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James Sugrue01/25/11
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Forrester's Take On The Future Of Java

Forrester have released their latest report on the future of Java, with the headline that "Java's future will be constained by the bounds of Oracle's business model". This post summarises the report into five key points. There is one key point I'd...

James Sugrue01/25/11
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Android Gains Serious Ground In Latest Appcelerator Developer Survey

Appcelerator released the results of their quarterly mobile developer survey today, which took place on January 10-12 this year. The timing of the survey was to follow on from the excitment of CES and see what developers felt they needed to focus on for their...

Shekhar Gulati01/25/11
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Mock Static Methods using Spring Aspects

I am a Spring framework user for last three years and I have really enjoyed working with Spring. One thing that I am seeing these days is the heavy use of AspectJ in most of SpringSource products. Spring Roo is a RAD tool for Java developers which makes use...

Nicolas Frankel01/24/11
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Mixing Vaadin and Scala (with a touch of Maven)

People who are familiar with my articles know that I’m interested in Vaadin (see the “Go further” section below) and also more recently in Scala since both can increase your productivity. Environment preparation Thus it is only natural that I tried to...

Krishna Kumar01/24/11
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Programming is Easy, Software Development is Hard

David Brooks has a great essay on which skills are difficult to master: She’s protecting them from the most intellectually demanding activities because she doesn’t understand what’s cognitively difficult and what isn’t.

Mark Needham01/24/11
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Distributed Agile: Stories – Negotiable

I was recently reading an article about how to write meaningful user stories and towards the end of it the author mentioned the INVEST acronym which suggests that stories should be:

Matt Raible01/24/11
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Making Code Generation Smarter with Maven

As you might've read in my last entry, I recently started a new gig with Overstock.com. On my first day, I was quickly immersed into the development process by joining the Conversion Team. The Conversion Team is responsible for developing the checkout UI...

Richard Freedman01/23/11
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Database Connection Pooling In Grails – solving the idle timeout issue

Grails turns database connection pooling on by default, and uses the Apache Commons DBCP library to do the pooling. With many of the popular JDBC drivers, this can cause a failure when the application is accessed after a long idle time, commonly when a...

Per Ola Sæther01/22/11
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Creating Compact and Easy to Read UML Class Diagrams

As a solution architect I often get thrown into projects with a lot of legacy code and little or outdated documentation. My mandate is to suggest architectural changes that will reduce maintenance costs and ease further development. The first thing I focus...

Axel Rauschmayer01/22/11
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Guess what programming language grew most in popularity in 2010?

TIOBE Software published its annual TIOBE Programming Community Index. The ranks are lead by the usual suspects Java, C, C++, and PHP. But the language that grew most in popularity in 2010 was a bit of a surprise: Python. Also surprising: JavaScript’s...

James Sugrue01/21/11
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Eclipse Scout: The Secret To Rapid Business Application Development

During last years' Eclipse Summit Europe, I met up with the Eclipse Scout team, to get a demo of how the Scout SDK helps developers to create enterprise applications quickly. Based on a database, Scout helps you create a server and then clients for the...

Robert Nyman01/21/11
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The Open Web Platform is what we want – HTML5 becomes HTML

Last night there was an interesting announcement from the WHATWG group, who effectively develops various HTML5 and related specifications. That is, HTML5 is no more. Their statement is entitled HTML is the new HTML5, and what do they mean with that? The...

Mark Needham01/21/11
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Listening to feedback mechanisms

In Growing Object Oriented Software the authors talk about the value of listening to our tests to understand potential problems with our code and I’ve started to notice recently that there are implicit feedback mechanisms dotted around at a higher level...

Barry Fitzgerald01/21/11
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The Artifact per Environment Anti-Pattern

The Problem: How to handle environment specific properties is a topic that seems to generate much discussion. While initially this may seem a trivial problem as requirements grow the complexity of the solutions will also. Here are some of the requirements...