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Debasish Ghosh03/02/10
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Dependency Injection as Function Currying

Dependency Injection is one of the techniques that I use regularly when I am programming in Java. It's a nice way of making an application decoupled from concrete implementations and localize object creation logic within specific bootstrapping modules. Be it...

Walter Bogaardt03/02/10
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Sensor Management in Android, Mr Brown Can Moo

The Android development kit provides great emulators to allow you to test your applications as it would be emulated on a device. There's a catch, not all features are available in the emulator as they are in the actual device. This becomes clearly apparent...

Mitch Pronschinske03/02/10
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Twist 2.0: Test Automation in BDD - Now with Groovy

A lot of organizations transitioning to agile are focused on getting planning and communication practices in place, but they tend to neglect engineering practices until later.  ThoughtWorks Studios tries to correct this anti-pattern with its ALM tools, which...

Steve Ross-talbot03/01/10
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Architecting the Enterprise with Savara

This article provides a high level view of the motivations behind the Savara open source project, and the Testable Architecture methodology upon which it is based. To best explain these motivations, we will discuss the project in terms of four properties that...

James Sugrue03/01/10
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Design Patterns Uncovered: The Strategy Pattern

Having focussed on the two factory patterns over the last week, today we'll take a look at the Strategy Pattern, a useful pattern in changing algorithm implementations at runtime, without causing tight coupling.

Axel Rauschmayer03/01/10
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Is it Time For a JVM-Based Web Browser?

There are currently two exciting platforms for which one can develop:

adam bien03/01/10
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Jigsaw / JDK 1.7 Will be the Solution for 80% of the Modularization Challenges

Jigsaw will come with JDK 1.7 and is now part of the openjdk project and so opensource. Other JDK implementations could simply reuse it.It will become interesting, because:

Solomon Duskis03/01/10
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RESTEasy Client: The Next Generation

What does the Next Generation REST client look like? Bill Burke had a few ideas... guess who's implementing them? Yours truly.

Eric Minick03/01/10
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Maven's Strengths and Weaknesses as a Dependency Management System

For many Java teams, switching to Maven will introduce them to formal dependency management. Maven actually does a pretty decent job and is a fantastic system out of the box for informal projects. However, for teams looking to implement rigorous component...

Mitch Pronschinske03/01/10
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Nexus OSS is Here to Save You From Java.net's Maven Hell

Sonatype is spreading the word: 'Come to us and we'll help you migrate your Maven projects off of Java.net and on to Nexus OSS.'  Many developers agree, Java.net's Maven infrastructure sucks.  That's why some Maven users with projects on Java.net will be...

Matt Raible02/28/10
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My Future of Web Frameworks Presentation

Earlier this week, I tweeted about a history of web frameworks timeline I created for my upcoming Future of Web Frameworks talk at TSSJS Vegas 2010. I immediately received a lot of feedback and requests for adding new frameworks and releases. The image below...

Jay Fields02/27/10
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Shorter Syntax for Creating Stubs with Mockito

As part of my efforts to create more concise Unit Tests in Java, Steve McLarnon and I recently added the ability to create a stub and stub one method with only one line.The implementation relies entirely on Mockito, so my example assumes you were already...

Mark Needham02/27/10
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Coding: Shared Libraries

On a few projects that I've worked on one of the things that we've done is create a shared library of objects which can be used across several different projects and while at the time it seemed like a good idea, in hindsight I'm not sure if it's an...

Lyndsey Clevesy02/26/10
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Exclusive Case Study Preview: Estimation as a Tool

This case study is excerpted from the book, Evaluating Project Decisions: Case Studies in Software Engineering, authored by Carol Hoover, Mel Rosso-Llopart and Gil Taran, ISBN 0321544560, published in Oct. 2009 by Addison-Wesley Professional, Copyright 2010...

Manik Surtani02/26/10
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Infinispan for the Power-user: Remoting

As a follow-up to an earlier article introducing Infinispan, which was published on DZone some months back, I'm starting a series of “Power User” articles – a series of short, focused articles on specific sub-sections of Infinispan, for those who want...