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Mark Needham08/10/10
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Coding: Using a Library/Rolling Your Own

One of the things that I've noticed as we've started writing more client side code is that I'm much more likely to look for a library which solves a problem than I would be with server side code. A requirement that we've had on at least the last 3 or 4...

Debasish Ghosh08/10/10
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Using Generalized Type Constraints - How to Remove Code With Scala 2.8

I love removing code. The more I remove, the lesser is the surface area for bugs to bite. Just now I removed a bunch of classes, made unnecessary by Scala 2.8.0 type system. Consider this set of abstractions, elided for demonstration purposes ..

Baptiste Wicht08/10/10
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Presentation and Use of H2 Database Engine

It's a long time since I started to using the H2 Database Engine as an embedded database in JTheque and other projects. This post is a presentation of this database engine and some information about its utilization.H2 is a pure Java database. It can work...

Mitch Pronschinske08/10/10
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Axon CQRS Framework Releases 0.6

Allard Buijze of JTeam released version 0.6 of the Axon Framework (for Java) today.  He says that this version has taken another major step towards full production readiness.  Axon 0.6 has a new mechanism to trigger snapshots and supports testing...

Mitch Pronschinske08/10/10
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CouchDB Ready For Android

Having finished integrating Apache CouchDB with Palm's WebOS, Couchio moved on to the Android platform, which is now compatible with web-based and native CouchDB apps.  Couch Apps can leverage peer-to-peer synchronization and several other advantages from...

Ricky Ho08/10/10
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Map/Reduce to recommend people connection

Once common feature in Social Network site is to recommend people connection. e.g. "People you may know" from Linkedin. The basic idea is very simple; if person A and person B doesn't know each other but they have a lot of common friends, then...

James Sugrue08/10/10
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NetBeans 6.10 And Beyond: What Would You Like To See?

Following the recent 6.9.1 release of NetBeans, I took a look at the NetBeans wiki to see what's coming up next. Despite all the uncertainty that was floating around with the Oracle acquisition, NetBeans development is still going strong. According the to...

Ted Neward08/10/10
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Death to Best Practices

Can we please put the whole term “Best Practices” to rest now? Apparently, according to this link (forwarded to me by John Dietz, thanks!), the very place where it originated (or was best popularized, depending on your interpretation of history) has...

Ladislav Gažo08/10/10
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Securing GWT Clients With AcrIS

Let’s face it fellow developers, our applications tend to grow. And especially with new features and fancy features. And some of them are supposed to be hidden, unless the users are privileged to see its beauty. And to have privileged users you need a...

Nicolas Frankel08/10/10
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Unselect all Toggle Buttons of a Group

It’s summer and since I’m hearing more and more the sound of waves splashing instead of the sound of keyboards typing, I’m providing you with quick tricks instead of well-thought deep articles.

John Ferguson Smart08/10/10
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Selenium 2/Web Driver - the Land Where Page Objects are King!

In the world of automated web testing, Selenium 2/WebDriver is the new kid on the block, but it is also arguably the most compelling web testing tool around at the moment. Selenium 2/WebDriver is the result of the merging of two popular open source web...

Howard Lewis Ship08/10/10
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Tapestry 5.2 Leaves the Gate

It's been a long time coming. Originally, I had thought we'd be producing Tapestry 5.2 six to eight months after Tapestry 5.1 ... instead, it's been more like 14 months just to get to the alpha release. Why? Well, in that time, I've personally changed...

Shekhar Gulati08/10/10
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First Look at Commons Lang 3.0 Beta

Apache Commons Lang 3.0 Beta was released on 4th August and the project has finally moved to Java 5. The API is now generified, varags are used where applicable, and some features which are now supported by Java itself have been  removed. All of this means...

Mitch Pronschinske08/09/10
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VirtualBox 3.2 Update

Oracle released another update for the 3.2.x VirtualBox line today.  The latest release of the desktop virtualization application for x86 hardware includes various stability improvements and a number of changes.  Today's version 3.2.8 improves upon the...

Eric Daugherty08/09/10
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Deploying a Scala Lift Application in an OSGi Container

My current project involves building a Lift web application and deploying it in our OSGi application container.  I've been working with Scala on and off for a while, and I've always been interested in Lift.  With the release of Scala 2.8 and Lift 2.0, I...