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Mitch Pronschinske06/14/10
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Apache Synapse Has New Config Model

An Apache Synapse committer and WSO2 software engineer Hiranya Jayathilaka has implemented a new configuration model for the latest Synapse build.  Apache Synapse is a high-performance ESB and mediation engine that previously loaded entire mediation...

Lyndsey Clevesy06/14/10
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New Challenges in JDBC Usage Patterns

In this interview, Jesse Davis gives us an update on what's happening at the JDBC expert group in the JCP. Right now they're preparing for a maintenance...

James Sugrue06/14/10
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Coding Crimes: Ignoring Exceptions

Templates in IDEs such as Eclipse and NetBeans are a great feature. In particular, quick fix items such as "surround with try/catch" can save a lot of typing time. But, as with all things, the power given to the developer can be mis-used. This...

Animesh Kumar06/14/10
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ZooKeeper Primer

Distributed collaborative applications involve a set of processes or agents interacting with one another to accomplish a common goal. They execute on Wide Area environments with little or no knowledge of the infrastructure and almost no control over the...

Mario Fusco06/14/10
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Implementing a Declarative and Flexible Cache in Spring

Caching has always been a common need in order to both speed up an application and alleviate its workload. Moreover its usefulness is particularly evident today with the raise of the social web applications that are visited by thousands of people at the same...

Mark Needham06/14/10
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The Refactoring Dilemma

On several of the projects that I've worked on over the last couple of years we've seen the following situation evolve:

Ricky Ho06/14/10
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Strategy for Software Engineering Position Interviews

From my experience in hiring and attending job interviews, employers are generally looking at 5 areas when hiring a software engineer ...

Collin Fagan06/14/10
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StringTemplate Part 4:Generating a Builder Class using StringTemplate

Parts 1, 2 and 3 introduced StringTemplate through the use of simple SQL, HTML and plain text examples. This article switches gears and attempts to use StringTemplate to generate a more complicated text output: Java source code. In “Effective Java: Second...

Loiane Groner06/12/10
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Getting Started With Spring Security

This tutorial will cover a basic scenario where we integrate Spring Security, using database-backed authentication, into an existing Spring web application.

Nitin Bharti06/11/10
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Agile Case Studies - Balancing Anarchy and Co-op with Scrum

If everybody on a 100-person project should talk to everybody else, we'd have to work overtime just to cover the meetings. Of course, this is before we...

Eric Hagan06/11/10
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Video: The First JUDCon - By Developers For Developers

JUDCon is a new conference this year that features JBoss technologies.  It's being held a day before JBoss World.  The new conference is going to be "by...

Jakub Holý06/11/10
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The Art of Logging (review)

Colin Eberhardt, the co-author of the Simple Logging Facade, has written a very good article The Art of Logging, which should be a compulsory reading for every developer especially in the server side development domain. It’s good both as an introduction as...

Matt Raible06/11/10
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My Presentations from The Irish Software Show 2010

This week I've been enjoying Dublin, Ireland thanks to the 2nd Annual Irish Software Show. On Wednesday night, I spoke about The Future of Web Frameworks and participated in a panel with Grails, Rails, ASP.NET MVC and Seaside developers. It was a fun night...

Mitch Pronschinske06/10/10
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In Defense of Tomcat

Sateesh Narahari of MuleSoft says he's cleaning up the FUD he's been hearing from Java EE app server vendors about Tomcat.  As a company that's heavily invested in open source Tomcat products like the Tcat Server management tools (which are free to use in...

Eric Hagan06/10/10
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Video: Tales of a DSL-Maker

Shawn Hartsock works with the SaaS Tempo framework, which offers data capture services and clinical study management services to organizations that are trying...