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Mitch Pronschinske11/05/10
22 replies

Scott McNealy Predicts Java Forking

Attendees of the PostgreSQL West 2010 conference had the rare opportunity to hear Sun co-founder Scott McNealy's unique perspective on the software industry and Oracle, the company that bought his co-creation.  McNealy has been relatively quiet since the...

Allan Kelly11/05/10
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Reuse Myth - can you afford reusable code?

In my Agile Business Conference present (“How much quality can we afford?”) I talked about the Reuse Myth, this is something always touch on when I deliver a training course but I’ve never taken time to write it down. Until now.

Yohan Liyanage11/05/10
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Know the JVM Series - When Weaker is Better: Understanding Soft, Weak and Phantom References

How many times have we created various object instances, and assign those to reference variables? We all know very well that Java has automatic garbage collection; so we just play around the reference variables, and once those variables are assigned null...

cyrille martraire11/05/10
6 replies

A Touch of Functional Style in Plain Java with Predicates – Part 1

You keep hearing about functional programming that is going to take over the world, and you are still stuck to plain Java? Fear not, since you can already add a touch of functional style into your daily Java. In addition, it’s fun, saves you many lines...

John Ferguson Smart11/04/10
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An introduction to Spock

Spock is an open source testing framework for Java and Groovy that has been attracting a growing following, especially in the Groovy community. It lets you write concise, expressive tests, using a quite readable BDD-style notation. It even comes with its...

Mitch Pronschinske11/04/10
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Behold! The Battle for Java Earth (Updated)

The geeks here at DZone (I count myself among them) were discussing the recent round of heat that Oracle has been taking in the press and the blogosphere. Then we imagined a world of fantasy where similar struggles were taking place.  This is the Realm of...

Rhiannon Liebowitz11/04/10
3 replies

Custom Swing Component Development Tip: Not Everything is Transparent

This article explains transparency (opacity) and how to avoid some common pitfalls encountered when developing custom swing comppnents The previous article in this series, titled Insets Matter, introduced us to a new Swing developer named Toni and documented...

Gurkan Erdogdu11/04/10
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SIwpas CR5 is Fully Compatible with CDI Web Profile TCK

As you may already know, we have just released CR5 of SIwpas, lightweight web application server.  CR5 has been passed  "JSR-299 CDI Web Profile TCK"  version 1.0.1-Final unoffically. Beauty is that CDI TCK has been developing under an open...

adam bien11/04/10
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Java EE 6 Servers Are Too Small, Or Why Some Are Bloated

"Java EE 6 Servers are too small to be taken seriously..." One of my first server-side Java projects started in 1996-97 was deployed on JavaWebServer 1.0, later JavaWebServer 2.0. JavaWebServer was Servlet-compatible...

Ant Kutschera11/04/10
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Dynamic Mock Testing

Have you ever had to create a mock object in which most methods do nothing and are not called, but in others something useful needs to be done? EasyMock has some newish functionality to let you stub individual methods. But before I had heard about that,...

Ayende Rahien11/04/10
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How far can you push commercialization?

I was recently at a private company event (not my company, I was invited, along with others, because we have a close association to that company). The event itself wasn’t notable, but there was one thing that really bothered me, before the event actually...

Matt Stine11/03/10
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Is the Apple JVM an "Extra Feature?"

Recently Apple announced that it was deprecating its Java Virtual Machine (JVM) implementation. Ten years after promising to "make the Mac the best Java platform," Steve Jobs has done an about face, with Apple indicating that no further development...

Slim Ouertani11/03/10
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Specification Pattern by Scala

 Specification pattern is simple and clean solution to implement your business rules.  This pattern is mixture between composite and factory Gof patterns introduced by Eric Evans & Martin Fowler.

Scott Lewis11/03/10
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ECF 3.4 Remote Services

ECF 3.4 was recently released. This release (along with Helios/3.3 and upcoming releases) heavily emphasized the implementation of OSGi 4.2's Remote Services specification. Our community is pushing us to continue this emphasis, and so we will.Here are some...

Cedric Beust11/03/10
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Eclipse and TestNG: the Next Next Generation

  I have been adding a steady amount of improvements to the TestNG Eclipse plug-ins over the past weeks, so I thought I’d stop for a minute and put together a quick summary of the upcoming features. Better tree