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James Sugrue07/20/10
22 replies

What Is The Most Popular Source Control System?

Today I want to find out what the most popular source control system is. There's a lot of choice out there, from traditional options like CVS, to distributed offerings like Git and Mercurial. I'd also like to hear some...

Cal Evans07/20/10
2 replies

An entirely unscientific look at why people attend conferences.

Dear Reader,Those of you who follow me on twitter (@calevans) know that recently I asked for opinions on conference attendance. I’ve collected what I learned in this blog post.

Mohammed Khan07/20/10
8 replies

Spring Roo Impressions

At Esberi, we widely used Spring MVC and other products from the SpringSource stable, to build enterprise web applications. Been an RIA consulting company by nature and heavily working on the Flex front-ends, Spring-BlazeDS Integration always comes handy,...

Giorgio Sironi07/20/10
3 replies

JSP are more than templates

The concept of Java Server Pages is simple: submerge Java code and some special directives into an HTML page to add dynamic capabilities to it. Obviously, this process can go out of hand when complex logic scatters into an untestable JSP, with operations like...

Baptiste Wicht07/20/10
3 replies

Play Framework – The Template Engine

In my previous post about the Play Framework, we've seen how to install Play and create a first simple application. In this post, we’ll see how to customize the views and use the template engine of the framework to easily create web pages.

Alex Ruiz07/20/10
10 replies

OutOfMemoryError in Eclipse with JDK 1.6.0_21, on Windows

This past weekend I spent a good amount of time trying to solve an OutOfMemoryError that made Eclipse crash every 5 minutes.

Jay Fields07/20/10
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Clojure: Composing Functions

Before Clojure, I had never used a Functional Programming language. My experience has primarily been in C#, Ruby, & Java. So, learning how to use Clojure effectively has been a fun and eye-opening experience.I've noticed a few things:

Dan Dyer07/20/10
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Building Two Versions of the Same Android App

There are good reasons to want to build two versions of the same Android application. The most common scenario is to produce a free demo/reduced-functionality version of a non-free app. You could achieve this by maintaining two separate source trees but...

German Viscuso07/19/10
2 replies

Real Android apps leveraging db4o persistence engine (Part 1)

This the first delivery in a series of articles targeted at showing developers how db4o (an open source database that leverages today's object-oriented languages, systems, and mindset) is being used in several Android projects to avoid all the pitfalls...

Mitch Pronschinske07/19/10
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OpenStack: One Giant Leap for Cloud Computing

Today Rackspace launched what might be the most significant step for open source cloud computing thus far.  The new project, dubbed "OpenStack", is an open source cloud platform that will soon contain the source code behind RackSpace's cloud...

Mitch Pronschinske07/19/10
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Spring AMQP - Simplifying Messaging App Development

SpringSource released its first milestone for Spring AMQP 1.0 over the weekend.  If you are familiar with Spring JMS support, Spring AMQP 1.0 should be easy to pick up, and the migration difficulties are almost non-existent.  Spring AMQP facilitates...

Alex Collins07/19/10
3 replies

Modern-day web development with Maven, Mercurial and Spring MVC

Within minutes you can be up-and-running with version control, build/packaging and a non-intrusive web framework. Here's how! Open source gives the modern developer so many choices, from the operating system you code on, to the IDE and even down to the...

Mario Fusco07/19/10
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Manipulating Collections With a Fluent Interface

Lambdaj is a Java library that allows you to manipulate collections in a declarative way. In particular its API is designed to be easily combined in more complex single statements as in the following example:

Daniel Schneller07/19/10
12 replies

Java Object Initialization Order - Know your JLS!

Recently I came across an interesting problem whose solution eluded me at first glance. Consider these three classes:

Dan Dyer07/19/10
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Android Adventures

Late to get involved as ever, I’ve been developing with Android for the last couple of weeks. On the whole it has been a positive experience (thanks to Richard for pointing me in the right direction with my queries).