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Constantin Alin04/02/11
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How to generate DAO classes for Hibernate with JDBC transaction factory

If you need to generate DAO classes (Home classes) for Hibernate based on JDBC transaction factory, then in a start folder you need: • A folder named hbm2java_gen that contains all the POJOs classes. • The below ant script (named...

Wayne Adams04/02/11
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Day 4 - Scala

Scala is the 4th language in Bruce Tate's Seven Languages in Seven Weeks. It is the only language in this book with which I am already familiar, although I've only been learning it for a month or so. Scala is interesting in that it runs on the Java...

Brian Swartzfager04/01/11
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Pros and Cons of Deploying ColdFusion Apps as EAR Files?

I asked this question on CF-Talk, but didn't get any responses, so I'm trying again here... At work we are beginning the transition from ColdFusion 7 to ColdFusion 9.  As part of the transition, we want to set up a ColdFusion 9 server cluster (using CF 9...

Adam Presley04/01/11
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Intro to DSLs in Groovy, Part 1

Here in a couple of weeks I will be presenting at the Dallas/Ft. Worth Groovy User Group meeting on an introduction to DSLs, or Domain Specific Languages, in Groovy. What is particularly fun about this is how wonderfully easy Groovy makes this task. In this...

Victor Savkin04/01/11
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DCI in Groovy

DCI (Data Context Interaction) is a new way to look at object oriented programming. If you’d like to read some theory to see the difference between DCI and traditional OOP there is a nice article coverting the...

Katie Mckinsey04/01/11
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Rapid Data Prototyping Using a Relational Database

This is a guest post by Michael Smith: Michael Smith is a TopDown Consulting solutions architect. Michael has over 20 years experience in the BI/DW and Performance Management space. He brings deep, cross-industry experience in the areas of Business...

Axel Rauschmayer04/01/11
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JavaScript: an overview of the regular expression API

This post gives an overview of the JavaScript API for regular expressions. It does not, however, go into details about regular expression syntax, so you should already be familiar with it.

Robert Nyman04/01/11
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A reply to Microsoft’ statement about IE9 vs. Firefox and Google Chrome adoption rate

This morning I was notified of an article about the download rate of IE9 by Ryan Gavin, Senior Director, Internet Explorer Business and Marketing. I had to check the date to see that it wasn’t an April Fool’s joke; alas, it wasn’t, so here’s my...

Terrence Ryan04/01/11
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Holy Crap I’m a Mobile Developer

I'm starting up new little series entitled "Holy Crap, I'm a Mobile Developer." The idea is that somewhere along the way I developed the ability to build applications for mobile devices, specifically Android. Sadly I can't take any credit for...

Francois Lascelles04/01/11
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The ESG Pattern

Are you still considering rolling out a major Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) stack — you know, the kind that involves a massive initial investment and takes 8+ months to deploy? This wasteful approach was a major factor in doomed corporate SOA initiatives...

Gabriel Jeremia...04/01/11
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Jasper Reports – Fields And Fonts On Different Operating Systems

I have been using Jasper Reports for a while and an interesting senario came to light. This is to do with fields been truncated on linux systems when the report is generated. For example if we generate a csv file and in the report we have a field as follows:

Markus Eisele04/01/11
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Why NetBeans isn't an Enterprise Solution - for me

We are all looking forward to the new NetBeans 7.0 release which should come out in a few weeks. And the more excitement grows the more people start asking questions about if it's suitable for enterprise development or not.

Wayne Adams04/01/11
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Day 3 - Prolog

Prolog is the 3rd language covered in Bruce Tate's Seven Languages in Seven Weeks, and is a declarative, rather than imperative, language. Prolog is not new, of course (1972), but I have to admit this is the first time I've taken a look at it.

Constantin Alin04/01/11
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How to control time with JSR 310

Are you enough with java.util.Date and Calendar? Is relatively hard to use and does not satisfy your “hunger” for time control? If the answer is “yes”, then it is time to take a closer look to JSR 310 which is a set of classes for Java 7 which are...

Terrence Ryan03/31/11
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Dear ColdFusion Skeptic

Hi, how you doing? Your day going okay? Cool. I'm not looking to fight you. It got a little heated on Twitter. I know our community is passionate; sometimes that "passion" becomes "an angry mob of flame warriors." You think bad...