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James Sugrue04/13/10
3 replies

e4: The Future Of Eclipse Is Taking Shape

Just two days ago the 5th milestone of e4, the revamped version of the Eclipse platform, was released. One of the most significant parts of the release is that it's the first build of the Eclipse SDK on top of e4 technology.

Nitin Bharti04/13/10
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Errai and Message-Oriented Programming - A Q&A with Mike Brock

DZone recently caught up with Project Lead Mike Brock to learn about the JBoss Errai project, a GWT-based framework for building rich web applications using next-generation web technologies.

Mitch Pronschinske04/13/10
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Cassandra Adds Hadoop MapReduce

Today the Cassandra project announced its first new release since becoming a Top-Level Project at Apache.  Don't let the low version number fool you.  Cassandra 0.6 is one of the most mature NoSQL distributed data stores in the open source market.  It was...

Alex Ruiz04/13/10
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When 100% Coverage Gives Us a False Sense of Security

I use code coverage tools on a regular basis only to ensure that the most complex areas of the code base are properly tested. I tend to bravely fight the temptation to get excited by this metric and waste valuable time adding meaningless tests (e.g. getters...

Nicolas Frankel04/13/10
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Debugging Hibernate Generated SQL

In this article, I will explain how to debug Hibernate’s generated SQL so that unexpected query results be traced faster either to a faulty dataset or a bug in the query. There’s no need to present Hibernate anymore. Yet, for those who lived in a cave for...

Kirk Knoernschild04/13/10
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OSGi - Feast or Famine?

I want to be careful here, but also very clear - I advocate OSGi and modularity, though am concerned about its future. In some circles, OSGi is hailed as a disruptive technology; in others, it lives in relative obscurity. There are some indications that...

Mitch Pronschinske04/12/10
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Gear6's Memcached Adds the Best of Both Worlds: MySQL and NoSQL

One technology that continues to push the limits of data caching and massive web persistence is Gear6's Web Caching Server.  Think of Gear6 Web Cache as a Memcached distribution on steroids.  It can run in the datacenter or the cloud (EC2, GoGrid) while...

Mitch Pronschinske04/12/10
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GUIdancer 4.0; Winner of an Eclipse Community Award

GUIdancer is an Eclipse-based automated functional testing tool for GUI's.  Tests in GUIdancer can begin before an application's under test is even available.  Its keyword-driven approach doesn't require any coding and thus, increases productivity.  At...

Mike Brunt04/12/10
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Improving ColdFusion Application Performance

The purpose of this article is to demonstrate how to both improve existing ColdFusion applications and even better, how to architect and build them so they will scale flawlessly, from day one.  Everything in this article is drawn from 14 years of 3D...

James Sugrue04/12/10
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Poll Results: We're Not Quite Ready For Web Based IDEs

Last week, I asked if now was the right time for web-based IDEs, given recent innovations in the IDE space, not least  the CodeRun IDE. DZone readers have cast their votes and it seems like a substantial amount of you (43%) believe that IDEs belong nowhere...

Marcin Świerczyński04/12/10
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Null Value on Save Issue in Grails

If you’ve used Grails, you’re probably familiar with a domain class and its “constraints” block. There you can define conditions which have to be met by class’s fields. For example, you can enforce that a field have to be not-empty using “blank:...

Mario Fusco04/12/10
6 replies

Java Switch on Steroids

The native Java switch construct has been often criticized for its limited applicability, since it can operate only on ints, chars and (starting from Java 5) enums. For example Scala has demonstrated how power and flexible its pattern matching construct could...

Mark Needham04/12/10
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Mercurial: Early Thoughts

We're using Mercurial as our source control system on the project I'm working on at the moment and since I've not yet used a distributed source control system on a team I thought it'd be interesting to note some of my initial thoughts.

Scott Lewis04/12/10
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OSGi Remote Services from ECF - Distribution

In a previous posting, I discussed the use of the ECF discovery API as part of our implementation of the OSGi 4.2 remote services specification.The second major part of ECF's implementation of OSGi 4.2 remote services is distribution.

James Sugrue04/10/10
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James Gosling Leaves Sun: End of A Golden Era?

I was sad to hear that James Gosling will be leaving Sun/Oracle. James has been a hero for me, and many others, in the both the Java community and the software world in general. In his blog post, entitled Time To Move On, he states that he resigned from...