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Ant Kutschera05/09/10
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GlassFish 3 In 30 Minutes

The aim: Set up a simple Java EE 6 project on GlassFish v3 in no time at all. The project must include: email, JMS, JPA, web and EJB (session bean, message driven bean and a timer bean). It must also include security and transactions. Sounds like a lot, but...

Mitch Pronschinske05/09/10
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CouchDB: Making it Okay to Work Offline

Damien Katz, the creator of CouchDB and CEO of Couchio, is working with the Palm development team to implement further mobile syncing features with Apache CouchDB.  At the recent Palm Developer Day conference, Palm announced that the next version of WebOS...

Mark Needham05/09/10
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Coding: Paying Attention

Jeremy Miller tweeted earlier in the week about the dangers of using an auto mocking container and how it can encourage sloppy design: That whole "Auto Mocking Containers encourage sloppy design" meme that I blew off last week? Seeing an example in...

Vineet Manohar05/08/10
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Two Ways to Convert Java Map to String

This article shows 2 ways to convert Java Map to String. Approach 1: simple, lightweight – produces query string like output, but restrictive. Approach 2: uses Java XML bean serialization, more robust but produces overly verbose output. Approach 1: Map to...

Mitch Pronschinske05/07/10
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Errai Tips

Test-driving JBoss' GWT-based, Message-Oriented Errai framework can be a lot smoother with some best practices that were recently posted by Anil Saldhana, the JBoss lead security architect.  Errai combines the Message-Oriented Programming paradigm with RPC...

Jakub Holý05/07/10
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Mocking Out LDAP/JNDI in Unit Tests

When unit testing a class that queries an LDAP server using Java’s JNDI API I needed to replace the actual remote LDAP server with a mock LDAP access layer so that the unit test (remember, this is not an integration test) doesn’t depend on any external...

Rob Williams05/07/10
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Domain Modeling of Surveys

One of the great things about domain models is no matter how many times you return to them, you will see new things. Well, let me qualify that. Like the scene in Moby Dick where Ahab nails the Doubloon to the mast, you should see something different on...

Muhammad Khojaye05/07/10
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Finalization and Phantom References

Memory management is done automatically in Java. The programmer doesn't need to worry about reference objects that have been released. One downside to this approach is that the programmer cannot know when a particular object will be collected. Moreover, the...

James Sugrue05/06/10
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SpringSource Acquires Gemstone Systems

SpringSource have continued their expansion today with the acquisition GemStone Systems, an enterprise data management solutions provider. This further enables SpringSource and VMWare's vision to provide reliable, scalable infrastructure for cloud-centric...

Adam Leggett05/06/10
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Continuous Testing with Selenium and JBehave using Page Objects

Since Mike‘s inception we have always sought to automate as much of our testing as possible. For some time now we have been using Selenium for our functional/acceptance tests, and thus far have been very happy with this approach.

Julian Simpson05/06/10
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Git for Sys-Admins

Video number two of the DevOps meeting is Stephen Nelson-Smith of Atalanta Systems bravely doing his talk – sans slides due to laptop failure(this is why I keep my talks on GitHub). It seems that the technology problems didn’t end there, because I...

Mohammad Juma05/06/10
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Good Technical Team Leader …?

Being a good TTL is not it easy … what are the things that TTL needs to have ? Below are my convictions about this: 1)  Solid Technical. 2)  Ability to break down tasks. 3)  As John Maxwell said “Leaders must be close enough to relate to others, but...

Jared Richardson05/06/10
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Agile Techniques For Risk Management

Risk management is a buzzword that managers and CTOs know well. Risky things, by definition, entail risk. And risky things, when they fail, tend to make these same managers and CTOs look bad. So anytime they can find a way to manage and minimize risk, they do...

Suresh Murthy05/06/10
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Monitoring the Health of a Development Project

I have been thinking about this role for quite some time now. I have had the chance to work on a couple of development projects and one thing that stood out in common was the lack of time invested in design reviews, code reviews, etc on an ongoing basis i.e....

Mark Needham05/06/10
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Consistency in the Code Base and Incremental Refactoring

I wrote a post a while ago about keeping consistency in the code base where I covered some of the reasons that you might want to rewrite parts of a code base and the potential impact of those changes but an interesting side to this discussion which I...