along with the Illumos OS/net derivative.  The new project, announced this...

Luigi Viggiano09/15/10
3 replies

Build your own development server with Apache, Subversion and Trac

Preface This is one of the most appreciated articles coming from my blog; the original title is: Install Tutorial: Ubuntu 9.04, Apache with SSL, Subversion over HTTP / HTTPs, and Trac. Despite the fact that it's 1 year old now, I still receive appreciation...

Mitch Pronschinske09/15/10
2 replies

Mule 3 Embraces Simplicity and Next-Gen Technologies

After thousands of user suggestions and many months of development, MuleSoft's open source Mule ESB has been transformed to handle a new set of modern challenges like cloud deployment, simplifying configuration, and operational flexibility.  DZone talked...

Oleg Tsarev09/15/10
5 replies

About Reflection…

I never thought that will be faced with the need to write code that analyzes itself, but recently it happened. It should be noted that many developers do not use this method under any circumstances ... But it turned out that this code is incredibly flexible....

Luigi Viggiano09/15/10
12 replies

Throwing Undeclared Checked Exceptions

Sometimes checked exceptions can be a problem. For instance, recently I tried to implement some common logic to retry failing network operations and it resulted in a kind of command pattern on which, as usual, the execute() method throws java.lang.Exception....