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Daniel Pecos12/09/10
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HTTP connection + HTTP Authenticacion + Proxy + SSL

Many times during your life as a java developer, you will face the situation of retrieving some resources using an HTTP connection. At first, it will seem easy, but probably some problems will arise such as: Needing to use an HTTP Proxy (maybe...

Paul Sydney Orozco12/09/10
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Adding CRUD Capability to Spring MVC

This article is intended for people who are interested in Spring and Hibernate, especially those who are new to the technology. Create, Read, Update and Delete capabilities are essential to a web based application. In this article, I'll be sharing how to add...

Andy Pemberton12/09/10
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JSR286 Tag Library and XML Escaping

It always bothered me that the JSR168 <portlet:actionURL /> and <portlet:renderURL /> tags didn’t encode their HTML character entities. The lack of encoding causes your HTML 4 or XHTML 1 markup to fail automated validation. After flipping...

Peter Karussell12/09/10
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Use Cases of Faceted Search for Apache Solr

In this post I write about some use cases of facets for Apache Solr. Please submit your own ideas in the comments. This post is split into the following parts:

Andrew Phillips12/09/10
3 replies

Embracing Downtime: Why 99.999…% Availability is Not Always Better

A couple of weeks ago, my ever-active colleagues Marco Mulder and Serge Beaumont organised an nlscrum meetup about "Combining Scrum and Operations", with presentations by Jeroen Bekaert and devopsdays organiser Patrick Debois.

Mitch Pronschinske12/08/10
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If You Could Only Learn 3 Languages - RESULTS

After about three weeks I finally have the results for the Learn-Only-3-Languages survey.  The sample size was really great.  I got about 2,300 responses to the survey!

James Sugrue12/08/10
6 replies

Changing the Look & Feel of Your Swing Application

Adam Bien has been running a great series entitled "Swing Looks Great", where he highlights some of the awesome Swing look & feels that are available to breathe new life into your Java application. It's been a while since I've used Swing for an...

Ming Yuan12/08/10
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Think Again Before Adopting Log4j JMSAppenders

Log4j is a powerful and popular logging framework. In addition to providing good performance at run time, the framework also offers the flexibility to create your own logging components by implementing Log4j interfaces.

Veera Sundar12/08/10
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Changing Eclipse Default Encoding to UTF-8 for JSP files

Try creating a new JSP file in your Eclipse and you’ll notice that the JSP page directive will have encoding something like:<%@ page language="java" contentType="text/html; charset=ISO-8859-1"...

Steven Lott12/08/10
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Intuition and Experience

First, read EWD800. It has harsh things to say about relying on intuition in programming. Stack Overflow is full of questions where someone takes their experience with one language and applies it incorrectly and inappropriately to another language.

Rickard Oberg12/08/10
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The Domain Model as REST Anti-pattern

Today JavaLobby published yet another domain-model-as-REST article, using Spring and Jersey. As already pointed out, this really is an anti-pattern, and is not RESTful, and cannot be so either.

Alex Crafts12/07/10
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Database.com - A Cloud DB for Any Dev or Platform

Salesforce announced a new kind of database for the cloud today.  Database.com services will be sold on a subscription basis, unlike competing Oracle solutions, which are sold via software licenses.  This multi-tenant database has been the engine behind...

Jon Archer12/07/10
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The perils of rolling your own

I spent a good portion of the early years of my adult life messing up my health by smoking. Even throughout my thirties I was an off and on smoker (or “social smoker” if you will) at various times.

Maximiliano Firtman12/07/10
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Android 2.3 Gingerbread: the browser

I’ve to admit: I had a high expectative for new APIs and feature support in Gingerbread. After the iOS 4.2 update, and the last Google IO announcements for Gingerbread, I was expecting more HTML5, accelerometer, full-screen webapp and SVG support. Is...

Mitch Pronschinske12/07/10
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How Jama Software Does 'Socialized' Requirements Management - Releases Contour 3.0

Even if developers are working in the same room together, certain communications can fall through the cracks.  Requirements and other events in the software development lifecycle need to be documented and received by the right people.  Eric Winquist, the...