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Giorgio Sironi05/04/10
4 replies

Evolution of a programmer

As a software developer, it's common to learn new practices every day. Although there are jokes about how the more a programmer ages, the more his lines of code counter goes sky high even to accomplish simple tasks, usually this process results in an overall...

James Sugrue05/04/10
42 replies

Why Did You Become A Software Developer?

As it is still a relatively young profession, it's interesting to see why people became software developers. It can be a fantastic question to ask at an interview, as an honest answer gives you real insight into how...

Nicolas Frankel05/03/10
7 replies

Chicken and Egg Problem With Spring and Vaadin

The more I dive into Vaadin, the more I love it: isolation from dirty plumbing, rich components, integration with portlets, Vaadin has it all.

Peter Pilgrim05/03/10
1 replies

Java's Thoughts on Flash

Java has something to say about Steve Job's "Thoughts on Flash." open letter. First, let's tackle the issue of "Open" from the perspective of Java

Axel Rauschmayer05/03/10
8 replies

Running a WAR as a Desktop Application

If you have written a web application, the next logical step is to make it available offline. The long-term solution is clear: You give your web application an offline mode, which will hopefully be complemented by explicit application management in web...

Kirk Knoernschild05/03/10
2 replies

Ecosystems, Modularity, & OSGi

Recently, I questioned whether OSGi and modularity would succeed in penetrating the enterprise. But what I really meant to question is whether OSGi will have the disruptive impact of which it’s capable. I asserted that if OSGi does succeed, it won’t be...

Mitch Pronschinske05/03/10
11 replies

Op4j Creator Talks About His 'Developer Happiness Tool'

Last week DZone had the opportunity to interview Daniel Fernández, the lead developer of the op4j library.  Also called the "developer happiness tool," op4j is a powerful implementation of the Fluent Interface concept.  It helps you polish the...

Mitch Pronschinske05/03/10
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Vulture Company Spews OSS FUD, but Red Hat and Novell Claim Victory in Patent Suit

It's sad that Linux vendors often find themselves fighting lawsuits from companies like SCO and Microsoft that are constantly challenging open source aspects of the Linux operating system in order to make money or control it.  A recent decision in the US...

Alex Tkachman05/03/10
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Groovy concurrency in action: agents with Groovy++

Several weeks ago we've talked about lock free message passing algorithms with Groovy++ and provided implementation of actors similar to the ones in Scala or Erlang but faster. Today we will use same technique to implement similar but different concept from...

Fabrizio Giudici05/03/10
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Limits of the Android Geocoder

blueBill Mobile, for which a brand new site has just been created, provides some important location-oriented feaures, as it records the coordinates of bird observations. While, after all, the coordinates are the single important location datum, as they can be...

Masoud Kalali05/03/10
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The ABCs of JDBC, Part 2 - ResultSets

Last week, Daniel Rubio provided an overview of the JDBC API. In this week's installment of our JDBC FAQ series, we examine the JDBC ResultSet object and provide an overview of some of the key methods that comprise it.Read the other parts in DZone's JDBC FAQ...

Jonathan Bruce05/03/10
2 replies

Java in the Cloud

Jonathan Bruce says that cost is the primary driver behind many companies moving their apps to the Cloud. The problems that some early adopters are having is...

Mitch Pronschinske05/03/10
1 replies

Interview With Lift Creator - On Foursquare, Scala, and Lift 2.0

Lift is a powerful web framework for Java developers, and more notably one of the few web frameworks for Scala.  Both Lift and Scala have experienced significant growth at major web properties.  You may know that Twitter has changed some of its backend to...

Ricky Ho05/03/10
2 replies

The NOSQL Debate

I have attended the Stanford InfoLab conference, and there are 2 panel discussions in Cloud computing transaction processing and analytic processing.The session turns out to be a debate between people from the academia side with the open source developer. ...

Peter Zaitsev05/03/10
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MongoDB Approach to database synchronization

I went to MongoSF today – quite an event, and I hope to have a chance to write more about it. This post is about one replication problem and how MongoDB solves it.